wii sports resort raging and funny moments – basketball championship

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“Last time when i was playing basketball on wii sports resort here i got to to pro. But i didn t get to champion. So i have not actually played boss yet so i want to get to the boss. I just broke my freakin wii remote condom.

I just ripped that center thing apart damn it i hope this doesn t affect my basketball abilities last time we were playing this we never lost. I never lost a single game. So i d like to keep that true oh like i never missed a beat. We are on fire right now so i m gonna have to say out of wii sports regular and wii sports resort.

I m really feeling that basketballs. My favorite oh. What do they got a pick and roll. Here.

Or some shit. Oh. Oh. I ask who s kind of a frickin loser really.

Oh. Fuck. You oscar you still suck cock. You only made a two pointer.

Again what a little weird. Oh. My god what s with these balls like going in and then just getting sucked out of the hole. I hate it when i get sucked out the hole.

Generally speaking things are going pretty good so far. Although we re only up nine to four that s kind of not that big of a lead. I feel like we re beating them a lot better. Oh.

My god if we could make a basket here and we re actually jumping. I m like i don t i don t know what to complain about right now. I can t scream everything s going pretty good yeah well he jumped. He jumped.

Though we just jumped too late which is kind of on me i m actually taking responsibility for my own shortcomings. Oh yeah yeah nice nice buzzer beater three too bad it doesn t make a fucking difference i hate it when they do that shit like there s no point you lost still. But now you hurt the experience that i m gaining now i gained last that looks nothing like nellie nellie is a black man that s what you get nellie. Hey must be the money.

This rim is giving me a job right now. Oh. See now. It s just me jumping too late right now.

Oh oh she could have dumped it on me. But she didn t oh my god i get press b again my b button. Is broke. Hey.

If i lose this. I m i m ragequitting it cuz. It s a technicality my b buttons being very sensitive god..


No thank god that s a that s a big mess right. There. Now i need a big three whoo. All right.

This is gonna be a good. One. This is gonna be a good one right here unless i lose then it s a bad one. Oh thank you for doing that no yeah.

How did she read me like that i m giving her the fake of the century. No fucking way. And i can never jump at the right time all right well. This is a big three right here we re on the two point line fuck my ass.

Damn it beef boss stay behind the fucking line. What if they come back and hit a three here. I m gonna be so pissed off they re easy yep yep. Oh all right that s okay of course i jump wrong.

But it doesn t matter because he decided to go for it yeah great time to go for a two with two seconds left in you re down three go for it. That s just the shit that pisses me off cuz you just make my my win look worse. That s all you re doing you still lost a wide. Why d you do this beat boss you stepped on the fucking line again no fucking ball and sculpture for weights.

And then falls on his fucking face. How do we miss that shit oh beep boss. What are you doing beef boss. I m gonna have to order a couple more weber modes because i tend to get mad and break them yep this wee remote definitely shoots better.

I was just relying on the fact that he s a crap three point shooter. Because that kind of worked there oh oh thank god he is a terrible three point shooter. Honestly i might not defend him at all in the next shot got fuck you again i can never jump quick enough and then we jump twice for fun and i got fucking dog baba. I m making another basket cuz.

I don t want this to be a one point game that fucking pisses. Me off yeah. Fuck your ass patrick oh yeah. Patrick s our fucking super genius reading my mind knowing exactly what i m gonna jump can we make up let s get it i m shooting it like i always shoot it but this time is just going anywhere.

But in the fucking hall. I they can jump every time they know what the fuck is the point of me trying how do we not feel that shit and instead fall on the fucking ground alright. Okay. We re one three away from coming back into this game.

Weiners up my fucking ass alright. We re good we re good alright. We have a chance here to take the lead actually fuck does he do it please tell me what this fucking morning for breakfast fuck. You that does not count.

I hate patrick. So much your piece of shit patrick. I hope you know you fucking suck cock at goddamn basketball. But you have fucking long hair joe there in the back left who s fucking.

The best defender in the history of basketball. Just to prove it watch this. Watch this i ll go for the go for the three here no yep once again i first off i i was trying to do a fake..


But john wick. Thinks i want to actually fucking go to shoot no alright. But still either way. I actually did jump and of course fucking long hair joe.

There fucking piece of shit knew to jump just then oh finally anyway mess. Who the fuck we playing basketball for the damn little league yep the kids to just stand there and john john why do i keep on i don t know where i got the name john for him. But i i guess i m sticking with it long haired john over there. Why are we not now.

It s wow. That was a that was a play right there. But now it s when i i m trying to back the ball and i m flicking my wii remote and it s they re not doing it yoshi the 62 year old woman. I can t tell you how many old women.

I met whose name is yoshi. This is because some old woman s name do she doesn t mean you have to feel bad for her cause her name s fucking stupid. The name of green lizard. It s not my fault steve s given me the death stare.

So i don t know whether i can shoot or not every other time we smack the ball from them in that situation that time we just fall on the ground. Where s our fuck are we doing all right we need a miss here by them badly. Why can we not get it from steve. It s just fucking steve.

He s the whitest mother go out the door and we can slap the ball from fuck all right we actually have a chance here we have a chance there we go thank you me then yeah all right we can t we cannot give up points here. I told you i would go myself dad. I don t know how that went in that had like no art at all oh sorry yoshi. But i ll hand you the l for that one what a game that was a game right there granite.

I think there was some bias towards yoshi s team we still prevailed and the showdown between a hamburger and a lizard the hamburger wins oh no it s theo my last video was respawns boxing and we played steel pretty high up theo is once again pretty high up in what is this basketball here. The consensus is that theo is a boy which i don t know how much debate was behind it but i kept on wanting called theo is she great defense between hamburger man and fish sticks you guys both managed to be covering. Nobody fish sticks what the fuck are you defending 6 feet in front of him not that we re in a close game. Or anything fuck.

