5 Secret Skate 3 Locations!

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“Guys how s it going i d like to give a quick shout out before before i start this video to toasty ghosts. He does live streams and he skates tony hawk s freshest gait and destroy shawn white skateboard him all these kinds of different skateboarding games. Include and scape free and escape one and skate to my youtube recently banned his main account from doing live streams. So he s made his new account tgd live so i m going to leave a link in the description.

And you should check them out. So this first location is b. Dry docks and we re going to be getting on this roof. So make sure you come here online.

Because you need to do this know for a glitch. Where you get stuck in with law. So what s happy bodies on the floor. Spectate.

A player and set a marker. And then each time you go back to your marker. You will be jumping really high in the air like this and eventually you ll get an you get one high enough and you ve got to get on the earth. I ve wrist roof.

I used it in one of my old videos. And it s actually a pretty good you know a fun place to skate. You ve got some good caps and stuff up here and not many people know how to get on it. So this next glitch is that b.

Mega park. Because the mega park is probably the most popular map on skate. 3. So you want to set a marker here so just back to somebody.

It s that one now make sure you are in regular stance. Not goofy..

And you want to run up its rock whilst holding r1 and then just press triangle or y. If you re on xbox when you get to the rock. And what you want to happen is you want to shoot off really far and really fast and you cannot land on the dark ground as we see here you have to land and miss yellow ground. If you landed on my brown floor there it would briefs at you so yeah.

This is a like i say. It s up a mega park not many people know about this location at all i ve never really seen anybody up here. And it was one of my friends fading pianist he actually told me about his glitch. So thank you for that okay we third location is also up a mega park now.

If you do be falling over backwards man method you will notice. But when you hit into an object you fall over whereas. If you do the forwards roll backwards man method you are indestructible. So it doesn t matter how fast you slam into an item you won t fall over this also works on single player offline mode.

If you just set a marker standing up and then go back to the marker. So that s what we re going to be doing here. We re going to be getting on with sign. So literally just come down to this bowl.

Set a marker. Do a backwards man hold up so you leave the bowl area. Which i didn t do that time. I think i get it this time.

And then just bail and sort of glide over and try and land and we on the same now. This is a good location to be because you never see anybody up here. And if you want to do this online simply get here on single player go to your pause menu free skate and choose solo three skate here now i won t actually put you in there solo lobby. You will put you in a public lobby and you normally get some good reactions from being up here.

So yeah. It s not really too much..

But you can do up here. But it s just one of those things if you load it into the game. And saw somebody on the same you d be like how the hell did i person get up there anyway this fourth location. I m going to show you now we have to go to the downtown walmart now this was actually found by helix snake.

So you should check out his videos. If you don t know who he is he s very good at finding glitches on this game. Now he did he did use a different method to get to where we re going he found a glitch himself which allows you to walk through walls. I wasn t going to post that glitch because i didn t find it myself.

But yeah if you check out his original video. Which i ll leave in the description and you ll see how he managed to get here. Yeah. All you want to do is come over to this building.

Here. You can either. Do the 360 shuvit glitch or just build a ramp or something to get on top of it. And then you want to jump onto this little roof over here.

And then just do a no for air. So that you fall through the ground. And the reason you have to go underground. Is because bay is a huge invisible wall.

Which stops you running where i am now if i was on the roof above so we ve now bypassed the wall. All you want to do now is just follow and go and jump down onto this grass now this hill that we re coming up to now this grass area. You cannot skate on it it will reset you so. What you want to do is place.

A kicker ramp. Like that..

And you just want to do a forwards man or a backwards man. There you go so we ve cleared for grass. We ve landed on the bright green grass and you can skate on here. And this thing goes on for absolutely miles and there are buildings.

There are trees there s all kinds of stuff out here and you can set a marker. You can walk. But if you do fall over it s gonna take you back to the concrete every time. So if you let s say you go like 2 miles away.

And you accidentally fall over your game. We ll take you back to that concrete every single time so make sure you set a whole bunch of session as if you re out here hi boys. It s gonna get really annoying having to keep going a mile or two at a time without falling over in my opinion. This is probably the best out of bounds place.

You can have on the ski. Three because just of the pure fact of how massive it is like it just seems to go on forever and you ve got all the decorative buildings out here and yeah i m going to show you one last location in a second which is a another way to bypass a wall. But this time. It s at v plaza of solitude.

So you can do this online or you can do it offline. They were both in bounds. But i just decided to do this one offline. But the the grass field.

We were just on unfortunately that s out of bounds. If you re online. It s runaway if you come here you ll notice that if you try to get to the other side of this lake you receive over as an invisible wall. Which resets you re a skater so what you want to do to bypass that wall is get on top of this first balcony.

So you can either build a ramp or just do this free succession of a glitch. I did make a tutorial for this already once you re on top of this balcony..

You just want to fall through the ground again. The developers of scape. They were quite lazy with their after bounds invisible wall. Because most games would have the invisible wall going all around the map.

But not ea ea decided to be lazy. I guess and you can literally just go underneath the huge invisible wall. So yeah. This is a quite good location.

If you re a realistic skater because the ledge. I m running along now you can t actually grind on it so if you try to grind. It would do a more realistic looking grind animation. Where you do like a manual on it and you can do some good crooked grinds and stuff that way yeah.

This is the main reason. I m showing you this location because if you come to this grass corner. You just want to push or go really fast and sort of anger yourself so that your skateboard drops down slightly lay your wheels drop. But your actual skateboard itself catches.

The grass and then it s a good way to do the snowboard glitch. Without having to fall through the ground to get half of your body stuck in the floor. So yeah. That s all the locations for this video.

There s going to be a small bonus clip at the end and until next time guys take care and have a good day you ” ..

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