Window Wont Go Up/Down – Dignose and Repair

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“Think it s 2002 and this window won t go up it ll go down. Down. But it won t go up so we re gonna test out and see it s a switch or if it s a motor or what it is so the first thing. We have to do is remove this here.

So basically this just pops up you just gotta grab underneath it so just pop up just sell them back up low chain rings so bring it up here. And this is the switch box. So we re gonna take that off just unclip these sides here okay so we got that out now. We re gonna go ahead.

And just connect the wire switches here he could have done that without taking the switches out..

But uh just a little bit more free that way so just push in on this and pull him out then we re gonna figure out which wire s go to what okay so now we ve got our switch out here and kind of see that wire out of it we ve got our meter set to ohms here. So that way hopefully you can hear this will beep. When you touch the leads together. So now looking it up basically we can see that this yellow and black wire are positive.

And and the rest of the wires are the up and down wires for this device. So just referencing. Where those are at you can see that the low side with four of them on here is gonna be the side with the power and actually. It s gonna be this this one right here that s gonna be the the constant.

So when the switch goes down or up..

That should basically short or make a circuit between this one and one of the other pins. So what you re gonna want to do it would be easier if we had alligator clips. But i m gonna try to show this as best as possible. I m gonna put my lead back here so it s always touching that and then i m gonna just to make sure it works.

I know the the down function works so we re gonna push down on the button here and see that and then we re gonna go through and touch these pins to see and make sure one of those is sending power through it. So you can hear that beep so that pin goes to the window down on the driver s side. So now. We re gonna go up and see what pin if any go to that and if the switch is bad you won t get any leads here.

So no no and no so it looks like the switch is bad just to test..

It we re gonna do the other switch just to make sure those work. Because the passenger window does go up and down sorry guys good down on the path under so it s that third one there looks like it so it does work. The switch is bad just for the up position. So we re just gonna have to go getting a new switch to confirm this what we can do is when we turn the power on we can jumper between the hot here and whichever one goes to the up position.

Which i ll have to look up the pin out. But i believe it s this dark blue wire. So we can just jumper between there and there and if the window goes up then it uh. It confirms that the switch is bad.

And so we ll replace the switch so it was between this yellow wire..

And the blue are the blue wires. Actually what makes the window go up jumper that in the window as you can see did go up so now we ve got a new switch in there. And it just basically pushes back in there now it should work turn the car on when it goes down. And when there goes up.

So that s all it was a switch about 55 bucks. ” ..

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