World s First Portable CD Player (Sony D-5A)

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“It him up and that up before ipods before discs man s yeah. Even before before discs man s there was sony s cd compact player. This is one of s first forays into making portable cd. Players now.

The funny story behind us. Even before i started really making youtube videos back in like oh. Seven. I always wanted to make a video on this because this thing is just such an interesting piece of history.

No this is a random video. But i m at least going to enjoy it i think you guys will too. So. This is actually from 1985.

And like i said. This is one of sony s first portable esque you ll see why i m not going to call. It a full portable. Hence.

Why they call it a cd compact player cd player. Because it was just i ll explain why in a second they couldn t actually call it like a disc man or a portable cd player. But as you see here pop the door manually. And yeah.

This thing is kind of low in the tooth cuz. It s at 27 years old and look in the mechanism. Inside. Now.

If you know portable cd. Players say they re plasticky pieces of crap you have a solid steel under here nice well built machine..

But hey back in the day. I think this costed about 200 i looked up an article. So this was sony s kind of hybrid step into the market. It was really a home unit.

But it gave you the option to take it on the road. Now what they also did to cut back on some corners. With this is when you have a cd player. When you have a disc like this over here j dilla.

Rough draft when you over disk. It has bits ones and zeros on it inside a cd player they have a d to a converter which means digital to analog converter and usually normal cd players modern ones even those cd players are dying out in general have two one for your left channel. One for the right channel. What sony did to cut costs on this.

D5. A compact player is they only had one dda our bounce back and forth between both left right channels. Very fast so this is very poor error correction and high frequencies kind of got rolled off on it so it didn t have the best sound quality. But they had to cut corners back then to make this more affordable because this is like top of the line stuff when it came out this is actually a revision.

This isn t the original model this d5a the d5 in the stage of the d50 was the original. So you re thinking hey. Rich it looks portable looks like a discman. It s nice and small yeah.

There s a trick up its sleeve. Let me grab that this is what you had to have to actually make it portable. This is the battery compartment behind here and how many batteries you think. It takes.

Two doublea s for doublea s maybe gamegear status. Six tell blaze..

No let me show you listening i try to do this video without editing. It up this out this took okay. I lied. I m gonna have to do some editing here jump cut.

There yeah six c batteries. And guess how much time you got out of sixty batteries. One hour. Yeah so now you know why they called it a compact cd player or cd compact player.

Because you weren t taking this thing out on the road. With you i mean you could put with chargeable batteries in here. Because this actually was it lets you recharge batteries as well as a charge light over there. But one hour at a time and then if you put on mike adds.

In or two charge. And that s what they used to charge you were getting less than an hour of music play time so this was really just a convenient you know home component cd player that you could take you know to a barbecue or something with the unplugging. It outside as well so that was really what you know it was more of a edit gimmick. The batteries to this.

So 6 c. Batteries. That s what some boom boxes back in the early 90s used to run on boom boxes another outdated piece of technology. God damn oh mold we put this back in here now this came with two separate pieces that what happens here if i can do that spazzing out try.

And do things one handed sucks. When you re filming. Youtube videos get your minds out of the gutter. Now when you want to make this portable.

What you did actually had your audio or line out and your power right there take this and you would slide it yeah. Well you get the point hold on there you go you would slide it in..

And then it would be a portable cd player for 55 minutes. When you want to use it at home. What you could do is you had this unit here. This is what our supply.

So we take this out and pull this back out again. And if you wanted to use it at home you would slide. It there that would be a home cd player you hook up back to your hifi stereo back in the 80s. So it s an interesting piece of history though the cool thing about this at least last time i checked it back 10 years ago when it still worked.

I think it might still work now we ll find out is that this plate burnt cds will even play cds. Now. Let s find out okay. So.

Let s take a look at this thing in action. It was very bare bones in terms of its option. That alight here is terrible so very straightforward play pause with your feathers touch logic buttons. Here and yet forward back before you get a skipping tracks stop nothing too special on on here.

I think. If you hit one of these buttons. Here. I can t remember you could actually skip through the song get to a certain part.

But i m not even sure if you could do that i haven t used this in 10 years. I think i said before i think it s been around that i think it was right before i went to college anyway let s crack it open this mechanism is hurting and puttin jdl rough draft a man if this thing still reads disks. That s nuts. I used to use this all throughout grade school got that sound yep.

There we go i ll be damned. This thing still work didn t even hesitate..

It didn t got the quality. Things were made with man. Unbelievable. So 27 year.

Old semi portable cd player still works perfectly go buy a 2000 cd. Player from walmart. Now the portable ones they sell by the no name brand to see how long those last year. The laser in this was never replaced by oh look by the way.

I know that for a fact. This is my father s unreal men with an interesting piece of history now. I would play some music for you. But there s two things getting in the way one copyright into youtube s audio compression is so harsh that you wouldn t you would just sound like an mp3 anyway.

But man interesting piece of history so once again folks before the ipod before your your android phones you listen to music on before whatever mp3 players you had and this is what people considered cutting edge back in 1985. When reagan was still in office unreal. Anyway. A little bit of a different video.

Here. This is rich of review tech. Usa. Hope.

You enjoyed it have a good one oh by the way the mode button here there s hid. This is how bare bones this is i want to just add this in before i end this video. You only saw how much time was remaining for the whole album and the mode button either lets you skip through tracks or if you go to search lets you search through the song. I just wanted to add that little note in there because they didn t say that properly before all right guys.

This is the sony cd compact ” ..

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