$80 Streaming Monitor-Onn 22″ Monitor Review

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“Is going on bros invades dude and dudettes a kid 40 kevin you re in in the gamer heaven. And i really needed a senate monitor to complete this streaming ai. N t nobody streaming on one water. Nowadays.

Unless you re something peasant cretin succubus anywho. I found this cheapest water. I could potentially find at walmart this 80 all on but a miter gone let s find out party boys since i m real cashews deep in the new fortnight. I m gonna go ahead and use this on boxing night two decks.

It s got kind of fortnight ish flavors flavors colors speaking of which here on this bad boy at walmart today. When i was dicking around so pretty sweet. I don t even know if i m gonna need this unboxing knife or not because it looks like this is just got a couple foreskin black. If you pull back makes it real easy.

And i love easy access you ve always known that alright so this was a nice ultima bucks of the exact price on the screen as well as a link in the description below most likely amazon. I did buy this at walmart. But walmart doesn t have an affiliate program. So i m not gonna promote something that s not going to give me a couple shekels.

Let s see here so sousa 1080p probably his refresh rate up like i don t really know very cheap your falling out of the box at me getting assaulted by all kinds of accessories and peripherals jesus christ. Almighty up attendant alright. So we got the monitor itself. Which is extremely light.

It s actually part of the reason. I got this is i actually wanted a very small lightweight launder because this is just kind of gonna go on the side of my actual gaming monitor over there because i literally just need this to monitor my stream health of my chat and a bunch of obs settings. Another that you streamers are on understand. And you stream watchers don t know what goes on and behind the scenes.

But it s a lot of work anyway you really need a second longer. If you re gonna be using obs or any kind of streaming platform. Because there s so many settings that need to be monitored so many effects that need to be popped into the corneas of your viewers. So you really can t just switch between your game.

Obs cuz. It s just gonna make you look there go right gasps buster. So i d rather pay that 80 bucks to not look like a freaking noob. But all that in i think it searches all right so we ve got some kind of plastic wrap on the sides there to protect it from scratches residue and semen.

So we re going to go ahead and peel that off right now probably gonna get a copyright infringer on this video for having that music playing in the background..

Let s turn that down a little bit actually i m trying to get down with this new uh i ve been in a big 80s retro synth way of techno kind of thing right now you know so basically if you watch straight through things all the electronic songs that you hear. And that has really been stimulating. Me you know i only lived for about seven months in the 80s. I was born 89.

But uh you know that s like you consider an elderly. Nowadays if you re born in 89 or earlier you re a dinosaur alright cutting into this bad boy donuts make you go in that so to speak alright. So we re going to shove this into the hole in the back here. There is a avi input and a hdmi input.

I don t think anybody s use avi since the civil war maybe grandpappy winston or general custer might use the navy. I port on their monitors. But nobody does that anymore i tell like hdmi is the golden standard. I didn t even know it dp or digital.

Port or direct port or display for thank you what that even was until i got into the pc gaming world here recently and built my first gaming pc. Because you know consoles don t do that they do they ve been doing hdmi for like a decade. So i didn t know what it was and uh. I didn t know how much of a hassle was gonna be today to get her up and running all right so i need to figure out.

If i want this little sub monitor to be on the right or the left of my main gaming monitor. Because. This is just gonna be for monitoring. Chad s like that oh geez.

I surprised for this and it s got two screws that are actually supposed to go in the bottom. I m gonna go ahead and put those in now because as you saw the base just fell off it made me look like a big buster you have three rubber pads on the bottom. So that s nice. It s not going to scratch the titties off your desk or anything sorry.

A phillips head screws on the bottom or even bitch to get in. I mean i don t we can all but while it s loud. I know i m we can all but they re very hard to get in so i had to break out the big guns here the tip is too pointy. She said dammit whatever i m just gonna put these in far enough to where it s gonna hold the bass in for now.

And i ll tighten them up at a later date yes. This might even get wall mounted. I don t even know yet by the way that s a dirt rally review for my gym playing in the background. If you guys are curious which by the way.

I m playing the hell out of that game..

I think i got over 4 or 5 bucks by using a code. I got from kinguin comm. So i ll be making a review on that game as well as a video on how to get cheap through caitlyn right so i think i ve come to the decision. I want the mont this substantia monitor on the left over here excuse me pardon me so the main reason for that is i don t want it to be blocking the view of the pc.

