Work From Home Chat Jobs In 2020!

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“And welcome back to real work from home jobs with the rest of my name name is thor. Essa and today. I am gonna give you to work at home. That you can do in the comfort of your own home before i go any further.

If you haven t subscribed to my channel make sure you subscribe and click on that bell for notification. So every time. I upload a video you and it will not miss something that s great calm content comment. Whatever questions you have i would answer your question share this video with everyone that you know that is looking for a legitimate work at home jobs to do in the comfort of their own home.

So let s go ahead and get started. There s a company called the chat chop. This is a none fun work at home job that you can do in their curling iron. Right.

Now. If you have a passion for online sales and lead generation. Fingers that fly across the keyboard in a team organ. With my set this may just be the position for you.

While this is a remote position. It s certainly not a lonely. One we re a fun loving family here at the chat shop so negative minded. People who are looking to be a relationships need not to apply every week.


We received thousands of applications from all over the world. But only 1 are hired why because you want to we want the best please only apply if you meet the following requirements. Fluent are natives english speaking must be able to speak english with an outstanding sentence sculptures spelling and grammar dual screen monitors in a distraction free home office the ability to type at least 65 words per minute. With above 97 accuracy commitment of 20 to 40 scheduled hours a week.

Including weekends agreed to non negotiable pay rate their pay rate is 10 dollars an hour and these locations they re they re located all over in florida georgia tennessee texas united all the united states you united kingdom. This is also nationwide there s so many to name the ideal applicant is also able to stay calm and focused in high pressure. Situation. You have to have a learning.

Within with a mine in king on detail organization as a live chat aging you will have a few responsibilities. You have the ability to take three concurrent chats while maintaining an average response time of 30 seconds. Most weekly in muttley kpi. s be a team player flexible adaptable in the desire to succeed is a must before you submit your application for review.

Please do a few things these are our site at a wwe champion. Read our blog make sure we are a good fit for you you re gonna do the speeding speed typing test. Which is on here. If you re not able to hit 65 words per minute keep practicing if you hit the mark take.

A screenshot. You need this later be sure to also check our application tips page with adding in a few key tips to help you perform your best. When submitting your application. We suggest you have a good look over this prior to applying double check that your resume and cover letter are on tip top shape and submit for review our recruitment team will look forward to hearing from you while this is a remote position.


We are only able to hire a selected location. If you live in the uk or a united states in which we re recruiting. You can still be and feel a big part of the team so there again they re hiring all over the united states and they re hiding in the union united kingdom. All you have to do is go to the chat shop calm going to careers.

And they were they have a whole listing of work at home chat agents in the united kingdom. Um. You asked you just have to go and look at that so it is important to know that we re not hiring for seasonal customers support are strictly a customer service position at this time. If this is all right for you please go forward and submit your application.

If we decide to proceed with your application. You will be contacted within seven working days. And this is a part time job and it s 10 an hour i screen these jobs. But i do ask you to do your own research.

When i say do your own research google go to glass door. There s other people that are talking about this job. This is a legitimate work at home job. This is wit is there hiding for blanchette agents.

This is with the chat job and their heart right now make for sure you re speeding typing is up to poor. They asking you to do type 65 words per minute. They re talking you to do that they give you a practice speeding test all this information will be under my youtube description bar. And i also want to let you guys know too as well is that when you click on the link.


And it s not pulling up don t get scared. So this is a scam. It s not a scam guys. It happened to me before you got a make for sure that your computer your bride.

You know check on another computer a lot of times. When you do it on the on your phone. Sometimes they don t pull it up or certain computers if you have securities. It s on your computers you need to check your browser make for sure.

This job is legitimate. It s pulling up on my end. And everything that i give you i check the website out before i do a youtube video before i posted it on my facebook. Page folks facebook group this job is working.

I check every website that i do i before i do any videos. I make for sure that the website is working before i give it to you now sometimes. When i do a video. It may say that this is give you an era.

Which means that in some cases that they re no longer accepting the application. So soon as i do these videos you need to look at them and decide immediately if you re gonna go ahead and apply for these position like i ve always say guys if you re not getting that call back for an interview. Make for sure your resume is up two part meaning. That applicants may have a hundred or 200 people applying for like for example this job.


A chat agent. A human resource. A recruit is not gonna sit there and look at all the applications they re gonna screen them in a software called applicant tracking system if your applicant if your resume doesn t have certain keywords. Then you will not be called in for an interview.

So you have to make for sure that there s your resume have certain keywords in there like you apply for chat agents. There s a lot of keywords that you could put in there. But it has to make sense you just can t throw them in there. It has to make the sense.

So i get you some free work at home samples. That is under my youtube description that you can kind of piggyback of and then also i give you a speed typing test. As well as free. Internet speed test to test your internet net.

Because all the work at home jobs. Want your internet to be a certain speed. So it can be compatible with the software that they given you so i hope that this information has been helpful if you have any questions. Ask me thank you guys if you have been asking questions.

I really appreciate it i have respond to everybody that asks the question. But again if you want to see all this great information you have to subscribe to my channel. So what are you waiting on guys go ahead and apply for that position today and i ll see you ” ..


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