You steve. Oh thank. The lord theo s five head couldn t calculate that one right the game on the line. We can take a lead here being a pretty good spot abi s a pretty bad defender.

So we re just gonna keep on taking shots on her and it s paying off and i m thinking we re just gonna hold on to it here for as long as we can but jump five feet forward to get that one. Oh. My god i can t believe that wow another one point thrilling that looks nothing like a pablo. How do we not smack that that s my ass that s what that is he s up again.

Oh my god i know pablo s an ugly motherfucker. But you don t gotta give him points shocker he made the three he doesn t miss them this is the ugliest team in the world. Yeah. Get your shit stuffed in backwards.

The only cutie is a b. And a b kind of trash at basketball wait abby was trash at defending. Why haven t i been shooting on how are we not just slapping that out of his dumb hands right there how do you fall on your face. When the basketball is right there are you part ghost here don t just look at me fucking jump.

Ah. That wait are the ball works. Again..


I got a quick make a move here of course he takes it three in mavens fucking 16. Feet in front of them like that s the fucking place to play defense right in the middle note right. We re knowing is just to get the fucking ground decides to take a fucking shot. Am.

I right okay. We can never be pretty enough prepared for the ground to take a three pointer. They were dumb. We re we are literally sticking this wii remote right up my ass right now oh.

We finally block a shot thanks for being too late. Though. Why were we taking a shot from behind the backboard stop going in i want to take a three. Okay.

I want that got three thank you thank you this guy s another fucking super genius who can always know when to jump oh and he s a dunker too awesome donk yeah. The announcers suck you off tonight cuz he gets hard every time there s a dunk ah. He always just knows. There s one time that i could get a three on him.

Otherwise you know we just fall on her face both metaphorically and literally i just do not fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck is a very slim chance. But we have a chance we need to get in three position right away god bless the united states of america. What are we doing we re just the shittiest basketball team i ve ever seen it s not even them it s just us we suck dick and i can make twos the second. I say that john wick is so bad.

That s the second time this game. He s left a two pointer short. How do you leave a two pointer. Short how do we miss swatting that well that wasn t a buzzer beater in fact we gave them enough time to score and not give me enough time to score and of course.

They go for a three and i missed out reach just kidding. I m a genius wait yes. I m a genius. She can t score.

There s no one please be the boss now. I m tired of playing these amateurs. Yes. This is the boss.

This is what i ve been waiting for and my team lineup is looking weak because we got fish sticks and sparkle specialists. I guess they re all super geniuses now that can know when i m jumping least. It s not a three pointer. That s all we have to look forward to at this point.

They didn t score three they scored a two once again she i even faked her out once and she s still knew when to jump. I can never jump on time. I could never do it he is so random with when he jumps. What fucking how many and it wasn t going for a jew are you ready i m yelling.

I m not even trying to make it players move yet they re still moving fuck this. I m restarting. We gotta go for a three no a three a three all right thank you someone went buying the three point line. It s like i m playing a basketball player who s ten feet tall.

I m 5 feet tall. He can always get it over me freakin taco fall is this guy s name. I think and are that fucking paki big black bloc fuck..


You bitch can he miss can you at least make him miss once i realize he s the champion. But even the best basketball players. Miss a shot. I don t think they ve missed a single shot every shot.

They take they make why did i even bother why did i even try we have a slight. Very very slight so small it s smaller than beef boss s wiener kind of odds of winning this game. But i m still going to play through here and see if my teammates can wow. I cannot believe we actually got that there the thing is we re still gonna end up two points short nope that doesn t matter she blocked him a block block knows exactly one two jump landed a plane and all that space.

We had any still miss so terrible basketball. All we need to do is put a goddamn ball in the basket so bad and tommy. The freaking tooth time basketball champion can jump 50 feet again we find herself in an astronomical hole and my players want to go in for want to go in for two point you want two points. When we re down to two ten one person in three point range is that bitch the closest it s ever been other than at the beginning one at 0 0.

Wow. We have a tie game that is in 0 0. I think this might be a first it s my best shot okay this is literally my best chance ever to grab a tie and what do we do we chuck it at the rim. What do i do to deserve this oh eat my ass tommy.

Oh. We missed what he missed. I didn t think that was possible i really did not all right that being said we need to go for a big three. Now we need to take a commanding lead nope instead.

We re just gonna take a commanding swat to the face never jump right i can never time him right we re keeping within striking distance. If we can somehow hold them to not scoring. You know this is our chance. What do we do we gotta do we go for the dub.

We re fucked. We re fucked. Oh we had a chance we had a chance i don t want you to have the satisfaction of making that point you suck. I m gonna be playing tommy for six hours trying to beat him their gods.

They re nothing short of god s eye this guy. There s no point. I might as well get a breath of air when he shoots and rest my arm. Because i can never ever ever ever ever jump at the right time it s i think it s impossible he will always always always know and we will always always miss threes the threes we need to hit we ll miss don t worry i could scratch this lady s eyes out i hate her so much how do we not smack that all on the floor.

This is the most frustrating basketball. I have ever played i suck at basketball in real life. And this is more frustrating. Because i can send a fucking asteroid.

Dinner and still be able to jump at the right time. Oh wow. He missed that s a second that s the second time. We ve seen him miss.

And this is like the fourth or fifth time for me pulling him the odds are low. But i m still gonna hang in there no nevermind. I m done i literally can ” ..


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