White screen on 2nd gen ipod nano

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“This is layout of the computer. I m not taking what we ve got here here is an ipod. And i know 2nd gen. As you can see it s a white screen.

Now if i do something i hope you can hear over the movie. It s making his usual noises from me moving the menu puts it around so what it s doing this thing apart from obviously the screen being white now i ve tried the center and the menu button. I m just trying that now to reset it to see if it gets rid of it let s reset it..


But it still comes up once again just give her a minute. There we go so with that a retails been fixed. It it looks like is the old cds grading that stopped working for find out what it is and hopefully you d be able to get it fixed. Okay then we ve got the the main bard with the screen attached to announce of the ipod itself.

Now the way. We did that is by taking the bottom off on the top off and pushing the whole assembly out from the bottom up to remove it a couple more screws so what we need to do now is take this lcd screen up put the new wanna and hopefully help that ll be in effect this is lcd screen just about ready to come out what we have to do is unstick it from this part of the frame here this here is actually the battery. This is the frame that comes up that the battery when the screen is kind of stopped so all we need to do now that was released this connector..


It s at the old lcd screen up we ll put the new one up sort of stick it back into place then reassemble the ipod. Okay. We ve got the high clouds. Here.

We re just reassembling. It with slid sort of the whole assembly. And with the new lcd screen on in from the top just gently guided it down all the way..


I now we just got to sort this headphone socket out screw the clubbers on at the bottom. What s up and then won t get powered on again. Okay. We ve got this connected back in it s been quite challenging because the connector that comes to the headphone socket isn t the easiest to get into place.

But we ve got it in now as you can see we ve got it switched on so it s looking good i m just moved doing this i ve got key lock on at the moment. So and isn t moving around anywhere. But what we re going to do now is just continue with the reassembly and then we ll get testing..


Okay then here. We are we ve got the ipod complaint. Now as you can see top and bottom. All done looking well working lcd again so that s pretty much yeah.

If you ve got your own ipod nano of any kind with problems like that sided with lcd problems anything like that please do give us a call. We can always ” ..

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