Adding DecalGirl Skin To Samsung Chromebook Plus / Pro. Application & Review.

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“Is going on everyone leon checking in so. Today. I am. Going to try to to put a skin on my samsung.

Chromebook plus. So the reason. I am putting skin on the samsung chromebook. Plus.

Is really just to personalize. It make it look a little bit different than all the other silver samsung chromebook pluses now skin is not going to be really thick as you see this is a package in and it s going to be pretty thin here. So this is not like a case. It s not going to protect your device.

Like a the case was it s just going to give it a new look and it could prevent it from getting scratched out now. This is from detail girl calm. So the only thing. I m hoping that won t be on the skin is detail girl no offense of detail girl.

But i just don t want that on my skin. I m guessing detail boy doesn t exist yet. But there s nothing wrong with detail girl it looks like she puts out some some good designs..


Here. She s hustling doing them decals left and right so i mean we got to give her a try regular tried on maybe one day decal girl to meet the cowboy and wonderful things can happen so we ve got two decals here. We ve got one for the top of the chromebook. So i ll go on just like this and then we ve got another for the keyboard.

And that s all on just like that and then we just have some installation instructions so obviously. There is no bottom decal that go on bottom here. And i m wondering if that just because of the way the bottom of the samsung chromebook plus is curved plus. I don t think you can grow them detail.

Here. Because then the rubber feeds might not touch. Okay. Someone s going ahead.

Try this out. And put. The camera in a good position that would present a good first person perspective that way you get seeing me do this and just see how hard it is i don t think that s really going to be hard at all i think it might just take a little bit of time. Okay.

So i m going to go ahead. And start with the top here. I m just going to wipe it off with a microfiber cloth and some glass cleaner and then we re just going to make sure that that s dry so this is going to be the decal it won t go on there and i m going to start by going with this corner over here..


And as you can see here. The logo for samsung. Is just going to come out there. So i m going to just go ahead line that up there hopefully.

All the letters for samsung will line up. So it looks like everything s lining up pretty good here all right so i m going to go ahead and point this out i m getting this lined up with the samsung logo here and it s a really tight spot. But it s not lining up with the chrome logo. There you can see that it s not lined up with the edge.

There the circle logo here is not lined up so i m going to go ahead and try this a little differently. Maybe i ll start from the corner up. Here. And see.

If maybe i can work it out that way okay so we re doing better here. I think it helps if you try to align the decal with the samsung logo and the chrome logo at the same exact time as you can see it are both fitting in there pretty good so i m going to continue on okay so so far everything is looking pretty good here it looks like the detail lines are pretty good with the edges here and i was most concerned that this may not line up with the samsung logo and the chrome logo at the same time but it actually came out pretty good there and this was super easy to apply. I don t see any air bubbles anywhere here. I may have to go around and just kind of smooth things out.

But it actually fits really nice and so far it s looking good so now we just have to go ahead and put the keyboard part on okay. So we re going to go ahead. And do the keyboard now so i have to start by removing these stickers here and we re going to do the same as we did before i m going to grab my microfiber cleaning cloth and we re going to clean this with some glass cleaner then we re going to go ahead and grab..


Our decal and we re going to do this just like we did the first one and we re going to pick a corner. So i think i am going to start with this corner. Here. Now there are little cutouts for these little bumpers here.

And i went to go ahead and pull on this and it didn t come out right away. But i m going to go ahead and try to apply this and just see if maybe it will come out on its own. I go to put it on and i m trying to rethink this here. And i think this will be easier.

If i lay the laptop flat just like that now. I think this one is going to be harder to do just because it s so thin and my main concern here is that you just don t want to rip this because it is really thin. So it looks like the little bumper part did pop out so that s good and i m going to go ahead and just follow along here and try to get to the other side. And again.

We re going to be really careful here because this is really fun. And i can tell you there is not going to be a easy way to do this and i think i m going to have more luck. If i just go ahead and maybe just peel the whole thing off. Although i really don t want to do it that way.

I think that will probably be the best way so we ve got this peeled. All the way off here. We re going to go ahead and try to get this on so this is pretty much what we re looking at now i want to say about these reviews that i do i m not sponsored or paid by any of these companies to do these..


Reviews. These are real things that i buy just because i m interested in a one try them out and i want to share it with all of you so you can know if things like this will work for you as well. I do want to say i really like this product. The detail for the keyboard was a little harder to apply.

But you just have to take your time and make sure you do it right in fact. I like this so. Much. I might go ahead and purchase a black detail for my samsung.

Chromebook plus. And the nice thing is that this will just kill right off. And it won t image anything. And you can change your look within ten minutes or so.

So if you enjoyed this video make sure you like it. If you have any questions or comments leave those below also don t forget to support me. And if the subscribe button. I will have some more videos coming out so that will be another good reason that the subscribe button.

So that s pretty much it for today and until next time we am checking out ” ..

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