7 Days to Die Game Difficulty Guide Alpha 16 Gameplay

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“Everyone today we ll be covering some game. Mechanics and i can get a little little bit dry as this not really much to show game wise. We ll be at the game difficulty of seven days tonight. And some of the big areas where the the different difficulty settings impact your game.

Whereas many start playing with no. My difficulty because that s the default eventually with experience. It might simple be too easy for an experienced set slayer. So as you start increasing the difficulty you might be wondering what does it really do how does it really change your game the game doesn t really explain it there s no specific mention of what it does except that it makes it harder.

But you probably have some vague inkling that it probably makes the zombies heart of kill. And it probably makes the motet. A dangerous making them hit harder. And that s one of the big things that actually does so let s pull up a table to review.

And i do want to note that these have changed across the version. The base of the table is from alpha 14. And i have to credit silent thunder on the 70s forum. But it s been updated with some of the zombie damage testing.


I did for alpha 16. Before this video with introduction of the insane difficulty level. It s actually gotten even harder in the last few alphas while i ve tested out the zombie damage percentages to player doing the vs. A little bit harder to be exact without being able to see the zombie hit points.

Which of course weakened. But the rough results i have from a testing indicates that they re pretty accurate as can be seen nomad is the standard the player takes and deals 100 damage from zed s as will make it easier going down to adventure or scavenger. We see that they said hit fall down to half damage and to take half as much again damage from the player when we go in the other direction and make it harder. We see the reverse and more with the normal song be dealing.

Ten amazon nomads on insane is a whopping twenty five that s still survivable. However bear in mind that for instance. Zombie. Bears.

Do normal damage at fifty on insane. That s a whole 125. Damage armors are covered in previous video. Then becomes not just good to have it becomes almost a necessity to say live for more than a couple of hits going beyond damage to health and received difficulty also has an impact on something else.


And that something else is the calculated game stage. A quick review of how game stages calculator is probably in order. There is the calculated function and they are the modifying variables. The calculation.

Differ based on whether your solo player. Or whether it s a group of players within a certain distance because the game. Considers them a party and thus pretty much combines the game stage across these players from looking over the function. We can tell that the impact of the game.

Difficulty on the game stage is higher on the lower days survived count as later on it matters a lot more what the days alive difficult of illnesses. But at least the first few weeks your games they can be significantly higher on insane difficulty than it would be on nomads. So how does this matter well the short story is that as game stage goes up the spawn halls progressively become harder game stage now impacts the wandering hordes it impacts sleep wards screamer while all the scout halls as well the blood war nodes the only outlier in this is that the wandering horde seemed to rap at game stage 50. Whereas the rest continued up into the thousands.

It makes it seem to me that the wandering horde system is almost random as i ll rap at 50 and then just start over and you can t really easily determine it in advance. Let s take an example let s look at blood moon horde of game stage. One. It basically spawns one sambi from the feral horse stage.


One and then one from zombies knight. And that s it pretty much what a level one player might be expected to see further note that is just normal song bees in that group on the extreme. And we have a total of 1500 zombie. Spawned and they can go up to 256 concurrent zombies.

At a time. And again that depends on what the other game settings that regulate max song bees. If they allowed a cross reference to the group being used just a lot of very nasty zombies being randomly chosen. There s a lot of pharaoh s corpse wines and radiator zombies.

Now naturally to reach the top of the game. Stage calculation. You need to be high level at a high de survived and probably be in a game party at that time the game stage bumped for insane difficulty. It s not going to be very significant it will bring the king stage higher.

But again. It s not gonna be very significant the more reasonable comparison would be say having a game state of 280 on nomads versus 540 on insane and that s something i recently had the glorg aim stage for it has a single feral. But it s mostly just normal song bees to contrast. This the higher game stage has multiple farrell s and the spawning at a higher probability.


And he even includes the zombie kong and of course beyond. The horde being composed of more challenging zombies. They also do 250 damage and they only take a quarter of damage from the player on insane difficulty that makes them a much larger threat to the player overall. I think it s great that they re moving away from the difficult level just increasing or decreasing damage dealt and taken and shifting it towards a greater impact in whole composition.

And quantities. Maybe they can find further ways to make it impact. Such as maybe giving better tier lutes as a reward from killing these high level zombies may be more advanced ai. That the zombies will be utilizing.

So there you have it a brief walkthrough off the impact of game difficulty on your game. So what game difficult to you do favor. When you play seven days to die. And why do tell me in the comment section below also take a moment to subscribe because that really helps me out until next time ” .


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