Unboxing Ultimate Spider-Man Suit

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“Have to do this like 950 other time so god masonry and mason million mason mason million mason mason million million. I m kind of sick so one thing that already don t like about the freaking ones is they look really good though like the shape. And so it s just like a short thing. We ll see my eyes and they will know that spider man is actually black.

I m just gonna go put this on and i ll be back in like five hours. So yeah yeah so first i m just gonna put on the mask. And it kind of uh. It s actually really good it s from dg.

It s from da chick gate. It shipped all over from china and it took like two weeks to come um..

It actually looks really good like you can barely see my eyes. Actually like she looks really good so uh. Yeah. I m gonna put a hole.

Sure i just wanted to show you guys i m asking what it looks like cuz. I kind of forgot to do that in the amazing experiments to suit unboxing. So hey guys oh it looks like it looks really good. I m not used this for the phone film alright guys.

This is me with the suit on it actually looks really good these are the lenses as you guys can clearly see in one second so yeah guys pretty basic suit. Oh i already know everything we re going to show you what it looks like with me actually in the suit..

So um. You got some nice little pattern on the hands here actually looks pretty decent. I was pinched. I m deleting my channel.

Oh yeah here s the front spider basically ultimate spider man. If you guys wants to cartoon in the comics to mark bagley about the suit is the lenses like oh my god guys so remember. When i said i thought it was gonna be kind of like see through i mean from here. I can come to see my eyes.

But that s okay because i can just add some more mesh. I m probably gonna get like a mouth guard like i don t like very much trash..

2016 power beside you others basically same thing i m pollyanna bleep my channel this whole day. I was just waiting for this stuff coming to mail. The amazing spider man to suit that i mean or not mean i uploaded that whatever this is gonna be uploaded you could just go in my channel and see that i got that on the same day as this so yeah hope you guys enjoy this video and you can get this at daz gate online da. Is actually really good i got this thing for 25 and that s actually a really little price for something this amazing.

I would never expect to get this for 25 like the each gate is awesome you know it does take a lot of time and it keeps you waiting it s actually really good so so yeah guys i kinda can just take it off it s kind of that s nice too. But um yeah. I think that s pretty much everything stay subscribed cuz. I m gonna be making a fan film and i m also gonna be making my own.

It s all spider soup and i m gonna be making that one with the green spider. So that s why i have this green puppy paint..

I m just waiting for the black soot to come in the middle. So yeah guys stay on powerpuff girls and subscribe to logan paul. You re just kidding. Don t subscribe to be defined and um bye sisters.

What s up guys. It s 3 00. ” ..


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