ZTE ZMax 2 – Unboxing of Z958 Phone

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“So this is the zte zmax tuner. So you ll notice that this is a a 18 segoe phone. And it actually works with t mobile. Also it is a phone and you ll notice what some of the.

Specs it is in android lollipop. 51. 16. Gigabytes and it has 2 gigabytes of internal.

Memory which is very. Important the screen itself is 55. Inches. 8.


Megapixels in the back and 2 megapixels in the front. And it is 4g lte. Now this phone is very easily you can do an unlock code. So i use it as a spare and the great thing about this phone is that it is exactly great for a spare phone because.

It was only 60 60 at best buy s so the screen itself is. 55. Inches i mean so you ll see it is 55. Inches.

There. But the buttons are actually not a part of the screen. So the screen is actually bigger than what you would imagine in other phones. Because this this menu might be part of the screen.


Whereas for this phone. It is not now one thing about this phone is the only thing it doesn t have is the gorilla glass. So you will need to get a screen protector. So you ll notice.

I have a screen protector here and you can barely tell. But the screen protector is perfect size. And i ll have this in the description area so you could get a link to the one i got and how it is the perfect size. And it was easy to put on because it was the perfect size.

But it wasn t an exact fit so there was a couple of millimeters on each side. Which allowed me to put it on easily and the other thing you might want to get is a you know various cases which are very cheap and again. I ll have a link to that in the description area. But one thing i do want to talk about with the unlock code is uh in another one of my videos.


I show you how to get an unlock code from at t and it s very simple and i use it on my t mobile network specifically for this phone and the other specs is it does use a micro sim. But let me go around and show you the phone itself. It is a nice gunmetal blue hue here and it s very thin for this type of phone and it s very high quality. The cpu itself is a snapdragon 410 qualcomm snapdragon 410 and this is the best phone for its money so once again it was 60 at best buy.

And it s been like that for three or four months. Now. Give you an idea of exactly how it looks and let me open this up a little bit. And it does use a micro sim card.

And once again if if you need it for an unlock code. If you need on the lawn and the unlock code for this you know go to one of my videos. I ll have it in the corner. Here let me just so you ll notice.


There is a separate slot for the micro sd card and a separate sim. So that s the phone and let me show you the battery. So the battery is a 3000 milliamp and again this is a very high capacity battery. So it is surprising how cheap this phone is because it does have the 16 gigabytes of internal memory.

It allows for an additional expansion of an sd micro sd card. And it has the 2 gigabytes of ram. And here s the wall wart and for the most part. I think that s really it.

The phone is just a great phone in general it supports all the lte bands of at t and 20 mobile. I would recommend it definitely as a spare phone and if you need these accessories make sure to check out my description area and that s really it and thank you ” ..

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