Yellow Exclamation Mark Sign On Wi-Fi Signal Fix

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“Guys chellamma lucia and in this video. I m going to be showing you how how you can fix an internet problem. Which causes it to display a yellow exclamation on the internet access icon in the menu on the bottom. So first of all we have to go into settings to be able to do this so what we re going to do is going to go over to start.

And we re going to type in control panel click on control panel and then if you don t know where it is going to be what we re going to do up. Here is we re going to type in device manager and look for device manager there click on device manager close the other window make this full screen..

And what we re going to do is you need to locate network. Adapters and click. The arrow next to it now you need to look for your internet. Connection.

That you are currently connected to so mine is netgear oh. 9..

5g. But what you have to do is look for anything that really says wireless in it so that says wireless. So what we re going to do is we re going to click on it once and then we re going to right click. It and click uninstall device warning you are about to uninstall this device from your system.

That s fine just uninstall. It it s done now all you have to do now is right click on network..

Adapters and click scan for hardware changes just to make sure that it s all ok. And it s back there now so it has installed again now all you have to do is exit that go on to your wireless network adapters click on your access point you may need to insert the password again click next that s fine connect that should have fixed the yellow exclamation mark on the bottom now mine doesn t do that anymore because i fixed it using that method. But if yours is doing that then true then please try that method and if it does not work then please leave a comment on the video and i will let you know what further steps you can take so thank you for watching this video guys if you did like they like it then please leave a like on the video or if you enjoyed it and please subscribe to the channel for more content. And also leave a like if you enjoyed it as well so thank you for watching this video.

Guys. If you have any questions..

Please leave comments in the comment section. Below and have a great day and thank you for watching. And i will see you in the ” ..


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