Where to find a Nintendo Switch NINTENDO SWITCH SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!

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“Of you don t really want to pay four or five or even six hundred hundred dollars for them scalpers that torch for these contenders switch consoles well in this i m going to tell you exactly how you can get your switch for regular msrp. Which is three hundred dollars stay tuned. And listen closely to each step. Because each one is critical for you to get you were inattentive switch in the link down below in the description.

I m gonna leave some website. So that you can take a look on how you can get your dependents wish a little bit easier. And i m gonna tell you why it s a little bit easier using some of the websites that i have linked down below. Because it kind of gives you an alert when something comes in stop my number.

One tip is you want to look at best buy between eight. Till 11 am central time because that s the time when best buy really razak solar products and what i found is one of the easier things to do is if you talk to one of the customer breath of representatives especially a home advisor because when you speak to one of those home advisors or the home managers or the sales managers they want to sell you that switch because they get a little commission off of it don t worry because you re still paying right good price for that switch and when you talk to them they re gonna see if they have it in stock. Where they can order it for you so make sure you try to contact your best 5 in live chat. And i ll leave that link down in the description down below as well in my experience.

When i talk to best buy or i d look on their website. You can see you could actually scroll down. And sometimes old you ll see sold out sold out for whatever switch that you re looking for sometimes you ll get lucky and then you ll see a add to cart when you see ads apart quickly add it to the part. But do not try to check out on the website.

Because if you try to check out on the website. It will erase it from your cart so what you need to do is you have to download the best buy app when you re phone if you download the best my app on your phone when it s in stock make sure you check out in the app. Because it will not delete it it will just say it s sold out and just close out the app or force close it out when it asked you to remove it out the court also another thing i highly recommend to do is make sure you add all your payment information onto all the all the retailers that i will mention in this video. Because if you save all your payment information you can quickly check out as soon as it s stopped and maybe you ll get lucky and score one because i know it s been difficult to get it and i wish you the best.

I really hope you get your switch. But make sure you add all your payment information and make sure you have the correct shipping information because it s critical oh when you checkout because if you try to check out and the minute that you have to change up your payment information that s what is gone. It s already sold someone else wants it just as bad as you do so make sure that you have all your payment information before you try to add a switch into your cart and checkout with it for best buy you want to make sure you check between. 8th.

11 am central time number 2. You want to talk to a home advisor. If you took talk to a home advisor. Usually don t be a little bit more friendly instead of saying hey how may i assist you you ll get a i ma hook.

This is chris from best buy. This is a home advisor manager..

I m here to service. You usually those are two service reps. You want to talk to because those are the ones that are more likely trying to get you your help that they want to help you get your switch. So you want to speak to one of them so number three is the other thing you can do is you want to go into your cart you want to go into that page while you re looking for then that s tender switch and when it says sold out just keep taking a look on it i mean you can click into it you want to click out and then eventually maybe you get lucky you see that add to cart if you see as the cart just click it and do not try to check out right then and there because more than likely.

I ll probably end up bomb tick out your court. So you want to make sure that it s in stock. And you want to confirm that by checking. The website that i have down below to help you make sure that is in stock another thing too is if it s in stock you ll see it s a shipping to your zip code.

And i ll say shipping to your local store. If it is not in stock you will not see those options as you can see here. That s what it should say if it does not say that then you cannot purchase all item. It s gonna give you a hard time.

And i ll try to race it out your court. So those are the things that you want to try to get it from best buy number two is on the website is where i got lucky one was i ordered from gamestop and gamestop has these bumbles now some of these bundles are not really for everybody. Because some of them could go forward to 500 maybe you don t want that whole bond or maybe you don t like what s in that fumble. But you own this website.

It gives you an alert and as soon as it does you could actually pre order the bumble a game stops. It s a lot less complicated as soon as they post. It up on their website. You can just pre woodard.

It once you preorder it make sure you just same thing you want to have all your payment information safe on gamestop so that way you can get get your copy you can pre order your copy of the system. That you had the right to your system because as soon as you try to add your payment information. Guess what someone else already bought it they re already told ahead of you they re already got their payment information. Then i m not a big fan and gamestop.

It s probably the first thing. I purchased from gamestop maybe about like five or six years since but on that so that s how you can get games up that s how you can preorder one game stop. But just to let you know their customer service is non existent. You try to email hold them they will not pick up the phone.

They will not respond to your email. So it s pointless to even try to talk to gamestop that s but number two is game stop and another thing to with them even though it says the date they ll tell you it s that you should get your system between april thirtieth for example they might ship it before then you might get lucky a little shipment within that next week..

But you will not get your tracking information probably about a week later and what you do just know that you ll get your system a lot sooner. Then you know so that s number two gamestop is a great option to get your nintendo switch okay so number three is pardon that s another retailer that you can get your nintendo to switch. It and it s an excellent place to look and let me tell you how i found my switch is through target. I was into the app and you know how you can look up items and it will tell you what i ll listen and if your store has it in stock and guess what mice we re having in stock do not try to purchase it online.

