UE4 Scroll box loop or not from mouse inputs and mobile touches

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“Guys today i want to explain how you can make loopable or not loop of of all scroll box and for this i need to create ui widget. I will this widget the scroll box. But i need to call this and for that i will open the level blueprint. I will you know i will just get player controller.

It s for add mouse input set mars should mouse cursor and then we can create widget. And at this one. What we met and to report. And now they re at and at malls and widget here.

We can add maybe some more canvas canvas panel and we can drag this guy put maybe here and inside. We can put some buttons. But for better we can when it to scroll box first that scroll box like this we can scroll you can change this later and inside. We can add size box.

It s better when you can size your buttons and its size size box size box one. But we need to make it horizontal let s horizontal and then we can just add there one more button button one and just copy this guy and paste inside this and again twist and it s not great you can see the size of it and we can make it bigger that very helpful. Scroll box or solid size box is very helpful for this and we can create a unique button. And i will set for all this value.

That s okay we have three guys. This is two this is three okay we have the buttons and we can test it how it works okay we have the viewport we have the mouse and you can see i can compress them i can do something we don t have a lot buttons. But i will add more and for better maybe understanding kind of that the color first one will be green this i think maybe yellow and the last one i be purple okay. It s just for testing and we can play with this scroll box just disable you can just disable.

Some parts if you don t need it okay after we need to make the buttons make scrollable from the touches for this we need to close this guy open here and we need set the click manage to the this. Quick and touch method for the top now it will work for this all three. But invert. I saw duct and then i need to go to the project settings and i need to set my touches from the mouse.

Because we will test in the pc mode from the unreal editor and use smalls for touch. We need to enable it okay and now we can try to play with it as you can see oh we have the joysticks touch and just disable this to make it clear we don t need statistics save why you can see i can move something this colors is okay i m affected we can now touch them. And i just can copy and paste for different styles. When of you cover or maybe.

When you press or know it s it s need to be yellow paste paste this is copy and paste the cover and press purple color. Okay now we have you can check to have okay also we can add the panning inside inside a sync button style by in case. And we can add maybe five and five for every button and left to the right and for the last one also it s for better maybe understanding. I will show you now you see we have some maybe space between buttons okay.

I didn t like this scroll box have it i can hide just them. But i said sure and i was i don t know i just don t like this. But okay. But okay we can live this for now and i will open the paint and i will show you what i mean and what i want to do we have different maybe buttons like free just for better understanding and we have different colors.

I just said it s just one two or three and inside. We have the size of these guys..

And we will have the duplicate of these two guys at the left side and to the right side. Let s duplicate it buttons to strip and again one two and the last one strip and when we are going to this side from the center. We will move here. But we don t need to make it finish when we will go to the zil s it may be here.

When we go as the here we will set this position when we will add these two we will set this one position or or we can just set again for the previous and if you will go to the like this guy. We will set this guy just we will set set position to them and we will make look a ball or not loopable and if we don t need loopable. We can make a clump and just stop of the size on the start and of the finish. If you don t need it okay.

I just want to copy them to copy these two guys. This will be amin. Let s box one button okay. But i think we can copy justice.

Oh okay. The right side you have this. But it will be maybe for better understanding. I will write one more number okay and then we need to add one more okay and so that s one okay now we have the buttons and we can scroll them.

I will show you okay we need to start at the center for this how how can we do this we can just open the our this scroll box scroll down. Okay. I find we need to add this scroll box to the in variable to work in the emma graph and after we will have this moving event and with this event. We can check the size.

What we need i will write the prince drink prince drink and we will check the value while we need to start at the middle that s the best way and we will scroll and see maybe all this is middle is okay 600. Okay and in the start when they haven t construct we can just select like and this guy drag it in scroll books and reconstructed skull fasters and constructing we can set what what we need to set how it calls set screw robots mega since crawl offset yes yes. It s cruel offset and inside we need to just put this middle value and we will check how it works now you see we are at the middle. We start in the middle and after we can play with this values to make loopable.

Okay with middle ok. When it senses values also now we need to check how much size takes we ll take one buttons. Ok. 200.

And we have the panic of 5 and 5 and we can calculate this it s calm quiet is easy. But and plus 5 plus. 5. Okay we have this size.

And you can play with this now. When we will when we will scroll to the yellow. We can play with yellow because it s the middle like on the end that says yellow. We will set new position at the start like ok for this one we need to check ok.

This one this size ok. 200..

Ok at the 200. If we will have this value 200 you can play with this now branch. If this maybe we can maybe unless less or equal to hundred we can set another position if it s true and it s important for now. If you hear here we need to set another position and this is another position.

We can make it on the start like this 800s. Understand yes. 800. Ok.

