Xboxone network/wifi problem soulution

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” s up you little let s get down to business better be showing you guys guys how to fix a network problem you can defect on your own don t microsoft if they just want your money so the problem. I had with my xbox is that practically that none of the networks were showing up on my xbox. So i know wi fi signals whatsoever and ya screwed. I was able to play online or anything so what i did was i called microsoft which i just told you not to do.

But i did it anyways and they just said regular stuff like you know reboot your xbox unplug. It and you know turn it off and leave it for five minutes to try. And i did try and it did not work so. What i did you know he told.


Me that i can send a and i can pay 90 for them to look at it that s but and then if they said as an additional 100 to 200 dollars to fix the problems. There was one end so i just hung up on them. I didn t really care about it pay that much so i just kind of was careless about it i just unplugged it for on two hours. I decided to and then after that i am plug everything.

But the thing. I did before i did that was i went in the system. And i went to console until an update then i went down to reset console. Which was which this is doing is practically like resetting.


It to factory factory settings. Which is good and after i did that left it for two hours and i came back on the network. And then. I had all my wi fi.

At. All my wi fi settings. And everything. So.


I was happy. And relieved. I was like oh. God icon.

And yeah. So i suggest you guys if you have a problem like this do this it will work if you be patient with it cuz. I would really was a patient with it i expect it to come back on within five minutes. But i m pretty sure if you have a new xbox this won t happen i m pretty sure given the new updates and stuff for a while if you guys do have this problem.


I hope this helps you and i hope you know you find this video. Because it s probably in your like two views. But that s always okay but anyways thank you guys please subscribe like comment if you have any questions about xboxes. I will help you ” .


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