Xbox one x no network connection fix

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“Youtube. No shading here with another video and today. I wanted to talk to you you guys about my xbox 1x. So i encountered my first issue yesterday not a deal so i heard it on last night.

And there was no network connection and i played call of duty for about an hour or so and i try to connect no connection again when i went to settings and i try to connect my wife i wouldn t even detectable any wi fi networks for whatever reason so i thought maybe the xbox server was down so i left it alone. I woke up this morning and the same thing. I m like well what the hell is going on you know so what what i ended up doing is i ended up holding the power button down for about 10 seconds. Like so now i don t know if you would call this like a soft reset or whatever.

But the powers off once it powers off i power back on and this should actually take you to the startup screen..

Where it says 4k xbox. Now outside of that i ve heard. People you know having issues with their xbox. Being too loud overheating.

None of that it s been working great for me. Outside of that i don t consider this a big issue because i found a solution for it. But pretty much once it boots back up it ll take you into a software update. Screen.

And i don t remember if it was 40..

I want to say was 45 gigs for the update. But the update finished and as soon as it was done it actually signed me back in automatically. So. The issue was excuse me that um.

My xbox wasn t updated. But i had no clue that it needed an update since sitting prompts for an update all right so that s been done so i m gonna show you guys what s new with the update all right so here you go guys and you guys can kind of pause. The video there and kind of just read if you guys want to but there it is so settings on your home console including tv and on and one guide are now saved automatically to the cloud. When you sign in now you can use the xbox app on ios or android to finish setup on a new xbox while it downloads the day one update look for the option.

One update start so that s pretty cool alright..

See what else we have on her next. Give the gifts. I want to play santa give a gift from the xbox stores. Including more most digital games ok pretty please now kids gonna ask their parents to buy games and apps for them with the ask a parent online safety setting ok pretty cool so let me get that closer closer for you guys if you guys want to hit pause or whatever you guys can read what s new and here s a couple of new one times up and out of sight.

So go ahead and hit pause. If you guys want to read up about that. But that s what the update does for your xbox. Let me know if you guys had this issue.

Let me know if you guys have any current issues with your xbox like i said..

I know a lot of people have been saying that the xbox needs to be in a well ventilated area. I haven t had any issues with mine where it s located also people are saying that the xbox should be connected directly to the wall outlet and not a surge protector. I have mine plugged into a search protector and no issues yet either so let me know guys thanks for watching. I hope this helped ” .


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