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“If you ever dropped your tablet and you turn. There s no cracks in the the screen. Because you had the case on and then you turn it on but works the touchscreen doesn t work doesn t respond to any touches. There s a couple ways to fix that i m going to show you right now hi this tampa tech.

So i m gonna show you a couple ways to fix a touchscreen that is not responding to your touches. So here s the first way so if it doesn t work like this then i m gonna show you the second way so you want to hold down the power button and the home button at the same time and you wanna hold it down and tell it resets and hold it down keep on holding it down and then you ll see it or set. There it goes..


Once you see that apple then release. This is a software reset. And if you have any kind of glitches in the software that would have fixed that problem. But if you dropped it most likely something gotten disconnected inside the ipad so most likely the problems gonna be inside the ipad.

I m gonna show you how to fix that as well alright so as you can see the software reset then it fix this issue. Because you know we dropped it we did something physical to the ipad so i m gonna show you an easy way to fix this ipad this works for almost any tablet actually or even sometimes a phone alright. So what you want to do is get a flathead screwdriver like this one and then you want to wedge it right here..


Where the plastic frame and the metal cover back cover is and you want to do not put it where the glass and the plastic bezel is so it s gonna look like that right there so you want it right there. And then you want to wedge it open right there don t go where the buttons are say if you see a button anywhere or volume rocker don t put your flat head screwdriver where that is you want to there s a tab here right next to it and you want to put it between each tab just like that if a couple tabs fall off. Don t worry. And also don t put your flat head screwdriver.

Where the home button is it ll damage the home button. So now once you open it up you want to go on this side opposite side of the volume rocker. So here s the volume rocker right here on this side want to lift it up and then there is the touchscreen cable..


The digitizer so if you see the volume rocker right here on the opposite side of the volume rocker is the touchscreen digitizer cable. Which is right here just fill out. But it might not have fallen out completely on yours. What you want to do is go ahead and stick your thumbnail under it and it unlatch those latches lift them up with your thumbnail and you can pull the whole thing out just.

Like that then you want to reseed. It and make sure you have it in flush evenly if it s crooked and it s not gonna work right so i m gonna go ahead. And show you right now just slide..


It under right there and push this side all the way in and then do the same thing for the other side. I mean once it s pushed in all the way and looks pretty even you want to push down the latch behind it and just you hear it click alright once you ve done with that i just want to push it all back together just like that turn it on and voila. So that s how you do it let me know what you think if this video helped you out give me a thumbs up and that helps me out if you know anyone that this video may help go ahead and click the share button below and share it to facebook or g or even in your tech blog and subscribe to tampa tech. For more tech.

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