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“Writes hey. I was wondering what happens during pre production of movies. How do they they know what to make the budget. How do they schedule everything etc.

And why it take so long. After the script is already done and right before shooting that gap seems far too long. I know there s a lot to be done and a lot of people involved. But it seems like it could be done quicker adversely post.

Seems quite long as well sorry. We making up my own words. Here. Just hoping to get a better understanding of the professional moviemaking process works.

Oh. It s a fair enough question um..

But everybody involved in the movie industry. Right now is completely rolling their eyes for somebody who s not totally fair question pre production. The okay. How do you know what to budget film.

Well you got these things called a line producer and look. There s a lot of things that go into it. But the long the short of it is this pre production is the most expensive part of the moviemaking process. So you have to put in an awful lot of work to make sure that when you start production everything goes as smoothly as absolutely possible you know the first film.

I ever did i think we shot for three weeks three weeks. We shot the film. But we were in pre production for like four months because pre production is covers everything from you know right getting the script you know touched up and developed then doing set design location scouting prepping visual effects building sad ass thing casting scheduling all this all this this world of stuff goes in to make sure that when you start shooting this movie. You can there s a reason you can film a motion picture in two months three months four months because so much work goes into pre production.

And there s a thousand different things that have to be done now with post production look you you shoot movies on set. But you create the movies in the editing bay..

So on top of visual effects and sound mixing. Everything. That s why the post production. So long there s a lot that goes into making of film.

And that s why i like the pre production post production. All that kind of stuff takes so long especially pre production. Because you want everything go smoothly as possible snap. Your filmmaker.

How would you address the question. Yeah. I mean let s say you just covered a live action. I ll cover documentaries making a documentary.

Oh yeah you also have to wait for people to become available like i so i m waiting. I m talking about of action films..

Oh yeah you have to work availabilities into your shoot. But you try to build that around it henceforth once again pre production. The bigger films that have tons of special effects. There in a year two years of pre production before they even announce it to you guys they ve been working for a year on just artwork pre productions.

You know you know they ve been working on star wars. Designs a year before they even announced changes. Yeah. Because they had a little team working on it so i mean that s a big facet of it with animation.

You also have to have like i mean pre production and post production and production with animation is all rolled into one giant nugget of pain. It s like here s a two year will be but okay here s a i ve been so good for a year guys so two years of you know production rolled into one thing. That s pre production production and post production. All in animation is all happens at the same time so i mean.

That s kind of it s uh. It s just a lot of work and that s why it takes so so long..

I mean tomorrow you could basically pick up a camera and shoot a 90 minute movie by yourself with no edits and you can call it a movie. But that s not really what we re talking about you know we re talking about real feature films and television production and all those kinds of things so alright. I mean that s a real simplified version. But i hope that gives you a basic idea and you want them to take their time because when they don t take their time they tend to go straight to dvd.

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” ..

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