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“Head here with a digital digest and today. I wanted to share a quick update update on my. Experience with the wind. Book.

Tw. 100 this is a 101 inch tablet priced at 200 and arguably the most powerful and affordable tablet ever made not just within the windows world but the entire mobile market. I ll get to that a little bit later in terms of again that pricing and specification combo at 200 you re getting a 101 inch windows 81 tablet. That is the full version of the operating system 32 bit mind you and you re getting a 1280 by 800 ips again 101 inch display five point multi touch not 10 like much of the competition.

But still very competent and at least in my experience everything works on here very well no dual band wi fi but again a compromise at the 200 price point intel bay trail processor powering the entire experience which does work very well and that s what really makes this offering so compelling is that the 32 gigs of internal. Storage which even after having windows 81. Pre installed out of the box afforded roughly 20 gigs of free space. Which is very impressive for 32 gigs of internal storage.

Hard pressed to find another device that will give you that much free space on a 32 gig model. But keep in mind you do have a micro sd card slot on here for storage expansion. You also have a usb 3o port. Something that you will be hard pressed to find on anything competing with this essentially what you re looking at is as i mentioned in my unboxing in many ways.

A clone of the asus t 100. Which is much more expensive yes. It does have i would say better build quality and form factor. Because of the true clamshell design to really emulate.

A laptop experience where here. The laptop. The keyboard experience does come together nicely. But not quite as well.

I ll get to that a little bit later for 40 you can pick up the optional keyboard. I think it s 50 normally. But micro center has it on sale for 40. Now.

That s if you can find it in stock. And that s another thing. This has been selling very well because at 200 again unrivaled computing power in mind. Only two gigs of ram.

This isn t a full blown laptop. So don t try to treat it as such that doesn t mean that it can t do much more than any other mobile tablet. Because it can you have two cameras you can see the front facing one right they re both rated at two megapixels and they re both decent nothing special. I would never recommend using a camera on a tablet to begin with but it s nice that they re actually there in fact the a cst 100.

Does not have two cameras. So that already shows you there s a little bit more polish here in some ways in terms of fit and finish..

The actual build quality all plastic a little bit of a rubber finish around the edge of the tablet you can see right there and it gives it a nice grip. I will say i don t have any real problems with the build quality you can see that soft touch plastic. Almost rubber feeling also is nice. But it does pick up fingerprints relatively quickly.

I have noticed from using it it looks like the finish from the wind book keyboard is coming off a little bit. There you can notice a little discoloration. But not a big deal because this is what s so important about this well. I won t pass the power button the power and volume rocker right here by the way both also do a good job.

I say that because often i m not pleased with other way buttons fit into the actual environment on the design. Here. They are placed well and work. Well and also are different by the way from the other clone of this device on the market that newegg carries.

So in other words. I am. Saying. The micro center version.

Does seem to be superior in just about every way. Even. Though they re so close on paper. No usb 3.

O. Port on the product. Over at newegg. So you can see the usb.

3. Oh. Right there top of the left side of the device. Or just the left side for those of you looking at it on camera right now.

And it really is a critical feature. I can t reiterate this enough you can use any usb wired peripheral and then when it comes to speed. If you re using a usb. 3.

O. Hard drive jump drive. This is a major advantage now i m not seeing write and read speeds off of this port that are amazing. But they re certainly better than usb 2 o.

So does that mean this is a top tier port. Not necessarily definitely a big advantage over traditional to oh speeds..

When it comes to the microsd card slot. It s right next to it. And i actually have a hundred and twenty eight gig card in there right now so essentially that s a huge thing for those of you worried about storage capacity. And i also say that because micro center actually lists the maximum size supported at 32 gigs so luckily that s incorrect information three and a half millimeter headphone port.

They re also good of course for a mic jack and then you have your hdmi out and your micro usb for charging. Now. I mentioned six to eight hours of battery life. It all depends on the brightness that you actually use and then when it comes to the charging time you re looking at about five hours.

I wish the included cable was a little bit longer. But the length is still pretty nice. The great advantage though with the tw 100 is that you can seamlessly jump right in to your desktop and of course. No limitations here essentially a standard when it comes to computing and that means you can run anything you want so.

While the actual environment for the tablet side has developed and matured. A lot which makes this again an even more compelling value because the tablet side is actually legitimate now unlike. It was years ago when windows 8 launched and it was in its infancy again not up to us or android standards. But catching up and certainly there are things there for just about everyone to use and a 200 it s a bargain in itself.

