Yahoo Messenger Is Alive! Together Group Chat App Review

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“Case. You haven t heard yet yahoo messenger has been discontinued last july of this this year not that anyone cared. But it came to me as a surprise that now have a new chat app called together should non yell loyalists. Even bother with the app.

The review is coming right up hey everyone. This is kim. The app guy and welcome to app. See on this channel with the news reviews.

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This is yahoo together a new app that helps you organize your groups from your family tree to your friends to your team sort chats by topic and send smart reminders to the group. So you can stay on top of the conversation. Unless you don t want to you can even start secret chats by invite only and search old chats to find what you need fast. So plan together selfie together fiesta together.

Because everything s better together yahoo. Together download. Today. It seems like yellow simply.

Gave up on chat apps. And decided to start something new on the less saturated. Group trap. Market originally called yahoo.

Squirrel. Together is an app that looks incredibly similar to slap..

Now i haven t you slept for a couple of years now so i m not sure what change. But at least on the outside. It is obvious where yahoo got their design ideas from there are two options to log in first it s time to your phone. Number like what you re seeing here right the less obvious pass button.

You can use your existing yahoo account by tapping on this link both of them are going to ask you to enter a lengthy eight digit pin that is in my opinion a bit much when compared to the usual four to six digits. Once you re logged in you have two options first it s the create your own group. The second is to enter a code to join an existing group using a pin instead of just having the usual ability to search for groups have pros and cons. This process is privacy wise.

A good thing on the downside people are more used to using search to look for an existing group whose privacy can be controlled by its admin since i believe i don t know anyone i have this installed on their phone. I decided to create a group of my own i invited my wife to join and send that invitation via facebook messenger tapping on the link will provide you with three options the third of which is the quickest way to join a conversation if you already have the app installed there are a few options here while you re setting up the group like changing. The group name group photo and adding a welcome message once we re done you can start typing in your messages. First thing that i notice here was it s using my initials.

As my profile photo. It took..

Me a while to figure out the ability to change the profile photo can be done if you click on your own icon up here there is really nothing new to see here we have the usual ability to take and send. Photos. Gifs files. Mention a user and send out reactions.

Which currently is pretty limited and even create one of your own. You can also view all chat. Photos or actions. Etc.

In one place. The biggest challenge for you. Here. Is convince people that this app is worth using in my opinion.

They probably should have kept yahoo messenger for a little bit longer then slowly transition their users to this one but killing off their only messenger app. Was quite risky since those users probably moved on and are no longer interested in trying out an app..

Which is quite annoying to set up. But what do you guys think do you think ya who is capable of competing with the likes of slack or other chap messengers. Let us know in the comment section below. Thank you guys for watching the video.

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