Yongnuo YN560 MKIV Review and Photoshoot (Part 1)

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“Guys welcome to shoot smart photography training today. We re going to be talking about about the young uo speedlights. These just so happens to be the mark. Four versions have the mark three versions and the mark two versions on the premises that we regularly use now as a pro photographer i rely on my speed lights my 580 s.

My canons i m a canon user and these speed lights are absolutely fantastic and they re absolutely brilliant. We decided a couple of years ago to try out these very very inexpensive yongnuo speed lights these are the mach 4 versions like i said where the max reason. The mark 2 is in the box as well these firing in manual are exactly the same as these all i m interested in with my speed lights is consistency and raw power. What i get with these is the same as these these are between three hundred and fifty four hundred pound.

These are between 40 and 50 50 pounds. So you know you figure the maths error. So we use these so what i m about to do now is i m going to demonstrate how good these are by actually photographing or filming a live shoot. We actually did the live shoot yesterday from perfect honest.

With you we went up to a place in halifax a very elevated area. I wanted to challenge these i went up there with a model lovely kelly you ll see her as well in a couple of minutes. And we use these to fight against the sky. Okay to end up with images that look like this very very bright indeed.

Which is good because it meant that this was a big challenge for these young york speed lights the sky. We measured at f. 16. Therefore this at a distance of about eight to ten feet away.

These were at half power..

And i think just slightly over so this was a real real push for these things pretty much to their limit and yet. The were absolutely fantastic every wedding. We do we offer the bride and groom an opportunity to have images taken like this we call them our off. Camera flash images for obvious reasons.

And these are the ones that our clients. Always like they always come back. And say yes i want to buy a picture like this. And it s it s that kind of lighting that we love so therefore.

Why not demonstrate how good they are anyway you never me jibber jabbering on to the film. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it hi guys. This is going off from shoot about photography training today. What we re going to do in this fantastic location.

What we call the wind farm up in halifax. Without gorgeous male hair model kelly in the background as well we re going to take a nice little photo shoot. But we re going to do it in a slightly different way what we would actually use instead of using the traditional lighting. We ve opted to show off just how good these young uo lights are these are the new ones they re the mach 4.

But if i want us with you they re not really too much different from the market threes in the mark twos. But i use just to let you know i ve using two of them. But they both run as if they re one so both of them are set are exactly the same settings at the moment. What i m going to do we are a very bright sky.

So we re going to kind of challenge ourselves a bit today and we ve got it s actually f..

16. In the sky. So this is really going to work these babies f. 16.

These currently set on my light meter. I ve checked them these are now currently set at half power. So these are running at half power from a distance of about six to eight feet away from our model. Which is kelly and let s give it a go i ll leave the camera running let you guys see what we re going to do and then we re back to the studio and then i ll explain to you exactly how we set all this up and just how good these babies are forty pound each.

That s all the i remember that forty pound. So let s get going just study have a look at that hold up hold. It not again beautiful kelly good okay. And again look over the light good hand on the head to do google.

Okay again one more wall kelly look down look down look down. Okay deep in thought. Water. Three good beautiful and again for me one.

Two three stop. It sun. It beautiful okay. Let s change that pose now then and again kelly hold up.

I could look across there for me look towards that like california please good turn your head till..

You head. More to have more go one two three good and again hold that for me can i get one two three. I love it it s great okay hands on hips cross legs. Beautiful they go.

It s there love it love it hold it for me hold. It hold it cook down to your left. Hand. Look.

Elliot left hand good okay. And again okay brilliant. Okay. Nice and relaxed.

Stunning shots. Okay kelly. Do me a favor. If you stay there a second for me if you go across to say there i m gonna shoot at that blue sky fantastic there s our log good okay so it s a little bit tighter on you now from here so turn your body away from me a second.

Please slightly slightly. Okay good bend. This knee. That s it good there.

Don t eat hand hold up for me..

Good. And again. Okay can you have it organized erotic. One.

Two three let it go and again one two three all that kelly covering that in it one two three you stare at me come back of it look look in the camera over as you shot that sense scooby s in it one two three don t blink kelly. This is your shot one two three bring your hand up check this over your hair. Please at your face good that s terrific. I love it quite an aggressive stance.

Please just stand quite aggressively and hip attitude attitude okay guys so hopefully you enjoyed that film and it just goes to prove these between 40 and 50 pounds will do the exact same job of your speed lights whether it s canon or whether it s neck on i cannot recommend them highly enough. These are the mark 4 versions. Like i say we re going to mark 3 versions. In the studio as well.

We also shoot with the mark 2 versions. When we re out. And about they re all equally as good not here to talk about that right now in part two of this what i m going to do is i m going to do some live testing. And i m going to test the power output of these the raw power.

They re going to be firing in manual and we re going to test them against our trusty old canon speedlights okay so do join us. ” ..

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