2019 How To Make Calls With Google Voice and Contacts Desktop

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“Me to show you what it takes to actually make a phone call using google google voice on a business to business contact. I have contacts which are businesses. That do not have a person s name attached to them it s either a business to business or possibly a business like an airline or federal express. Or the usps post office.

That i do not have a person s name. I have to use a business name to look them up in this case. I ve created this falsified test contact just so we can work within the parameters that you have on google. Contacts and google voice.

It used to be that if i pressed a phone number..

I could go ahead and have google voice pop up i make a choice which phone. I d like to call have it call in whether it would call in to my my desktop phone. Thereby being able to pick up the phone and walk around the house because it s a portable phone or i had the choice of directing. It to my cell phone.

Which again is a walk about phone or if i want it to be tethered to my desk. I could have chosen my actual landline that has an entire a different number that is right here at the desk. I suppose there was probably a way for me to use hangouts. But i have no interest in using the computer to make my phone calls so one of those other three choices was always what i did now i ll show you what i have to go through to make a phone call using google voice the way that i used to i click on the phone number.

It takes me over to this area..

This is a made up phone number by the way. I then use control c to copy the number i open up another tab. I have google voice at the ready in my toolbar. I ve set it up because it needs to be there now it now brings up google voice.

I d like to go ahead and make a phone call. It tells the phone number that i will be calling from i have to enter the phone. Number here. Which would be control pe.

Pasting that number in and here on the location..

I can click that number go to and then make call using the phone number that i ve chosen how many clicks was that for a business. That s going to be paying. You for my g suite. Google.

Voice phone service small entrepreneur that needs to have the product that you offer. I m willing to pay for it i m certainly willing to pay the 10 a month that you re currently asking for google voice. But unfortunately what you re making me do all these many steps that this demonstration has shown you that s unacceptable. I don t mind if the service is for free.

I could probably do this workaround and have no problem whatsoever for free..

But if you re going to be asking me for ten dollars or more a month for the luxury of having google voice. But i have to go through seven clicks and two different browser windows to do it no unacceptable. You ve got to find it s your responsibility google to find a way to make this work. How does this look to you pretty unacceptable right thank you for your time.

And i hope you take this seriously. ” ..

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