A Wii Web Browser in 2020

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“Today. We re gonna be looking at this we browser thing. This isn t the the one that was installed bull on the we shop that you could get for cuz. It s made by i guess the very hot person gave ninety two.

But yeah we re we re on the we ve and we re gonna browse the internet. So we re just gonna see if we can do anything really like is youtube possible i don t know so we can play a youtube video. I ll be really happy this is probably gonna take like five years to load anything oh. There s youtube can we actually okay this is not really what you supposed to look like.

But hey i mean we re on youtube. Technically okay can we watch this video dog who wanted to hide from the world learns to let lovin the dodo duration 3 12. Just find out if we can watch that will stop supporting this browser soon. Okay.

Yeah. I don t think we can well. There s the links here. Okay.


Yeah. Bring me the twitter. Let s see if twitter. Works at all let s see what it looks like i guess oh boy okay.

So can we get images on this thing is there real quick. Oh we can get images all we detected. The javascript would you yet. Oh i can t even click yes.

It broke. I don t know what oh filled well there you go where else could we go right. Now chloe. Where else could we go on the internet.

Right now whether it was the web site let s go tick tock. I don t know this is the worst idea ever. There is no way that this site is gonna even like work in the slightest. I ll be surprised if we get like anything from this you know the browser is like very out of date when like google looks like this even like google google is like the one thing that should just like look decent on any browser.


I feel like we completely broke it which i that yeah we there is no there you cannot go tick tock. You can just not you cannot do that it completely broke. Oh. My gosh it wow.

Yeah. So you can t you cannot go tick. Tock whatsoever on this browser. Okay good good to know at least with the youtube like you could go to youtube.

You just couldn t do anything. But with tick tock. It s like no you cannot do that let s look up memes and let s see if we can find some funny images on our we way can we work like i m trying to like press. Them do you think oh free food.

Oh. That s actually kinda messed up. I don t think that means. I think i got what what you think it means wow.


When you think you ve been working for four hours. It s only been 17 minutes. Oh i ve been there i know that feeling what can t even see the vision. What if i told you who know it has its own meaning.

You don t you can t even see the me and you can t even see the holmium. There was a spider. It s gone now wow. There s kinda there s naked slenderman.

I don t know yoda danos means so this is pretty good these 240p means that much can we play like sounds. Out. Here like if i look up a radio guy like play music radiocom. My house he s probably gonna break.

It isn t it yep every x broke okay. Well you can t do that either apparently. This is not loading. This has been loading for like five years right now.


I think i like completely broke. It now. I don t think we re we re getting back ending here alright. Let s try this one more time.

And if it doesn t work then i guess we re just done cuz. I literally broke it completely it s taken a minute. I think we we completely broke this application right here. I must say yeah yeah.

It s broken. It s like genuinely broken. Now all right well thanks for watching i mean hey it s a it s a web browser around the week. What can you say it works kinda so that s cool well yeah thanks for watching remember leave a like if you enjoyed.

I ll see you guys next time goodbye. ” ..

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