But then you have the desktop side and if you respect the internals. If you understand that you can t treat. This as a full blown laptop and expect that sort of performance. But understand that for light computing.

Something that most tablets can t even do this is a respectable machine and a 200 it s a steal of course eventually. I m sure micro center may lower the price on this and we may see other generations of this versions from other sellers. Again. This is the more competent one when compared to new eggs version under another name.

I think. It s vulcan or something like that i believe a mexican firm. But the point is is that this device. It is manufactured by the way by micro center.

If you go to win books warranty page. You ll see. It is directly linked to micro sense. Oh.

They are manufacturing. This or essentially ordering. It is what i ll say and they ve done a good job. The keyboard something i mentioned before i want to get to that i m not going to demo software here as i mentioned you can run anything if you try to run programs.

That are demanding you re not going to get optimal performance. Because again you re working with a mobile processor..

And you re working with two gigs of ram that is far from ideal for running full blown desktop applications. That are demanding. So it hey you know this does fully work as a windows machine. But with limitations and as far as bugginess or lag or any sort of real problems.

I ve experienced hiccups here and there. But nothing that would warrant me to tell anyone to stay away from this machine performance is pretty much again on par with the asus t. 100. Critical difference is just the experience with the keyboard and build quality is different on the two machines.

No question about it. But let me bring in the keyboard. Again this is that optional keyboard and you know at 40 50. It s fine.

It s serviceable of course you could use any keyboard you want. But this is made for it it acts as a case. It does have a full touchpad with multi touch that actually does work believe it or not and the right and left click. I actually happen to appreciate a lot as well.

It s something that with a lot of the competing products you don t necessarily have they just have the clickable touchpad. The keyboard actually is good for work so if you re a student. Which is who i think. This is a great device for or even just again anyone out there looking to do light computing.

You can actually get a lot of work done on this keyboard surprisingly despite its form. Factor and the fact that you re working with a 101 inch windows tablet magnetic connection right here that s how you actually dock it i m not in love with the tp or 10th style of backing. Here. As you can see that s how it basically props up the tablet.

And i ll show it to you right now it works don t misunderstand me. It s just far from optimal when it comes to flexibility. But at 200 you have to keep in mind you are getting a lot i mean just in the tablet itself then include this and you re in a whole nother league. So there you have the full package as you can see this is your only angle.

You have to be mindful of this falling forward. That s another thing to be aware of you know the only thing. Connecting. It is the actual magnetic connection down here.

So if you re not careful. If the tent starts to actually expand you can see that can happen. There are a couple of different ways that this could end up getting ugly. So as long as you are aware of those things.

Which are things i ve learned so far in using it again they re very small issues for what overall is a great machine. But that is an advantage to the a cst 100..

Where there is a real physical connection between the keyboard and the actual tablet itself. But this does have the advantage of when you do close up the machine of becoming an actual case and allowing you to take this thing on the go complete package and this is where it does act as a laptop replacement. No question about it i mean you have hdmi out the advantage of being able to charge from microusb is huge. But keep in mind you want to stick with the included charger.

It charges at a higher rate than your standard cell phone or your smart phone charger. So if you charge from the actual included cable. Which again i wish was a little bit longer you re looking at roughly. I would say somewhere around five hours to get a full charge.

But that s not that bad when you think about again battery life of six to seven maybe even eight. If you re not doing really heavy tasks. So there s a lot to like here very affordable at 200. No question about that has every port you could possibly want to emulate a full blown shooting experience and as i mentioned it even has compatibility for up to 128 gigs.

You can see right there that card and that s what s really impressive. I mean to be able to throw 128 gig card in there your mass storage is instantly. Solved. And don t mind.

The fact that they re only 5. And almost 1 2. Gigs. Available.

That s because quite a bit has been installed on this machine already because it s been in full use. So a lot to like here with the wind book 2w. 100. It ll have its skeptics.

Its critics that feel that it doesn t come up to par with what the competition offers but in my opinion. I think it does everything well and the small issues it has like every machine on earth. That is not perfect. Very small ones to deal with considering the extraordinarily low price point at the tablet alone at least price again because remember you can use any keyboard mouse combo.

You want and there are a lot of third party cases out there that will work with this because of its 101 inch. Fairly standard form factor. Any questions or comments. Please feel free to post them and of course as usual.

” ..

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