Because they will not let you pick it up because they told me my item was unavailable as you can see here because i tried to check out and i thought i screwed. I thought i had it really easy shot. And guess what i didn t so i took the chance and i decided to drive over to the target. And i was there probably about an hour early so you want to make sure you are there at least an hour early because guess what there s a there s a ready online day there s already people waited and but when i did a ride there there was no wine the but i did see they already had these marks.

Where people don t line up. And i thought you know to me ii shot. So i just sat there wait in a minute corn. But this was pretty windy and cold that morning when i went to go pick it up which was sabella probably like that friday.

No no fries. It was that thursday what that thursday to get to try to pick it up so. I was just sitting my horror listen to music and then all sudden think about probably like 2007 isil people start the lineup. I thought i got i better get up and get into the line because otherwise i can miss my opportunity.

So when i went over there by the time i got in the line. I was probably like the sixth person waiting in the line which i should have been one of the first people really there. But because of how i underestimated people waiting for the switch that was my fault. So i thought let me give it a shot give it a chance if i miss it at least.

I tried. But luckily i got into the store and we had to line up in the we had to line up information and everything six feet apart. So there was a big big line. So other people i want to switch just as bad as you do so make sure you get up early at least an hour early because there was people come and thinking that they got there early when they arrived 10 up five ten minutes early and lovely.

When we arrived they actually had a pallet of switches. So they probably had like maybe about 50 switches. And there s people calling up by and i also heard a manager don t try to even try to pull off and ask them to hold it for you because they will say no you have to arrive first come first serve kind of deal when you try to go get that switch. So don t even try to hold up the see if they habit and stop just go to the store and try to pick one because the by the time you re calling them and trying to get them to hold it you re someone driving to that toria trying to pick up that switch and you want so badly and by the way when i did look to see if it was in stock.

I saw it i constantly checked the app. I checked my target app..

Because i do have the right boy and every time. I checked the toy to dad to see if they had it in stock probably like around nine or ten o clock at night. And luckily. I saw that they had it in stock.

They took in stock then switch over a limited quantity and then set in stock. But make sure you check out the act don t try to order online. Because you will not sport. There another retailer that s good look at is that walmart walmart s an excellent retailer that take a look at it but the tip is with them you have to make sure you download the app cuz.

I gotta say the website is terrible you will not be able to find anything along there got so many other people you have third party sellers and everything on that website. So dude on wet on walmart calm. So try not to focus on that trying to switch up your filters and then have it under walmart calm and look at your local sewer. What the app because it s much more better because it will tell you what s in stock.

It will so whatever is in stock at your local walmart because on my local walmart. They only had switch lights. Which nobody really wanted i mean i of course. I m in one if it s the whole point of having to switch was they ll hook.

It up to the tv and have people over and have fun and everything do not try to use the website. Don t try to use their website. It s terrible use the app instead that s my tip with walmart also same thing make sure you check every night. Because usually they restock their soaps n.

Nabi. So when you check when you check later at night late at night usually we will see some pop up if you do i would assume the same thing with walmart. I did hi. I haven t tried personally just trying to go pick it up at the walmart.

But if you do make sure you go get there early because i m pretty sure there s a line just like how it was for me. When i went to the target. And there s one more place that i gotta mention that s another good place to go is if you go to costco costco actually has some kind of switches and i heard people who are lucky enough that you can pick up the animal cross and switch with everybody. He s been trying dying to get.

And i am a scored one one on the best buy s website. But and then i m removing it out the court because i tried to purchase it on the website which i regret..

But anyway the whole point is if you go to costco or bj s they might have to defend the switch as well over there. But also get there early that s the best tip. I can give you if you go to any of those retailers do not try to go like one or two o clock in the afternoon. If you do manage to get one that s great i feel happy for you.

But right now. It s gonna be very very difficult to get one in the afternoon try to get there before open now down below the blink that i m talking about that i had posted down below. If they tell you that the the tender switches in stock. And when the source will tell you if it s in stock at gamestop our best buy or walmart or target.

And as soon you get 700 alert on that website and you can even have it when a mobile browser because it works it works great on a mobile browser too so make sure you have the alerts set on and personally i have the bird because the rooster for me is a little bit annoying. But that s called euler and if you go on to do alert you get the notification as soon as it opens up in stock. And if you re lucky enough you hop in there and then you see where it s in stock you have a chance to purchase it online now usually it doesn t pop up. We re target like i said.

It doesn t really work for the target ones. All right. Even the walmart ones are really great walmart s more of a local thing checking. But the best buys are pretty accurate and so is the game saw those are the tips don t waste your time.

But there s other ones because they don t really work they don t really alert you as well. But those are the best ways you can get your nintendo switch and you won t have to pay for we re gonna tell for it and more than likely you will definitely succeed if you really want that switch and you do exactly what i tell you you will definitely find it because i found that within the week of searching really hard for it so this is the nintendo switch super happy with it definitely work the weight and then i can t believe i didn t buy one on launch because this thing is amazing how you can play portably and you can play it on the tv. But anyway if you want to switch bad enough. I m sure you ll get your switch.

I hope you found this video. Very useful if you have any questions at all feel free to post. It down in the comments down below for all the newest updates make sure you follow my twitter handle. I hope you enjoyed these videos.

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