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“Hitting about 10 stores. I finally got my hands on a wii. I m super super stoked get down some wii bowling. I already got the game loaded because i to get my first strike got my wiimote.

I m not too sure what that is all right here. We go baby here we go getting that straight look. Oh my god my wife s gonna kill me it s a hand strap hand strap the nintendo wii was released in 2006 mega super duper acclaim if you had a wii in oh. Six.

You either got lucky or paid a lot for it on ebay shoot. It was almost impossible to get one in 2007. Everyone wanted one once they all got one though they kind of decided they didn t want it anymore. The gimmick became pretty tiresome pretty quick now that s not to say that the wii is not awesome.

And there s not a bunch of awesome games. But the motion controls did get pretty tiring they pretty much kept the wii in their closet. Until. The next hit nintendo game or they use their wii for gamecube games to play 480p.

However some games did utilize. These motion controls to perfection and other games simply took full advantage of the wiis hardware because it s basically a gamecube and everyone already knew how to design on the gamecube with that being said i m jurassic ninja and this is my list for five amazing looking wii games red steel tooth is a first person shooter hack and slash video game developed by ubisoft paris. The game was released in 2010. Pretty.

Great reviews. Red steel. Has played in first person perspective with players can alternate between shooting and sword fighting alternating. I don t think so same time baby the game is single player and you play as a nameless warrior.


Who s a member of a clan that s been nearly wiped out using the wii motionplus controllers pretty awesome when slashing down opponents and it s pretty accurate this time around there s a steep learning curve. But once you get used to it the motion controls are pretty badass. What ubisoft was able to squeeze out of the wii hardware is really impressive it looks almost like an early 360 title red steel. 2 is easily one of the best looking and sounding games on the wii.

The incredible crisp graphic novel approach looks amazing you get all this beauty. While maintaining a smooth 60 frames per second pretty incredible. It s the first game. Besides we sports resort to use the wii.

Motionplus accessories red steel is a huge leap from the first game. The motion. Gameplay story soundtrack shoot everything about part 2 is just so much better super mario galaxy cheer is a platform video game developed and published by nintendo. It was released in 2010 to near perfect reviews.

The story follows mario as he pursues the koopa king bowser into outer space where he has imprisoned princess peach and taking control of the universe using power stars and grand stars mario must travel across various galaxies to recover the power stars in order to travel at the center of the universe and rescue princess peach. It was originally going to be an update to the first mario galaxy called super mario galaxy. More but so many new ideas kept popping up that it eventually became its own game. O galaxy.

2. You also get to play as yoshi. But only in specific galaxies. Just as the first game multi player is here.

But it s improved upon in the first game. Another player can use a secondary remote to control a second star pointer and assist mario by grabbing enemies are collecting and shooting star bits. In galaxy. 2.


The second player now controls an orange luma. Who retains all the original abilities. But can also physically attack enemies and collect items power ups and 1ups making the player s involvement. More useful the game truly does look incredible the colors are bright and vivid and the graphics are kristen full of detail super mario galaxy 2.

Runs at 60 frames per second most of the time. And is a really exciting game star wars. The force unleashed is an action adventure. Platformer video game developed and published by lucasarts.

It was released in 2010. With slightly better reviews on the wii versus. The other platforms you play as a clone of star killer. Which was a secret apprentice to darth vader in the first game.

The force unleashed the clone embarks on a quest to find his identity and find star killers love interest. Jr lee clips. The game on the wii is smooth and very entertaining with the first game on the we had nasty jagged visuals with lots of jitters. The story of force unleashed.

2. Isn t all that grey on any platform. As they are all the same. But the gameplay on the wii.

Feels better than even on the ps3 360 or pc. The development team used the wii to its full extent as title. It s not a water downpour. It actually has its own developer reg fly studio.


It uses the wiis signature controller to great effect. And it even offers an awesome four player versus mode that feels a lot like super smash brothers bread flight did an excellent job creating a wii specific control scheme that makes star killer. A more immersive experience. The game does quickly get repetitive.

But still offers so much fun mira masa. The demon clay known in japan. As ab or o. Muramasa is an action role playing game.

Developed by vanilla. Where it was released in 2009. That heard good reviews the game tells the tale of a ruling shogun tokugawa tsuyoshi annals. Thirst for power conflicts have arisin over ownership of the demon blades which are samurai swords that forced their wielders to kill others before bringing tragedy and madness upon them the story revolves around two different protagonists related to this conflict.

Removing a woman. Who is possessed by the spirit of vengeful ronin in kuru is oona and kazuki. An amnesiac ninja on the run for a forgotten crime who is tied up with the tragedy that destroyed mojits family now i m quite sure i mispronounced every one of those names. Mere masa is a two dimensional side scrolling action role playing video games set in the main japanese island of honshu during the edo period navigation takes place through hand drawn 2d side scrolling environments.

Reminiscent of the japanese artwork of that period you get quest and level up all while getting new equipment your massa s visuals are incredible to look at. And it s without a doubt one of the most artistically gorgeous looking games on the wii. The art that this game displays belongs in a museum now then let s decide maybe there s a happy tree evergreen tree he lives right there start with just touching the canvas here s just a corner at the brush. So many wow moments to see i ve played the game for hours and hours.

And it s always running at a rock solid 60 frames per second. Even. When there s ten to 20 enemies on the screen. One incredible game.


It s done the legend of zelda skyward sword is an action adventure game developed and published by nintendo. It was released in 2011 to near perfect reviews. It s the 16th main line injury in the legend of zelda series taking the role of series protagonists link players navigate the floating islands of sky loft. And the land below.

It completing. Quests that advanced. The story and solving environmental and dungeon based. Puzzles.

Gameplay mechanics and combat tack and blocking with sword and shield are reliant on the wii motionplus expansion device i personally don t like to play games that require motion controls but this game utilizes them so well that i don t mind my arms do get tired. And i do need some breaks. But that s ok skyward sword is the first game in the zelda continuity detailing the origins of the master sword a recurring weapon within. The series the graphics and skyward sword are simplistic.

But still great graphics don t always need high polygons and high resolution textures to be great the designers were able to come up with some awesome looking environments and crazy looking creatures that wouldn t really work in a more realistic setting the game runs at 30 frames. But it works well with the art style you can t really notice it this is one of my favourite zelda games out there and i strongly recommend it well that was my list of 5 best looking wii games. Again. This is only 5 in our plenty more to discuss.

Well. That s all i have for you today. So until next time. I m jurassic ninja.

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