Because well i put a lot of work into it it s gorgeous and yeah. Well i want that bad boy showcase. So this is not ideal obviously. I do want to wall mount this above the monitor move that move that and eventually probably have this monitor wall mounted up there and have like a 49 inch ultra.

Wide. You know 6000 heard well you know 144 or 240. Hurt. Refresh rate.

Ultra. Wide right. There. Is my primary gaming monitor that s down the road.

You know i mean i make a peasant s wages and all the stuffs pretty expensive. So yeah. Hell yeah boys that were cooking with that bacon grease. This took a lot of efforts and meditation upon my part a lot of switching cables a lot of self centering and soul searching.

But my god i ve got it done boys. I have done it daddy has done it. And we have two monitors boys. We have two monitors ready boys got you off the stand.

We re going free hand cuz. I m the man with the plan something something clan. Anyway. This is so not ideal.

I can t even describe it to you there s cords running over there looking like a goddamn roadmap of ohio. There s it just looks sloppy it looks ridiculous. This is temporary i want to stress that you guys probably won t see you this view right here very much especially. If you re watching my stream on twitch tb.

Ak 47..

Oh. By the way i am going to be sometime this weekend. I ll put it out on twitter facebook all that other social media you kids do nowadays. But i m going to be playing through the entire campaign of modern warfare in a single setting.

That s not really a crazy feat. Because it s only like a four to six hour campaign for if you re on the meth six. If you re on the weed five here in norm normally sober. So i ll probably drinking.

Some beers. So give me like five hours prior to complete that bitch on regular mode. Anyway looks good. It s it s it s it s it s done.

It s it s uh. It s setup. I got it set up the way i want to for now you can you know drag over to your monitor or whatever. It s it works it s not the prettiest thing in the world.

But it ll have to do also that monitor is a lot smaller. So when you drag things over you have to like drag them down. And over oh. Just the whole setup is just not ideal.

But this is you know this is something for you guys you boys to keep in mind. This is something you re gonna have to do if you re trying to stream on twitch make good youtube content. While technically you don t need to monitors for making youtube content. But twitch if you re a few bodies.

They re trying to be a twitchy twitter or a mixie mixer or one of the facebook gamers that just launched or one of the youtube platform streamers that nobody gets on this is something to keep in mind you do need a second designated monitor to run your obs. So i d have my obs running overhung and then i ll have like my game. That i m playing like for example. We re gonna launch call of duty right now and have that full screen over here so i ll be playing over here.

But i can look over and see what people are saying in the chat. So i can respond to them via the webcam and my mic over here don t worry about all that this room s a mess right now. I ve been hooking up cords and wires and cable ways to the left and to the right through the day and to the night just trying to get my freakin stream set up on point. So i can actually launch the switch channel.

It s been a real pain of the butthole boys no lube..

But it is what it is it s gonna be so worth it because i ve been put in so much work and i can guarantee you it s gonna be one of the nastiest twitch tv channels out there anyway enough ranting and raving boys it works what do i think about it. What do i think about this more leonard well for the price not bad. The resolution actually looks pretty good we re gonna go ahead and launch like a youtube video or something so we can see what that d be looking like we ll drag this over here put this in its max resolution. Which is 1080.

Which is fine. Because that s what this monitor is that it s uh. Oh oh. There s no volume coming out.

Now up. See. What i mean. One problem ended.

A new problem begins. There s no sound now it s all good i ll figure it out daddy s gonna figure. 2. Actually that s a very easy fix yep or is a beautiful place with history and those things are really university road layout.

So it looks pretty decent and i really don t care because i m not gonna be doing any gaming or editing or streaming or anything from this it s just to monitor my chat and to put you know click effects on obs store. I don t have to like mid game come down to the bar. And then you know have obs over here in another window. And then you know make that do some other it s just it s just crazy.

So you need a second monitor umm again this is a 22 inch 80 bucks. I needed something cheap quick easy i could hook up. I also got the adapter which is like another 20 bucks. But you need that little bastard if you re gonna hook it up because most monitors you know 80 of monitors gaming monitors.

Only have hdmi vga eei or bgi aaa or. Whatever the that is a lot of. Monitors don t have dp. Drpepper double penetration ports.

So you re gonna need to get an adapter just something to keep in mind boys alright. ” ..

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