Xbox 360 Slim AV Cable + HDMI Use Fix

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“Guys new cure uh first and foremost before i get started. I wanna just kind kind of apologize for not putting up any of the videos recently. I ve honestly intending to you there s so many videos that i one do but i simply haven t gone around to them more than while i m halfway through making the videos. I simply lose motivation in doing so so today.

I decided i m gonna try to put up another video this being it so anyways. I m showing you how to remove the casing on your xbox 360. Slim av cables as you can see the yellow white and red. How to remove this casing because for christmas this past year.

I got a pair of turtlebeach headphones for christmas and they re mainly meant for ps3. But you can use them on pc and xbox 360. Well at school. I have all of those so.


But one thing or one way of setting this up is you got to have left and right audio cables with an hdmi which is what i use for my video is an hdmi cable well that s neat and dandy and whatnot you just got a pretty easy setup. You just got to make sure. The preset is on 360 on my headphones plug in your hdmi. And then plug in your av.

Oh. Wait how how does that work. Ah oh. No maybe.

Let s try it like that see it fits. Now. So it still doesn t oh that s right. There s this little tab right.


There. Just one of the few ways that microsoft really tries some money or really squeeze money out of the consumer and one of the most pathetic ways possible. I m no expert. But i m pretty sure costs more money to get this little tab than it did to actually and to actually just let people use the hdmi and av audio.

And they have two ways of doing this you can either buy this 50 hdmi and av head. Which basically comes like this i m pretty sure i have the head upside down. But it comes like this and it s 50. But that s a freaking crapshoot.

If you ask me especially since now you can get a pretty good pair of you can get a good hdmi cable or like through your four pack of them for like that much and then just in general on every other console on the wii u. On the ps3 on the pc. I m pretty sure even the ps4 you can use your turtlebeach or have an external audio like save you have a surround surround sound setup system stereo system. But you can t because of this little tab well i m here to show you how to take care of that now instead of shelling out 50 bucks or 30 bucks.


For that separate audio output uh. One thing that you can do is pretty simple you don t need any special tools or anything like that all you need is either a flat head screwdriver. A very thin flat head screwdriver or very thin pocketknife like this this is a piece of crap. But basically on the top here.

What you ll want to do is get the knife. Now this is going to look a lot easier because it is slip it in like that and then kind of width at first i ll tell you this now for people doing this for the first time it s going to be pretty difficult to you re gonna have to really wiggle it in there and then you re going to have to kind of turn it like that and then eventually you ll hear a pretty bad breaking noise. And it ll sound like it s breaking. But while the casing is but don t worry i ll one there s like no exposed components inside.

And you just lift up on that and then just simply remove this bottom half and voila. You just took off the casing along with the tab. So now you ll see this this gives you the freedom to use your hdmi and your a v audio. So you can either send it to separate say if you have a surround sound or if you re using turtlebeach headphones.


Like i am and as you can see there s no exposed components and then this part right here is solid. So now just plug in your hdmi. Cable and plug in your av cable like that. And now you can use external audio or headphones.

But ever you have and it fits right in there works like a charm. So you know sorry about kind of my little ramblings there guys. But thanks for watching i hope you liked the video uh like i said i m gonna really honestly try to get more videos out i definitely want to do reviews. The psp 3000 is still definitely of interest.

But yeah guys thanks for watching like comment. ” ..

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