Word 2016 – Double Space – How To Put Double Line Spacing on Microsoft Paragraph – In MS Office 365

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“And welcome students in this video. I m gonna be talking about microsoft word 2016 2016 and i m gonna show you how to adjust your line and paragraph spacing s go ahead and get started. So i have a microsoft word document here. What s on it isn t too important but i m going to show you the differences between line and paragraph spacing and how to adjust the spacing on your line and paragraphs.

So first thing that i want to do is turn on my paragraph markers. You could do that by going to the home tab. Paragraph. Group and clicking on the paragraph markers.

All right now the paragraph markers show you every time a new paragraph begins so i m gonna take a look at these these paragraphs right down here now the first thing i want to show you is how to adjust your line spacing. So let s say that i want to choose this paragraph here okay i m gonna triple click it to select that paragraph and so i have this paragraph selected now whenever i want to adjust line spacing. What that s going to do is it s going to adjust the amount of space in between each line on my word document now in this case. I have just this one paragraph selected.

So if i just the line spacing. It s only going to affect this one paragraph. So i m gonna go right here to the home tab to the paragraph group and right here..


It says line and paragraph spacing. So if i click this this will help me choose how much space appears between lines of text or between paragraphs. So if i go right here. And i click it i could.

Go right down here and i. Could. Choose 10 115. 15 or 20.

Or even higher if i wanted to now if your teacher or. Professor ever it says double spaced your documents they are talking about 20. Right there so let s say i. Click this now notice that this paragraph now has 20.

So double spaced between each line now i m gonna adult triple click this paragraph here now what does this paragraph have how can i check that the way that i could check that is by going to the home tab. Paragraph. Group..


And if you click this dialogue box launcher here in the bottom right of the paragraph group it says paragraph settings dialog box launcher this will fine tune. The layout of the current paragraph including spacing indentation and more let s go ahead and click on it so i open this up all right. And so notice that the line spacing and the paragraph spacing is right down here in this section and right now it says multiple line spacing. If i click this i could then choose if i want to do a single one point five double exactly or multiple.

Now if i choose exactly if i click right there. It ll basically allow me to choose the exact line spacing that i want in this section. Over here. If i choose double it will give me that two point.

Oh that i saw earlier now the last thing that i want to go over is the spacing before and after the paragraph. So i m gonna go ahead and click ok. Here okay. And so i click ok.

Now one thing. I want you to notice is that the spacing on this paragraph has now been increased to double in between each line. However if you notice this last line here there s actually more spacing after the paragraph than any other line in this document..


Same thing. We can see up here. Why is there more spacing after the paragraph that s because in our paragraph settings dialog box launcher take a look right here in spacing in the. After section it s currently set to.

80 now what that 80. Does is it increases the amount of space after the paragraph. If i say were to increase before that would increase the amount of space before the paragraph begins so if i decrease this let s say to zero. I want you to take a look at the difference at the bottom of this paragraph.

I click ok and down here now notice that space is decreased. I m gonna hit control z right now to show you what it looked like before see that just a slight difference ok. So that s your eight point difference right there. And so you can also adjust these settings in the layout tab right here in the spacing group so in real time you can adjust the line spacing before and after the paragraph for instance if i click in paragraph and i click after up you will see it increase by six points each time so this is actually a better method to increase the amount of space after the paragraph.

If you want to give your sections a little bit more space in between them. And a little bit separate of a look. This is going to be better than say going down and just pressing answer a bunch..


Okay. That s not going to be quite as good because as you continue to type up in this paragraph or above your document. What s going to end up happening. Is it s going to push that text down and eventually it ll have an odd page break.

So you don t want to do that typically you re gonna want to highlight the paragraph and adjust your line spacing the last thing that i want to go over is if i wanted to do this all at once i could do a ctrl a to select my entire document and i could go to the home tab. And i could adjust my paragraph settings that way. If i say wanted to set up my document double spaced with 0 after and 0. Before i could just adjust those settings right there.

And i click ok and now take a look everything on here is now adjusted to 0 after 0. Before and everything is double spaced so hopefully you learned a little bit about line and paragraph spacing. And what the difference is between the two and how to adjust them for your microsoft word documents. If you enjoyed this tutorial.

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