What ever happened to OV Guide on your Roku steaming device?

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“My legion hi. Y. all. Donde and happy new year.

Yeah. I get a video. Video. I was looking for something i would look for ovie guide on roku now one thing with a roku you can add channels.

Why my first i got a roku back in 2014. And that s thing you can add free channels..

And it s like shels i add like film rise you stir fry picks popcorn fright flick pop corn flakes and then they had like god to be tv and stuff like that i had a novi guy. We like toby guy. I liked a big selection of movies. Including terror blood fart lake way.

I thought was really funny and the weird thing was i look forward i couldn t find any more my roku. It s like what happened. Oh v. God and i found out that for whatever reason.

And i looked it up on google for why that happened and there s no explanation for it it was changed to cool flicks. They took it off as change of cool flicks a lot of people say they don t like cool flicks..

It looks a lot like fright flicks or something like that doesn t seem like there s as much items on there now it s a very big disappointment for anyone like i was trying to get the full reason. That s why that would happen. It said like cool flicks film rights company. I don t know if i came there i assume that ovie guy was affiliated with film rise.

But it s a and it s nowhere near close. So if anyone was wondering what happen. The ob guy that s when became cool flicks and it was listed on that up miroku news. That just didn t say why i guess this happened way back november.

I wonder why cool flicks was on there s like did i add a movie on their channel man. I wasn t thinking about it or something i d you leave the chinos uh..

No longer act. It will still be on in your klinken. You can t get nothing cuz. I have that with a couple of channels.

They got delete there s one channel. I think was a ds or something like that that i i thought would be i have a couple freaked out. I gotta go through and delete some of those channels with some of those channels are pointless a free streaming challenge. That s what happened oh v.

Guide. It became cool flicks a lot of people said cool flicks sucks..

It s not as good. I watched the children on there and it was and it was okay. But it s like it keeps showing its logo on there and they have like at least. They have like one commercial on there instead like two or three.

There was one break you had two commercials on there i know to be tv crackle like show like four or five every 10 mins. They show like four or five commercials like crazy and its really annoying how they cut off and show the commercials. But that s what having the oviatt guy became cool a cool flicks not cool takes cool flicks so until next time bye. Please take care of ” .


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