24 Hours at an Internet Cafe in Korea

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” m still drunk. I m still watching youtube. So i m walking down the streets streets of seoul minding. My business when i thought to myself i d want to out a gaming cafe.

I ve always been fascinated with korea s gaming culture through the pioneers in the first stakes that esports as part of their competitive culture. A billion dollar industry with their top esports athletes making millions being a nerd. Myself i grew up playing pc games such as starcraft diablo and warcraft i still wanted to spend time at an infamous korean internet gaming cafe so why not do it for 24 hours. I m here at this internet cafe about to buy some time.

So because this is the first time for you guys coming out here. A couple things you need to know is that right in front of here. If you guys aren t a member you might want to pick this third column. Which is non member right here.

And as a non member the most you can buy is 7 hours. Time which is up to 10000. Won. So we re gonna be doing that just like your time you re gonna go click your credit run there take over here and purchase and confirm whoo all right so like i just said before i just bought seven hours of time which cost me around.

10000 hwan so about like 850. Us. But my number if your non member is one four seven one so this is one of the first things that shows up on your screen. When you turn on the computer.

I don t know what any of this means. But i know you go to the third part and with my code that says one four seven one. But you enter one four seven one and you it s okay on this giant blue box and bam. There we go your time.

I thought would be a good idea to challenge myself to stay at this internet gaming cafe for 24 hours 24 hours straight gaming youtube. Anything you can think of of course. You know being at the skillet cafe you can take breaks go grab some food and whatnot. But you know what just spending an entire day at this internet gaming cafe to see you know why koreans love gaming.

So much i don t know if i m gonna be bored right away. We ll see and we re gonna start off with one of my favorite games..

I haven t played in ages over walks and we ll see how it goes it s 88 pm. Right now let s go play some games first game of the day first win. However they did absolutely nothing to contribute so after two hours of gaming. I am pretty damn hungry right now let s go get some snacks one of the best things about coming out here to the korean pc internet cafes you can order snacks through your computer.

It s really simple you just order them through here. So i don t have to move. I could just order them right where i m sitting and we can deliver it right here let s go get some food all right so. If you click through this left giant pink bunny right here pulls up your food menu.

I ve got different kinds of cuisines and looks like they ve got hot dogs american style over here. I don t want these weird things are they got some french fries out here are some dumplings. You guys are craving for some you might order some dumplings. Let s see we got some ramen korean food out here.

In this menu. Oh my god this is some fancy ish right here damn that dessert whoo. I m gonna have myself a field day. We got some selections of coffee got some cola.

I don t see what i m gonna order kind of craving. Some dump let me get some dumplings right now actually you know fancy ass curry over here. I think i m gonna skip the ramen just cuz. I ve had it twice today let s go something more healthy.

All right let s get some dumplings get some dumplings here we got some of these. Chili cheese. Poutine fries double click that bad boy and how about we make it extra unhealthy dumplings. Chili cheese fries and fanta diabetes central let s go boys so total is gonna be 10000.

Hwan just ordered my food now. We wait these gaming chairs. So comfortable so comfortable guys food. King.

Unhealthy. Horn soda..

That s a delicious not so healthy cheese fries. They were chilly. Oh well music pretty good palomas. You know dumplings mangu.

The mom is actually surprisingly really good unhealthy yet delicious. It s only been three hours and some change since i started this 24 hour. Pc bomb challenge that i promised myself. I d do oh.

My god. It s gonna be a long night. So i m taking a break from all the gaming and just came across this youtube channel called the bald and bankrupt. Because i haven t watched it it s pretty hilarious this guy has like a very dry sense of humor.

I m slowly getting tired anything and everything is funny to me. I just want to go to bed esos. 3. In the morning right now we re almost a third of the way done.

And i feel like you can only do so much watch play. So many video games and watch. So many youtube videos before you completely crash out burn. And pass the out.

I think i might need it a little something some to kind of screw. Some i m good where are you i feel like shoji would be the perfect remedy to either spruce me up or knock. Me the out hmm pomegranate. Delicious.

I just hope they don t smell the alcohol on me and kick my ass out. But even if they do i don t think they give a out here. It s one thing i love about korea. It s like everybody s so open when it comes to drinking shits.

They see drunks every day every night. They see people like me every night and just like i another vagrant drunk letting be all right we re gonna finish this bottle and then we re gonna head back in and hopefully you fall asleep one thing i really love about korea is that there is there are always people out and about everywhere everywhere..

We go who s drunk people everywhere. They just stay awake and keep drinking and drinking and they drink some more it. Oh yeah. Almost threw up i m drugged yeah.

Those really pathetic. How y all barely finished that soju and then again. I ve always been a drinker. I can t handle my alcohol and pretty drunk right.

Now alright. Let s try to go back to this pc. Cafe drunk. Let s see if they re gonna let me in just got back in and i am pretty pretty drunk.

Thank god okay if you might take a nap here i think it took like a mini nap. So i m a lot less drunk. And that was before i m still like very a little bit of drunk thing. I m gonna try to take a nap.

Let s see what time i wake up good night or good morning sobek my desk. I m gonna kill some time i think where you go to kill some more time watch some more youtube place moreover watch in the league of legends for the next couple of hours until. I m safe lunch time i ll check back with you guys one more time to eat so the rest of my time at the cafe wasn t as exciting. I continue to play games.

Watch youtube videos any except that i wasn t really into it and was physically mentally drained maybe 24 hours was a bit extreme maybe. I was trying to prove something that i could be an internet gaming endurance. Tough guy. But at what cost was i trying hard to impress my online audience and show the world how much of a pretentious badass a nerd.

I was probably i don t know what the hell. I was thinking 15 minutes until 8 00 been here for almost 24 hours. It s time to get the hell out of here. So after i got back to my apartments after spending 24 hours at a pc cafe.

I literally just came back i laid down. I passed out 13 hours later i m awake and alive..

24. Hours at a pc cafe is definitely overkill that s something. I you don t recommend i ve known i ve heard of cases. Where kids would actually stay there for consecutive days probably die from malnutrition from eating countless bowls of ramen.

Probably at most a data internet gaming cafe for 7 00 to maybe 12 hours. Although i feel like those numbers. Or those hours are bit over kills wall to i say probably just like three to four hours and then go do something else you know go live your life be more active just sitting around and staring at a screen. It s where humans.

Where s it s not made for that we need to like go out and socialize korean pc gaming cafes they re great so many different gaming selections although you re gonna have to change. The text from korean to english you have so many choices you can play overwatch starcraft league of legends whatever your heart desires staying 24 hours at an internet gaming cafe. Was a bit much after you can only play overwatch in diablo. 3.

And starcraft and league of legends for so long that i just ended up binge watching youtube videos and yeah. I was about it. But if you guys are ever in korea. And you guys need to get your gaming fix on definitely check out one of these internet gaming cafes.

The service is great from selections great staff or nice internet speeds are fast. It s a great environment great atmosphere all right i need to go do something active. I need to go talk to someone i need go go for a run. I need to go work out sitting in a chair staring at a screen for long periods of time as humans.

We re not made for that we are not made for that we re social creatures anyways. I need to go for a run. I hope you guys enjoyed watching me torture myself in that chair in that gaming cafe. If you guys enjoyed this channel and want to help support leave a like comment down below.

I respond to all comments and subscribe. If you haven t i ll see you guys in the next video peace ” ..

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