What Does A Donkey Do In Minecraft?

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“Youtube. This is raj and today. I m going to be talking about donkeys and and minecraft and anything you need to know about them. So why don t we started so let s talk about donkeys in minecraft.

So the first thing you have to understand is that they spawn in planes and savannas and group of two to six and it s more likely that horses are gonna spawn so there s a 90 chance that horses are gonna spawn and a 10 chance of donkeys are gonna spawn so this means that one out of ten times. You re gonna get a donkey and nine out of ten times. You re gonna get horses so donkeys are valuable because they can be equipped with the saddle. But they can also be used as a pack animal so they can store items so.

The quickest pack animal in minecraft. I would actually say they re very similar to mules also in their speed. So they can be equipped with store chests up to 15 items and the thing is if you kill them they drop zero to two pieces of leather and one two three xp and the next thing you should understand is about food. So they re very similar to horses and also to mules in minecraft.

Which makes a lot of sense. This table is pretty much the exact same as with mules and horses so the things you can feed a donkey are sugar wheat apples golden carrots golden apples and hay bales so it ll improve their health. So one two three four ten and then twenty with pay bills. It can also increase the growth speed for a baby donkey to become a full adult donkey.

I think the word is foul. But i m not sure that might be wrong so it takes increases..

It by 30 seconds with sugar one minute with apples one minute with golden carrots and four minutes with golden apples. Which is the highest and in three minutes with hay bales and also there s this thing with temper. So obviously donkeys are very similar to horses. So the thing with temper is there s this measure of temper.

It s zero to about nine. I believe and when you try to tame a donkey. It will basically create a random number tweet in that range and while you re trying to tame. It it ll basically it ll change the temper so one way to actually tame a donkey is to actually feed it before you actually try to tame it so if you feed them sugar.

It gets them three plus higher in temper. So the goal is to get to a hundred and then if you look at the higher ones. Plus five for golden carrots. And plus.

Ten for golden apples. And the only things that allowed to enter love mode. Are golden carrots and golden apples. So so if you re not familiar with how to tame.

Donkeys basically you look in the same direction as them and eventually when you tame them they ll will get these hard effects. So..

As you saw that didn t work for me. Look at there. So i tamed both of them that took way too long. So now i m going to do is get them to end your love mode.

So they should produce a baby. There we go and the other thing you can do is obviously. There are a pack animal so before i do this i should so the way to access their inventory is to shift then right click. And then you can see here there s the saddle so i m obviously gonna put a saddle on this one and the next thing you got to do is put a chest on them.

So how you do this is you just right click with the chest. And there you go and as you can see this one has a huge inventory so you have 15 different thoughts that you can actually put in this one. Which is pretty useful and obviously because it has a saddle that means that i can basically ride it around and the other things to keep in mind with this are although i m in creative. This isn t show very well my stats will actually be replaced with the donkey stats.

So my health. The experience bar will be placed with a jump bar. So as you can see while i was pushing space it kind of goes like that and yeah. So definitely a very useful pack animal because you can ride it and lead.

It unfortunately. I forgot a huge chunk of information..

So i m going to quickly summarize. It here there are equine stats that i forgot to mention these involve horses donkeys and mules and basically each one is different between each animal. So the best example is health with donkeys. So the health status from 15 to 30 and this is summarized by the maximum is 15 hearts.

So the average is about 22 to 23 health. But it changes from each animal to each animal. So the idea is to basically breed ones that have higher health or there s more value to ones that have higher health with donkeys for some reason they have movement speed and jump strength. But they re the exact same number with every single donkey.

So there s no difference in movement speed and jump strength between each one other things to keep in mind are obviously. Fowls can t be like ridden and also when you birth. A new donkey. It has its untamed.

So you have to tame. The new one and also you can t ride them through nether portals. And you have to have the three max clearance distance in order to go through so obviously. Two for the donkey and one for you basically and actually you need a space that s bigger than one wide.

So you need a two wide space. In a two a three high space for you and the donkey to be able to go through..

While you re riding in so i hope that was helpful for you guys in at least understanding donkeys. They re a very valuable equine in minecraft especially for a pack animal and they re useful as a pack animal because they re pretty quick you can ride them and you can just take them off to whichever buy them. If you want a lot of sand. And you want and you have a donkey that has 15 inventory slots that can be very useful.

So i hope that was helpful for you guys in understanding donkeys and i m gonna be going through all of the mobs to minecraft. Although it s probably take me a really long time so you can check out that playlist. If you re interested. I ve also done videos on enchantments potions and also on villagers so you can check out those videos.

And i m gonna be dropping a whole bunch of other videos too if you liked this video please give me a like if you want me to keep producing content. Please keep me subscribe. And you can always leave a comment. I appreciate that and stay classy youtube.

This is rock. ” ..

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