We will set for our scroll box. New offset and you offset will the 800 like if it s true they will make it 800 and also we can we can check how it works. Ok. See if we will jump to this value 200.

It will be set the new position can you see 200 and 800. Which is jump and we make look for one part at the left side. And it s very easy to engine 2 to work with this it s no have antique logic or big arrays or a lot heavy maybe different logic. It s easy you can just set.

Wherever you need the location of it also we can do the to the left side. The same you can make check again with the branch also we can connect this guy also to this and if it s will be false. We will also call this and for this one or we can just make better understand just sending put some points to add more clear blueprints to understanding ok now we need to check when we need to the right side. Do the same logic.

Ok. We will move to the z s yellow. Ok. Ok 1000.

Ok. When we will have the 1000 1000. We need to do something. With it we can just take it again and connect this guy to here.

But we we need to know we need to know why we need to pull this when we will have 100 at the right side this 100 this location we need to set this guy. Which is the 4 for colleges. It s like 400 here and on the true if it s true we will call this guy if you will have at the right side. We will set at the middle again as is the same view and if it s at the left side.

Oh no no okay we can just check. It i think it will work no something bad. I think with the value yes here when it maybe to change this to the bigger or zero. And connect the branch.

Okay yes we can now check how it works and then we will go to the 300 or not 200 bill jump jump. You can see and at the right side again..

If we will go to the 100 1000. Will jump you can see and now we have loopable scroll box also we can just if you don t like we can hide this style. It s possible when you just make it opacity to zero and further all guys. But it s take a lot of time.

I don t want to do this for now. Oh okay we can just hide here. And it s gonna be faster. But maybe for for tutorial.

We ll need to put it in able to check it how it works when it will have this position. We ll just jump and it works like expected also how we can change how we can add the loopable or not loopable. We need to create the bull barrel is this loop chest. You can say for for first time.

I think we need to make it loopable and we need to take this bull variable and we can call the branch and inside we need to need to check because if you don t have the loopable menu. We need to call these guys to make lootable our logic. But if we don t need to make them loopable. We can call the we can just take it this sky.

If it s not loopable and just take a clamp grant float put the value from the our value scroll box and midmark. So we need just to check what what the value we need to clamp and for now. We have a 600 okay or maybe not 600. Maybe code.

More maybe go to the the 800 k. Marks. 800. And mean it mean okay sis.

Country. Okay. And now we can play. I will check okay.

I can loop a ball more i ll works fine like accepted and now if five will change this blue variable then side. I can i can clamp on lucy. I cannot miss more i am clamp it inside and with this just loopable menu or not loopable. We can play and this clamp value just just set and we cannot go more our less.

It s just locked and also we can create the one button. More maybe to the canvas panel. Parent and add here and this guy will will show of loopable or not loopable. We just for test maybe i will make it smaller and we can just add for testing.

The button also and when i will press this button also i just take a text ah. We need to make it as this text variable to check..

It by default. We have loop. I ll loop a neighborhood. We have enabled or we can just play with this guy if we will help the loop enabled like true or false and also at the start of the game.

But it s my said no need to do in this tutorial it s easy part. But if it s loop. We can say set text just set text inside this guy we can we can create also like select. It s maybe select and just put it here and it s better because you don t need to use branch and if it s true look if it s not loopable note.

But look really just okay and also its kind we can do this the same as the start to understand we can make a function. But it s only for testing can better understanding how we can create loopable or metal bubble scroll box in central engine for and here we just will debark the text what we will care now and if you press this guy and we need to novel so yes maybe branch. This bridge may be helpful. But we can just do the same but we don t just duplicate to the new versions or you know we don t need these guys and inside here.

If we will have the true or we need to set we need to set them if you have true we will set look not suitable. And if you have false to the and it s better to do after like we will just check. And after you can play with the text like this when you replace when we will press the button we ll check this it look able if it s low. We are going to to disable this boom to make false and set the text of a new version of it loopable or not look able and again if it s not lovable.

We will said it s not loopable and sub to this text and once they begin play we just say oh ok. It s loopable say loop. If it s not mobile. We will set not loop and we have now true and we ll check how it works now ok.

It s scoopable you see i can loop. And if it s not livable ah. We have the jump also if it s not in loopable. If we will press.

We need to to do the middle to set the middle position. If it s not reachable. We also need to make it at the middle maybe we can just connect this because we had the jump now loopable. I ll works and if i will press here not loop let s jump to not believable at the middle and we just cannot move a lot because because we have clumped here and it cannot exceed this clamp.

When we will not have the loopable and this even also calls when we move this guy scroll boards to the left or right side and direction of it hope guys. It says tutoring real helpful. If you liked it please like the video. And you can write the comments.

I like this good ” ..

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