Windows Update KB3133977 Error 80004005

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“Guys. It s julia and say in this video. I have an update to show show you which keeps failing on my windows 7 computer which is like the windows partition since i have a dual boot going with windows 7 and 10. But you can see this says that it s just optional update which i don t know why it s not installing because it s just not working.

I don t know what s going on with it so i m gonna go to more information and show you what it is which i know it s not necessarily needed. But the fact that it s not you know updating is concerning saying it fixed the problem with bitlocker that canon drives and it crashes and this obviously fixes an important bug it sounds like so i want to still be able to update. It since it sounds like it s something important about encryption and stuff. So says you can get the update through windows update.

I ve also tried the stand along installer. It didn t work either. So let s see um anything. Yeah.

Let s see if it says anything see. It s just all this file info. And things like that just everywhere on here. But anyways let s go back.

So this is the update and if i go to new update history you can see i install these other updates. But this one failed here..

Which is the same one it failed up here three times and there s the update it looks different because that was the one with the stand along installer. It always fails with the same error code eight zero zero zero four zero zero five. So let go to it three says fix for this update. I don t know so we ll go back and go to this one same error.

I don t know why the other one said this on there it s the same update. So basically it will install i ll show you what it does and if you guys are having this error. Please leave a comment and let me know if you re having the problem with the same update or if you got it successfully installed. So it s downloading the update zero percent.

So far now when it reboots. I m gonna have to record off my phone camera to show you guys what it does because it actually the update fails to configure is what happens installs and asked to review and reboots and it fails to configure and it reboots like twice. Technically so you ll see it s 0 and i will pause this and come back when it does something else okay so we re preparing to install and it s creating a restore point right now so pretty soon it should be installing the update which i don t think it s actually creating one because i m sure did the fact i ve been trying to install this update like four times. So i doubt it s making one see there it goes.

It s installing the update. Which it doesn t take very long to show it installing until it asked to reboot takes about yeah see look at like 10 seconds. I think so say it successfully installed i m gonna restart and i m gonna start recording with my phone camera so i ll be right back okay. So we re gonna restart had to hit restart logging off shutting down preparing to configure windows configuring windows updates 30 percent here it doesn t have an issue just wanna reboots and tries to configure is where it has an issue so there goes.

Shutting down a number cord when it s back up again to save time okay so now it s preparing to configure windows which pretty soon it should be doing the configuring windows updates thing okay so now it s configuring and watch it goes really fast it goes to the very end i m gonna fail see failure configuring windows update server to changes it s really weird all it does at the very end it fails and now it shuts down it reboots again and i m gonna film when it s booting up again okay so it s preparing to configure again. Which let s see what it does okay so it says failure..

Configuring again. Which is weird. I think after this it it goes in windows. And then it just doesn t failed so let s see oh it s shutting down again.

Which it didn t do that last time the last time i try to update. It only restarting once but looks like it s gonna do it twice so all right. It s like that what the second or third time. It s done this the third time.

It s rebooted. So i ll be back again okay so preparing to configure see what it does this time. I don t think it s gonna reboot again unless i got it stuck in a whoop hopefully. I did do that because that would be very bad if i got it stuck in a loop.

I d have to run a startup repair and hope that it fixes it if that s the case. Okay. So preparing for an upgrade failure. Configuring again now hopefully.

We should get no windows. This time..

I think we will if it restarts again that s a record because i never had a restart that many times well let s hope. I didn t get it stuck in a loop that would be bad if i did oh no i didn t okay so i m gonna put my fingerprint thing in oh look like it took it the first time. That s good okay so logging in and when it logs in eventually. We ll have a message in the corner.

Saying that the updates were not installed or something or something saying. Yeah. They weren t successfully installed whatever the message is so it s back up. It s just the fact that this updates.

Not installing is kind of concerning me as i looked it up and doesn t seem like anyone s having this problem with this particular update. But however. It s fairly new it just came out yesterday so we ve a comment. If you guys are having this problem and or and if you are and you found a fix please let me know what the fix was so i can fix it online.

And any suggestions or what i should do to try to get this update to install please let me know and note. I did run the windows update. Troubleshooter and it did fix something i will put a screenshot in now. And you can see that it did fix something.

However whatever it did it s still with update still wouldn t install and it sells the same error code. So pretty soon..

We are gonna have this message which i m going to record when it shows up okay. So there s the message. It says windows cannot stall important updates. When is cannot yeah i could not install the computer is restarted finish installing updates click to see how to fix this problem and install new updates.

Ok so i click on here. And the no pants opens up windows update. And again. There it is again failed.

So. If you guys are having this problem or have the way that may fix it leave a comment. So i can try it and see if it fixes it and yes. I did run ssd scan.

Now it didn t find anything i also ran the update troubleshooter like i said earlier and neither of them made it fix itself even though. The update troubleshooter did fix something it still wouldn t install so anyways thanks for watching hopefully you guys can help and we can i can figure this ” ..

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