Viewtv AT-263 Unboxing, Setup, Review (Digital Converter Box with Recoding) OTA

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” s up guys. This is the view tv converter box for antenna television and a a personal video recorder so you can record that antenna signal this package. I picked on amazon. I think is about 40 bucks comes with the antenna and the converter box and so.

What this converter box. Does is this is the 82 6. 3. Model.

They have an iat. I believe it s 163. This is the updated version and i think it just came out and around 2016. So i couldn t find any information on this so i picked it up and i think i m going to do a review on and test it out this is what the front of box looks like hdmi connections.

Usb connections. And it s a tv recorder pretty simple made in china just looks like some generic chinese item. So first thing when we re opening so this is a package again. What the antenna so this is our antenna apparently it gets up to 25 miles range first off.

We have an hdmi cable and av cable for those old tvs might be the reason. Why you need to purchase one of these a tv remote for the device. And yeah. It does not it s not a programmable remote so though you cannot hook up your tv to it i guess.

And then we have our device itself and some manuals so i don t think we need the manuals. We re going to look at the device itself this is on the newer updated model. Again and apparently this is a lot smaller than the previous generation so again this is the newer model this is the front we ve got our power button menu button up down left and right we ve got a usb port to plug in a hard drive to record stuff ir sensor for the remote control ventilation on the top. The back here.

We have some component cables av cable coaxial for audio hdmi cable and a antenna in and antenna out rf in and out and into more ventilation on the bottom. You can see this device is very compact compared to its previous generation. Let s see just for a quick comparison..


I don t have anything around except for my iphone. So it s about two two and a half lengths of an iphone. But you can see that s the size of the iphone and that s the size of the view tv. So this is the supplied antenna.

It s a thin set you can see the antenna comes with very thin. You can place this close to a window. Some people just stick it right behind their tv. They just mount it behind their tv and you can t really tell it s there.

It s got a cable double sided tape here. I guess hold the cable on to something if you re going to you know hank put. It there we re just going to screw this in also the antenna comes with a mount so this has a suction cup mount again you can mount that to your window. And then this just attaches on to your antenna.

I m like so you can just attach it to your window like that okay so again. We are powering on the device for the first time first thing. We read it with is the installation guide and we have our remote control on we re in the usa and we re going to use english do a channel search go ahead and hit confirm and it s going to look for all the channels doing an auto search one thing. The reason why i picked up this model to let you guys know is because it s got the the screen on the front.

So i can see what channel. It s on and like give it scanning or something like that there s a couple models. Where it has nothing there s no front so i like this model because of that the guide. The menu guide just looking at it right now.

The font is okay and it s better than i thought it would be i thought it d be a lot cheaper looking not as polished. But it s pretty decent for about 40 bucks um. It looks pretty good for 40 bucks. So we re going to go ahead and let it search for a couple minutes and then we ll see what it picks up all right so it looks like it s just picked up all the channels that it searched for this is so channel for a little pixelated.

I will say i live in an area. Where antenna signal is not that strong and so with the antenna that was provided the really small you know 25 range antenna. I can see why the quality is not that good the in terms of let s see how i get rid of this menu..


Okay it looks like it just goes away after a little bit in terms of picture quality. This thing looks really sharp it looks really good actually on this monitor. I think this gets up to 1080p. So this looks excellent right now the picture quality on here.

See we get volume you can scroll up husband went in and again the guide it looks pretty good for forty bucks um. It does pretty well so in terms of tuner quality. You re seeing that i m getting these no signal. This is actually picking up more tv channels than what my tv would normally for the area.

I live in and with a smaller antenna that i actually use um. You know i m really not getting like any channels here. But it s a good amount. It s very comparable so i don t doubt i just hit mute.

I don t doubt that the tuner quality is bad on here. It s actually fairly well for what i ve been picking up here. So now let s test out the recording capabilities. Let s just hit record.

Okay. It says no dis detected. I thought that would happen. This is a flash drive.

I have just to test it out it s a 32. Gig flash drive running usb 30. And let s hit this menu just to see what happens so we ve got program. We can configure the picture search for channels set the time options system and i guess we could view the our contents are on our flash drive.

Yes. We can um. So let s exit out of here real quick not totally..


But let s go back to menu and go back to flash drive pvr is personal video recorder and configure record device and this is where we re just going to configure our recording our to where our device is time shift. I m not really sure what that is right now um. When i figure that out i ll put it in the description. Again this is my first time playing around with this so let s just hit record real quick.

And it apparently it s recording. I believe it s recording indicated by this top. Which is i think suppose we read. But it s yellow blinking and then the number and then let s just hit stop do you want to stop recording hit.

Okay for yes sorry and it s done recording so i believe to go back to our playback. We go to either menu let s try this out usb. So we there s a function for hitting usb and just hit usb and hit pvr and it s got our it s a hb pvr go ahead and hit select and then it would be i believe the first one and that s what we just recorded your little time to impress it and then we hold preview nice we need to go to full screen let me just take them out. See believe this one that s our recording first yuma so very cool.

It s ended let s see if i can do an auto recording which i m not sure about let s see so at this time. It s picked. The wrong man we must become so i m going to mute. It first and then we re going to see if i can do auto recording.

Let s do how do i get to the guide. So i hit epg here. And i believe this is the guide and we can hit it and we can set it to record at 6 00. Well would be 16.

Would be 6. That s 12 4. 30. And then it ends at 5.

We can have it repeat daily. Once weekly and just have it record have it the channel. Number sothank basically you have to figure out when your program is coming on what time..


And what channel you set it here. What day i mean what channel number the date start time and time if you want it to report daily or weekly or something and then that s it and then you hit ok to confirm. And that is on your status to be recorded. So that is pretty much it for the entire review.

I actually really like this device for 40 bucks. It s very it works really well let s um you know the antenna. I mean sorry. The remote works.

Really well. The picture quality s well the tuner. It s got a good built in tuner. I believe and it s got this screen.

Where i can change the channels up and down on right on the device. Too. So. This is a nice feature to have in case you know the remote.

I can t find it for some reason. But anyways. I give this a thumbs up. If you found this video.

Helpful go ahead and give this video a thumbs up also if you guys want to check this out. It was it link the description as always though subscribe to my channel for more content. I will see you guys in the next. ” .


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