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“This video. I m going to show you how to crimp type. In where. The the standard being tool first let s this depend as you can see there are aspects to defense.

There are the inner tab and the outer cap and the outer tabs typically longer dinner tab here is smaller. The inner tab will grasp the stripped portion of the wire and crimp onto it and the outer tab will form a loop and grasp the insulator portion or wire and provide strain relief first what we need to do is strip the wire to the proper length you need to strip the length of the wire. So it will fit inside the inner tab. Perhaps just a slight bit longer.

I m using a 20 gauge wire for demonstration purposes. Here..

I prefer to use an automatic wire stripper and we strip off just a slight bit of wire. And i ll show you that this wire is virtually going to lay inside of the terminal right here and be crimped. The crimper that we re going to use is one that is designed specifically for this purpose. If you were to look at the inside of the jaws up in here and up in here.

They are heart shaped. They have a slight point in the center allowing the tab to curl over and grasp. The wire as it s crimped. There are several different sizes.

And they re marked c. D..

And e. And then a and b or round crimp barrels for use in grasping. The insulation of the wire later on now there s different sizes of terminals and different sizes of tabs the width of the tab here some tools are wider as this one has and i m using a smaller terminal. So i have taken the liberty of taking the tool and filing down the backside and removing some material either on a belt.

Sander. Or a file to allow it to be a little bit thinner and fit the terminal. Better what i m going to do first is put terminal in i m going to use the e slot. The put just the first set of tabs in the slot.

Don t crimp it down just enough that it holds so here you can see what it s going to look like it s just going to sit in that a slot. Then we re going to take the wire and insert the wire in to the terminal..

So that the insulated portion is underneath the second set of tabs and the strip portions underneath the tabs to be cramped. Then squeezed down and then you can remove the barrel and you can see how the tabs squeezed around the strip portion of the wire. The second portion of this process is to crimp the aft tabs to grasp around the installation of the wire to act as a strain relief. Now since they come in different sizes.

This one for this particular. Sized wire is going to be too long and that will just end up being a mess on top. If we don t shorten it so. What we re going to do is take a wire cutter here and trim down this tab.

Some you can see i m going to just shorten. It like so and shorten..

The other tab just a little bit as well and with experience that you ll learn how much you need to shorten it for to a particular type of installation once you have the tab cut down then we re going to be using the b terminal b. Position of this. The crimping tool to allow the crimper to grasp the insulated portion of the wire. Some feet.

I will demonstrate here how this process works we re going to put it in the b position. Here. I ve just turned the crimper upside down. So it s easy to see here and as you can see you got to line it up and once you have it lined up you squeeze again together and now it s forming around the insulated portion of the wire.

So now we have a wire that is crimped both on the forward and aft tabs of the terminal and provides a nice good crimp that should last for a long time thank you for ” ..

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