What About Hybrid Drives? Are SSHDs Worth Buying?

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“State hybrid hard drives they were designed by the manufacturers. When solid state drives had had originally been introduced to the market and they were prohibitively expensive and very small capacity and so what the hard drive manufacturers. Did is they came up with this idea that we can put a small solid state buffer on a mechanical drive to use as a cache and that ll give the illusion of better performance. But by the time they came to market with these hybrid drives.

The solid state drive prices had plummeted no longer making hybrid drives. Even consider. Eight considerable for purchase you should even consider them they should have never come to market because by the time they came to market. They were already overpriced and too slow.

When compared to just buying a solid state drive. Now if the solid state drive prices had remained high in capacities remain low..

I d be talking more about hybrid drives you will never see a hybrid drive on this channel. You ve never seen one on this channel. You ve never seen a computer come in here with one they are an absolute mistake in timing from the time that they had this idea to the time they brought it to market and therefore in my opinion. They re a complete waste of money if you need big storage go with a mechanical drive as of may twenty nineteen if you want fast storage up to four terabytes go to a solid state drive well preferably up to two terabytes.

Anything more than that gets quite a bit expensive. And i have this two terabyte solid state drive in the envy. Me drive in the enclosure one hundred and eighty three dollars now again. When you are in the industry.

As long as i ve been in the industry. You understand just how affordable that is but with each generation..

The younger folks they come into the world with that being the norm and they want it cheaper than that they don t have the point of reference that those of us in the industry. Have with the sense of appreciation of just how far and quickly. This technology has come in performance. How small the technology keeps getting.

Smaller and smaller faster and faster and cheaper and cheaper. And that trend will continue now as these younger people who think that s too expensive and again there s older people to eat sous vide. But but generally it s the younger generation because they don t have the point of reference of where we came from they didn t drop eighty four hundred dollars on a five megabyte hard drive and in that amount of time keeping in mind that eighty four hundred dollars in nineteen eighty. Three money is probably closer to twelve thirteen fourteen thousand dollars today.

So that s a lot of money to spend for storage. But there wasn t much to store you know you pretty much had to create your own data..

There weren t scanners you weren t scanning pictures. There wasn t any music you weren t doing any of that in fact those early computers didn t have anything other than a beep. A pc speaker in it so the technology s come quite far. And it will continue and where we re at today is absolutely amazing for the value of what you re getting regarding performance and capacity.

So i just want to emphasize that and so hybrid drives in my opinion are a complete waste of money once the solid state. Portion of it fails once it hits its right capacity. Which is happens much faster because it s as much smaller capacity. And so as you continue to load and windows loads files in the background downloading updates and swap file it just eats it up and then you end up with a hard drive that s far slower then a drive that never had that to begin with so that s why i say pick a hard drive or pick.

A solid state drive using a hybrid drive in my opinion would have made sense only if solid state drives continue to be very cost prohibitive and small in size in my opinion hybrid drives are a complete and utter waste of money and they always have been the day hybrid drives came to market. They were obsolete they were already obsolete because by the time they came to market solid state drive prices had already plummeted then capacities were already starting to go up..

They just took too long. So that s my opinion on that thank you for watching this new quick tip series of videos and i hope you enjoyed it if so you can let me know by clicking the thumbs up button below the video and if you want to be alerted anytime. New content is posted to my channel. Be sure and click the subscribe button after that you ll see a little bell icon appear be sure and click.

The bell icon and make sure that the notification button is checked and how you want to be notified that s gonna wrap it up for this video. I ll see you all again very very soon until then bye for now ” ..

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