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“Legends even though i do have this silly sally account back. We being gamely s s really weird messages from bro book. Saying. Someone s trying to like hack into again roll.

The footage. A hacker has packed your account again and they ve taken off the 2 step verification. And now you possibly doesn t work. Because.

There s gonna email from roblox. Just then put the email just there. That s why i just got and we didn t even do that no they keep erasing. The passports on me weary keeps resetting.

It s just keeps resetting like someone just keeps resetting. It say like logging request from new castle is it that s that s a this one. But save up what did you just login. I ve had to yeah.

Why let s make sure because you guys are talking about before. I was like making sure my accountants okay. He says he loved him because she heard talking the badger said to make her sure her account was okayed in the two step. But if occasionally so she thought that was good and i ve been getting pretty worried about all because i don t want to get my account hacked again so yesterday.

I tried to transfer all my pets to stock. The cook quick plus transfer all my pets. I m in love before i get hacked again can you be stopped the cook and obviously sell me now just give you all my stuff and we re going to transfer everything..


But you like my vehicles the transfer all the pets and stuff do you know we re gonna transfer all i m legendaries first try like you really good trick okay i accept. But we actually have a lot of things in drag okay go do my neon frog. That s one very nice legendary s i have alright let s take all these turtles. Let s do that alright let me go and yours the good thing is i actually have heaps of doubles now so i can trade them.

So officially now. Let s i ll be softer cook 24. 7. Then the next morning.

A little better filmer north of jusuf challenge. This happened this email from roblox just basically said dunya pops. That s your bit your can be you said to set verification has been deactivated. We didn t do that so what we have decided to do is get rid of all about all accounts and make new ones yeah.

But we re just gonna transfer everything yeah well you could sell them and trade out my money yeah. And what s the hottest pie. But making a new account your username well i have to do that because i m just gonna be using sock the coop i still have more stuff transfer i m gonna enter my birthday in here january and since legends i don t have to think of a new username because i m already stopped the cook. I m gonna be healthy yeah should i call myself nasa underscore bunny should i call myself biggie underscore shrimp.

I think my name should be safe with no capitals my name s you have no capital saver. Underscore. Pounders cuz. They re my favorite type of donut well it d been a long user name i ll make myself something short mmmm.

I serve with mister. I think our core says miss bunny bill and we will tell you ladies well new user names are just so you can get skin or people trying to be us mister skin. Oh my god taking your username is taking place or another kind like mister underscored milk because i always have like that milk then you were changing is name i can call myself cheese ball bunny you should call yourself sorry the front words helped me said this years..


I was already taken try cheese bowl bunny why they don t miss the milk underscore something else i think or myself miss cheese blob. I m funny maybe i should call myself mr. Milk underscore us because on the year of the op in china they just get a bunch of animals event like just like make the rain. I don t know and so keith actually came last in the race.

My new use may be saber and saw caramel donut. My name is miss bunny for you 24. 7. My name is mr.

Bill underscore so puppies right not doing the passwords cuz. He has to know in case. We forget them. And he s saying oh mr.

Ruger vicki. My daddy s use name is miss bunny boo 24 7. We are gonna go and save it in a new account and they re gonna be on their old accounts and they re gonna transfer everything onto their new account great weight savings and magic items first. I m gonna be saving newer catch this could be your old so she can give me everything the dogon because nikki evacuated say by the question.

Why do you have a mutated earth let s sell this once with 1500 was i m loaded. Now okay. Say let s go somewhere private to transfer all your pet for a new holiday. Wow you beautiful yes.

I know i do exact you a challenge. I need evacuee my queen bee week before that happy get sad. I m might read for some of your piss in my hair..


Actually like amazing. But we must do like me as you can see legends. I have a fifty sand dogs. I love accepting sums like all i m going to give it to me for free.

If you have an ova. Yeah. Oh yeah. Of course.

Well you really have much. I will give you the dog guys you re gonna be safe you re gonna be saving this girl s account. Don t worry we re all gonna be okay. Watch a save this new account loading up with lots of pad saver.

So many legendary creating me to be answering all now these aren t kids. It s like whatever your cleaning inventory you realize like that you actually had a few pets you have another or the egg. Are you kidding me to do me stuff. Give me.

Sir yeah. I m trying sake we can this go somewhere else mi jin. It s gonna get even hectic gossip ease. Because then big in me at the transfer.

If anyone wants to offer you any of my things. In the comments be my guest. I feel great because coming up saying them i m a legend because they don t know these new usernames..


I really like and that devices kunis is some random. There would be gnarly old account after this i know sake dubai whatever right tax but we are gonna legendary s now mine is taking so long comment from say jesus password for biggie s account from sky based build video minecraft and she said she went back and watched it and she could see your password well that s good good things that like it s a sign if you can wedge and scribe back and watch that video and see in any beat. She s in the background you can see it me looking like cool fashion poses. It miss enough can we just like saw because you got so much well you haven t even seen.

My car. Yet sake maddie wants me tried everything like is even or something scam the. I said give me oil pet and then i will give you cece please up scam please stay body baby quick. I m just kidding.

I m dying kenard you look wicked oi type out your new account inventory is looking amazing your skin. Everybody s watching begets game well technically mini to eric today vivian hurry up i m gonna shoot you add the cannon can you please do that i really want to be sure i m les your vk sookie stop doing that i cut up i can t press train please be nice to these kids. A favicon so about how many windows you have just kill me now. Oh my god me look at all this thing.

Honestly legends you should comment down below do you have any office to save is inventory. It s a we looks like i m giving here. This desk is afraid do we have to track all of your pet. Yeah.

Yeah it straight a lot of a man yeah i mean even love gingerbread houses is driving once a christmas. I cannot leave my news for my niggas. One must come with me do you still have to give me gifts toys ok. I m you think you are so great oh yeah is everything say buckwheat a hefty buy i know once i got tvs like i just say i just might have ” .


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