Windows 10 Pro: How to send a message over the network to another PC

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“You hello by my name is great bennett s and today. I am gonna show show you how to sent a message from one windows computer to another if it on the same network for example. Something like this that you should be seeing on the screen right now. But basically how this works is you will need to have both computers to be one as i ever tried us with other operating systems so it may work.

But they both have to be on the same network wi fi or not doesn t matter. Now. Because i know this is a program be tried in schools and workplaces. If the place has one computer on one vlan and you on another there s a pretty large.

But potential that it won t work and if there s a firewall in the network itself now on the computers but in the network itself. It s possible it s not as possible. But it s possible that it may not work so keep that in mind. But a vlan thing.

It s really like not likely that s not going to work um yeah even in if one person isn t one classroom. No there s no other classroom. But give it a try maybe it will now as far as things goes. What you re going to need is you need to know.

Which operation system you re on windows 10 or before so on windows 10 you get to the control panel by a right click in the start and go to control panel on windows and this is also on the innovation area dition so you still dude there and on one doze..

Eight and before you go to start. And you select de control panel from there so what you need to do is go to the networking and you want to go to the the events and while you re trying to make sure is is file and printer sharing on if it s on then greats. If not then you need to turn it on if you can t turn it on it won t work and one thing. I forgot to mention is obviously the other both computers have to be alone.

But it s the other computer who s receiving the message they need to have that same exact setup. So keep that one in mine. Basically. If you don t if one computer.

Doesn t have it then you will actually get an error message. If you try this if the other one doesn t have it then you will get an error message. So next things next is you need to figure out. The ip address like say for example of your d sender.

You need to figure out the ip address of who your sin at. And what you do is it there s no easy way to do it. If you re like in a school or business environment. Like a major major business fine.

Small one you can you ask your it person..

And they re probably more than happy being ok. If it if they have any grass of what this is but a school environment. I could see like students chatting back and forth together with this using this as a chat system because it doesn t log the actual chat. There might be some logs on a network.

But just it says they re not being looked at it means they are whatever i me unless something stupid spean said. But as far as that goes i can see it being used as a chat system back and forth so you need to fear out of the other person s ip address somehow how to figure out yours you can go down to on one is 10. Again right click that and you can go to command. Prompt.

Or you can just go to start and type out cmd or cortana and type out cmd and before you just fit before one is 10 you just search cmd now to get this look all you have to do is go to properties and you can get that look so. What you want to do here is i m not going to run it. But what you will do here is ipconfig and this will get your ip address of your computer. The other computer you have to figure out now let s say that you are at home or you have the logs for everything well.

What you need to do is you need to pull up the attached devices. So this is my wi fi router. Let s say nighthawk. Our 7000.

Which is one of the top in fact..

I think. It s the second of the top wi fi routers and the one above. That is not really that much better at all so with here the difference between what i got and what you got should be that much but mine shows a little bit more i can handle a lot more devices. So if that s a big thing to keep in mind you want this short through as much as i have to the average wi fi router.

It can handle a low end wi fi router on that how much person s going to have it will handle up to 12 devices simultaneously with no major problems. 15 devices all start having some slowdown and past that you can have some devices time now mine s up in need 30 and so even then you know that you re not going to have 100 devices going through and and schools and businesses have be totally different. And i m not really sure how you would get the logs there so but anyways don t show the mac addresses by the way just mention that before the ip address. What you re trying to find is the ip address that who you re trying to sent to is and and i m just going sent to myself so i m at.

One i do wants to say it s 17. So what we have is we have that and what we want to do is bring back up that now the last step is is go to the description down below. And i got a code there to make it easier to each copy that code while you re down there by the way check out the patreon link donate there to help out channel subscribe like whatever. But copy that code and what you want to do is paste it in or write down if you want.

But what you need to do is simply have it where s msg so message star ford server. And then the ip address that you see here that is the ip address of the computer. That is getting the message so remember that this is if you want to test it out you can loop it back to your so what i m having this do is it s sending the message to my router. My routers figuring out which ip matches the fact and it says it like that ok this computer matches that so it sends it back and in there you go it doesn t care.

But basically that s how it works..

It s not like a human where it s like why are you hanim to me or whatever it looks at it figures out we re supposed to go and goes from there it doesn t matter where it came from um. But as far as that goes. The quotations you need write out your message in the quotations and go from there so with that so let s press enter and as you see here you can see that the message is from and this is the computer name oh. Not computer name this is a user name and and down.

Here. It has the actual message is timestamp above and okay. And if you want to like like say for example you re doing a real chat. So if you want to reply back with someone instead of right now the whole thinks something like that and you just click up so simple isn t up takes you the previous command.

And there you have so so you d have to write out the entire thing. But anyway as far as that goes if you got any questions or anything else and leave that down below in the comment section. And i ll try answer as quickly as possible leave like subscribe share. And i ll check you out it s in the next.

” ..

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