Unboxing & First Look: iPod nano 7G

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” s up guys david frank here from david defranco comm. I was lucky enough to to win this for completely free over an app. When comm that s two ends app. Win this is the sixteen gigabytes black newest ipod nano.

I always forget the generation. I think it s the seventh. I m pretty sure but either way this thing looks hot now let s open it up these place of cases are always a little tricky. Because i don t want the ipod to fly out there s some plastic that should just open yep.

Very cool now i was lucky enough to go to atlantic city last weekend and they do have an apple store there on the pier so in other words i spent about ten or twenty minutes looking at all the ipod nanos choosing. Which one i wanted anyway. Let s say the best for last let s put that right there. The cow is very zoomed in so it s a little hard to do this from my angle.

That s so small you do get a hello booklet. Which is always nicer than their own clean write a lightning cable. Which is actually very exciting for me because this is now my second ios device that uses the lightning connector. My first being the new ipod touch which i absolutely love this thing the form factor is incredible and yes i am still running ios.

7. Very very cool i do have a video on that if you wonder and now. We do get ear pods..


Well no maybe are these. The actual ear pods. Yeah. And yes.

They are hey you open on the back as always apples packaging just so awesome you go close up get that the focus on my hand come on there you go that s the look channel this is the right channel the ear pods guys i gotta say honestly they re actually pretty damn good for what they are especially when you compare them to the previous ear buds that one with ipods iphones and all that stuff. But not my pads engine. Interesting ly enough apple slow doesn t include earbuds to the ipad as far as i know anyway. Here it is guys a brand new ipod.

Nano now don t expect. Many videos on those honestly because this is kind of all news by now. But i was lucky enough to win it for completely free. So why the heck would i not do an unboxing.

Okay. How do you see this is what almost scares. My other guy okay the ipod nano is released there it is nice close up let s take this plastic off ooh. Very sexy guys look at s.

It s like a miniature ipod touch that s exactly what it looks like it s such a neat form factor. Now i gotta say this is much better than last year s ipod nano which i also do own i know the watch one where you can put it on your wrist. But i m definitely a much much bigger fan of this form factor..


Because you can turn it to watch movies. There s the home button. Which is a circle. Unlike the ipod touch and iphone.

And what s interesting is this button actually matches the shape of the icons because if you look at the ipod touch or iphone. It s kind of rounded corners on squares. But here to stand out from the crowd apple went a different approach and went with a circle icons. Oh good it does turn on i was wondering if it was dead.

Because this thing came out a long time ago. So i wasn t sure those the back. I gotta say the back does look nice. There is a little plastic piece right.

There. I believe that might be for the bluetooth antenna. Because this does have bluetooth. Which is very interesting ooh look at this there are actually side buttons for volume which i totally forgot about all right.

There s the menu. Let s set this up in real time english. Which is good doing this completely backwards on my screen..


And there his that is the setup. Incredibly quick. And as you see like i said we do have circle icons extremely smooth animation. I mean just a thing that we have this kind of technology.

I mean i know it s 2013. It says stuff where you should come though expect. But let s just take a second to appreciate what i m holding in my hand right now. I m holding a portable media player.

A portable media player with 16 gigabytes of data back in i don t know mm whatever 1990 on us you forget. But our first computer had like an 8 gigabyte hard drive which which is incredibly impressive. If you think about that if you compare that to what we have today in terms of music players. Anyway enough babbling.

There s there s my music this does have a fitness thing built in to track your steps and your fitness and your distance. We have photos. We radio. Which is very interesting no radio signal because you have to plug in headphones or which gives you reception which i ve always found fascinating we have podcast videos didn t mean the tap that go into next.

We have clock so there you go i m pretty sure you again yep and you have your stopwatch and your timer and everything pretty cool and finally last. But not least you have your settings menu which you can change your brightness. Which it should be about halfway down right now yet that s what apple usually does there you go you just swipe back so it s very intuitive you just swipe back to go to the previous screen wallpaper..


You can change your wallpaper. Which is interesting. What is that oh i couldn t see it from my angle. Yeah you do have different designs they re very subtle.

But it actually gives you a preview. So you can set that date and time language accessibility anyway guys i m not going to waste your time too much with this again nothing new. But i am very excited cuz. This is going onto my eye shrine.

It s just another ipod for me to collect. Which is awesome because i love that my products guys thank you so much watching huge thanks to apple in calm for making this possible. And if you have any questions or video requests on design. Nan.

Oh. Just let me know in the comments below. And i will see you in my next. ” .


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