Adding Music To The PS Vita Music App! (Using QCMA)

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“Is up guys tech james say in this video. I m gonna show you guys guys how to use your official music app on your ps vita and the cool about this there is plugins that we can use to get this music playing in the background. While we re playing our games. Now just a bit of advice when you re going to like follow this tutorial.

I could not get this thing working with my sd tavita this music app. Really hates. My sd tavita. So i m just using my memory card in this video.

But my custom firmware is still running. I just had to unplug this to get it to work. Which is a bit strange. But i don t know so.

If you guys do have an sd to vita let me know did it work for you or did you have some kind of error. When i tried to copy across the music onto the sd to vita. I ve kept getting errors so that s why i m using my normal memory card you guys can use your normal memory card or your internal storage. But basically all we want to do is we want to go onto our computer.

I will show you guys what we need to get and then we can connect it and copy across our mp3 files. So once you guys are over on your computer. We actually get a choice of applications here you can use the cm. A content manager assistant and this is an official app by sony and this lets you connect your ps vita to your computer and in transfer files.


But if you guys would rather have an open source. One there is one called qc ma. This one is a hundred percent much better i would definitely recommend going for this. But if you have this installed you can use it as well.

But as i said qc ma. Is a lot better so i would recommend just using this anyway. So. What you guys want to do is you want to scroll down.

And you want to choose your operating system. I m sure most of you watching this video might have this installed anyway. But i m just gonna show you guys anyway so we re just gonna click on the windows installer and we re just gonna go ahead and download this now once you guys have downloaded qc ma or c. Ma.

What you want to do is just go and install one of them i would not recommend using c. Ma. So i m just gonna delete that but qc ma. You want to double click.

And just go ahead and set it up now. It s very easy to setup and once it s finished you just want to click on your search icon on your computer and we are going to search for qc ma. And here it is guys all you want to do is click on it and it should actually work and as you can see mine is already running now if you ve clicked on it and you re wondering like where is it because you can t see it on the taskbar. What you want to do is just click on the little arrow down here we re gonna find these psvita icon.


We re gonna right click on it and we are going to click on settings so qc ma is very good even if your ps vita doesn t have custom firmware. It will work with it and you can actually use this to install custom firmware in the first place but for this video. We re going to focus on is music so on my computer let me just show you my music folder. This is what i ve got on my computer.

So as you can see. This is my official music folder. I m sort of a sillas pc. Music.

And these are all of the songs that i have so once you select. This as your music folder. It s basically gonna browse for every mp3. That s in this folder.

So i will be transferring some of these songs across onto my ps vita. Obviously make sure to support that artists you love see it s up to you guys where you decide to get your mp3 from i m not going to show you how to do that but what we re going to do we re going to open up qc ma. Once it s running and when a music folder is all you want to do is click on browse and you can simply just click on select folder once it s selected on music or if you ve got your music somewhere in your downloads you can click on the folder and click select folder entirely up to you as simple as that now we re just going to click on ok and we re basically going to connect our ps vita with the usb cable okay guys so once we re back all you want to do is just tap on content manager and then what we re going to do is basically disconnect our usb cable and make sure. This is also plugged into your computer.

So we re just going to go and connect it now once you do connect it it s going to come up with this notification. Saying connected to that s my username and it s gonna say ps vita. If you guys are having any issues of qc ma. What i would recommend doing is just clicking on the drop down arrow right clicking and just clicking refresh database this is something you might want to do anyway so just go to go ahead and do it wait for it to refresh.


And when it s done you can go back onto your ps vita and copy across your music oops that should not come up we re just gonna wait let me just get rid of that rubbish and now we just want to click on start and once you click on start this will open and all we have to do from here is just tap on copy content ok so now it s going to look exactly like this more. We re gonna choose is we re going to choose pc su ps vita that basically copies your content from your computer onto psps. We re gonna select this when n it going to click on music and what this is going to do is automatically open up the music app. And what that will allow us do from.

Here. Is basically copy all of the music from our pcs. Music folder onto a ps vita. So i m gonna do is i m going to search for the music i want i m gonna tick.

The boxes and then we can copy across the files so for this video. I think i m just gonna copy across blood spray for example here s a very cool underrated artist we re just gonna go ahead and we re gonna tap on copy we re gonna tap on okay and then it s don t going to copy across now i ve really got there so i m just gonna simply overwrite it. But you guys get the idea select all of the mp3 s you want click on copy and it should copy across now some of them will displays unknown i don t know if that s because i have random files in my music folder maybe i can copy across some unknown ones and we can see what happens so if you guys want to copy again you just select them i don t know we re just gonna copy these i don t know if it s gonna give me an error. But we re gonna see what happens why is that unknown music i have no idea and there you go even works.

So we re gonna go and see what we have no music is because i have no idea maybe it s the type of format since then. But yeah once you guys have copied across your music that is pretty much it you want to press. The home button. You want to close everything down.

And now we re going to disconnect the usb cable. And what we can do from here is actually tap on the music app tap on start and now you can start to play your music. So this is actually very cool you want to go into songs. And you can find okay so it did actually work that is very interesting why it said unknown and for the songs audio and this was the song.


I wanted as well so maybe you guys should just copy across everything if it has the unknown glitch. But let s just play someone else. Why not let me turn up volume and as you guys can hear it works now this song is copyrighted. So i do not want any content.

Id claims you guys get the idea. But make sure to support your artists. And there you go guys. That is how you get mp fries on the official ps.

Vita. Music. App. Now keep note.

There will be a cool video coming out on my channel. Very soon which actually makes this all sound a bit better you can actually play music while playing your favorite games via dies. Pretty much it if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to like and subscribe let me know in the comments. Bye your sd 2 liter.

Because i m really interested as to why this didn t work thanks for watching. And i will see you guys in the next one ” ..

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