Yamaha YSP-3000 Multichannel Digital Sound Projector

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“Do you convey the power of sound. Well you ve got to hear it to to believe it and here. It is the yamaha ysp 3000 and it changes everything have ever known about home. Theater this single audio component will deliver an amazing multi channel 51.

Surround sound experience that s right. I said it one unit. One connection and your home theater is complete how about that the yamaha ysp 3000 is a home cinema decoder amplifier and 51. Speaker system packed into one sleek slim unit now you get this okay because this is really cool it incorporates 21 individual sound beam drivers i need randy to show you this because i can talk about i need to show you this thanks randy appreciate it appreciate that we can t can t do anything without.

Randy hey. We got a thumbs up from him now look at this. I just told you there are 21 individual sound beam drivers okay. These are the individual sound beam drivers these are the high end and mid range speakers and they re anchored on either side by two low frequency woofers okay.

So that s how it works now each of these drivers or speakers as we call them is individually amplified. And it s controlled by the sound projector intelli beam system now the audio is intelligently..

It is really intelligently bounced off the walls of the room to deliver a true 51. Surround sound experience right to your seat right to you each of these speaker. Drivers let me show you how big they re okay. They each measure about a little over an inch and a half okay across so if you look at it right here.

It s that s about how big. It is just so you get an idea. And it s engineered for optimal performance. Now the ysp 3000 pulls.

82. Watts of output power overall. And it has an onboard high efficiency power supply as well does it get better than this i don t know i really don t know if it does get this yamahas digital sound projector automatically adjusts its sound beams so the individual surround sound signals will fit the specific layout of any room so it doesn t matter if you have a small room or a big room. It will transform for you and make it into like a concert hall.

Like your very own concert hall no. Matter how big the room is the ysp 3000 can produce either..

31 or 51 surround sound effects. And it has three separate surround sound modes. So let me explain this to you okay. It can play stereo signals for spectacular music listening.

Which i love love to listen to music. I m sure you do too it connects to your receiver high definition. Source. Or your television by true 1080p.

Capable hdmi connections for the ultimate home theater experience. Now listen. There s even a subwoofer output in case. You want to bring in some extra equipment to get that you know that rumbling bass down you get that you know you want to get it out of your music and your movies you can do that you can also connect via either the two digital optical inputs or this two digital coax.

I don t like to say coax. You don t want to shorten that word because they ll listen to me you guys yamaha has made home theater..

So simple the yamaha ysp 3000 is compatible with tons of different home and personal entertainment technologies. Okay so let me just explain a few of them for you you can dock your ipod. I love this feature you can actually dock your ipod into this okay right into the ysp 3000. You can listen to your digital music with incredible quality and to make it even better it will even charge.

While you listen so you don t have to worry about that battery running out the digital sound projector will also work with xm radio s new xm hd surround sound it meat just keeps getting better we love hd. The ysp 3000 is perfect for a small panel displays it s designed to fit nicely underneath a 30 something inch size lcd tv. So if you have a big or small it doesn t matter it s going to work for you. And it s an incredible high tech.

Way to get amazing surround sound out of a compact. I mean compact kids theater installation alright. This is your own home theater. And it s small and there are plenty of other features to the ysp 3000 as well so what i highly advise you to do is go to the website check out the complete specs serve to tigerdirect okay then when you go to the search box you type ysp 3000.

You ll find everything you would possibly need to know to put together your truly amazing home theater experience. I m telling you guys..

It s just making your life. So much better so much simpler and like i said you kind of need to hear it to believe it so if you want to hear it to believe it you got to get it. If you have any questions you can always email. Nikki ni k.

Ki at tiger tv or call. Us. 24. 7.

We re here for you. 1. 800. 800 800.

See you next time ” ..

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