Who wants to be a Millionaire PowerPoint

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“Everyone um. This is some games format that you re probably familiar with and um. Um. It s i find it a really good one for doing like gum end unit quizzes summaries of grammar points learnt i ll give you an example of how to use it okay so this is what it looks like that s good to hear okay who wants to be a millionaire.

This is pretty much universally recognized and every country in the world has a version of this game. So new students are going to be familiar with it oh look. This is the guy who actually prepared it there you go lovely picture of him all right let s move on okay so look at it s quite a oughtn t ik design really good for generating a competitive atmosphere in the classroom. Okay so here you go look at that answer.

15 questions and the glass is successful. They did it so the first question did it it adam all right so you ve got everything you d normally have in the game..

So question one as you can see i haven t put any of the data. I want to use into the powerpoint format yet. This is just to show you how to do it so you re going to have question. 1.

And a choice of four answers at the moment you don t know this is the correct answer this will all become clear when i start putting information in okay. So what do we do okay. Students here s your question. What is the correct answer 5050.

I might say okay ignore ignore be an ignored d or you can do is choose from a and c phone. A friend they can ask one of their classmates for their advice on the answer and ask the audience you can take a vote from everybody in the class..

So you can use all of these within the class actually there s a couple of nice little buttons here is that your final answer hahahahaha ok. If the students make a joke or they do something funny. You can have a bit of laughter. Okay.

Dylan c. Was the correct answer. I d do that by pressing enter. Then you can move on keep working through it like this okay question two all right so let me press escape to get out of this let s go back to question one all right so how do we prepare this okay let s think of um typical grammar question okay i let s think of something i dipped it alright okay so what s the missing.

What s the missing information. What s in the gap..

Is okay. I be i do all right okay and here if to first of all drag that out of there i am and underneath. I am alright so then we drag this back on top like that okay. So first questions ready do a little um.

Now. Let s let s take a look at how that appears when we play the game. All right first question for 100. I something a teacher.

What s what s the missing information here. Okay..

How do we fill this gap. Quickly is i am ib. I do all right so when they give you the answer there we go i am a teacher yay well done. That s the basic premise of this game.

Like i said i usually look at the questions at sort of the end of unit of a course book. What sort of end of quiz round up end of unit round up quiz. Do they have and i put it into this format. It just makes it a bit more enjoyable and you can involve everybody in the class.

So that s how i use this i ve included it here so you ” ..

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