xbox one power brick orange light…real fix

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” s that people all these different problems people are having with that power brick for for the xbox one um. I ve tried so many different ways that they re about it unplug it leave it unplugged for blah blah blah plug it back in unplug it leaving blah blah blah plug it back in clean it out all this crap no i did clean it out there was some dust and stuff in there um who knows if they died effected a little blow around or whatever. But i figured out a way and it s worked for me every time since then there s a sequence you got to go with when this happens now if you think it s dusty try to clean it out if you can but what i ve done is you know after you ve used it and you shut it off it ll either a you might get it to come back on one more time or b. It just goes.

Boop and then just shuts right off and your power brick goes dead..

Now what i ve done and i ve noticed this is when i shut it off and i want to try to play it again i hit the power button you know and it won t do anything now of course. I did it but when your brick is still orange and you turn it on and it goes be deep lights up shuts off for a second and then you see your power brick shut off. What i do when that happens is i ll unplug it from my power strip. I ll unplug it from the power strip.

I ll plug it right back in and you ll see it go orange..

Then go white then it dies alright. Which is what it s been doing i leave it like that for a minimum of 10 minutes and then i unplug it i count to 10. I plug it back in it s worked every time as you see right now as you see right now it s not working. But it is plugged in right here now i ve waited like about it s been about 10 minutes let s see if it works right now i m gonna unplug it and i m going to keep it on here and then plug it plug it back in there.

It is it s working and it s done this every time..

I hit the power. It s on this worked like that every time since then i ve left it here let me just run it by you again when you do have it on or it s working you re gonna play you re going to play you re going to do whatever when you shut it off the next time you try to turn it on it might come on or it might just bloop and then shut right off when it does that unplug it plug it back in you re gonna see your power brick light up orange white. Then it s going to power off again leave it plugged in for ten minutes minimum unplug. It wait a few seconds plug it back in it will work let me know how it works for you guys leave a comment.

Leave some feedback you know and all of it helps i try to help you guys with whatever i can whenever i can i m a carpenter..

I m a mechanic. I m a ” ..

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