Aftermarket Radio Turns On BUT NO SOUND **SOLUTION**!!!

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“On youtube. I m gonna make this short simple and straight to the point. Because because i have found very few places on the internet that helped me with my i was about to return my radio because i thought it was faulty or it just wasn t gonna work with my vehicle my vehicle happens to be a 96 ford explorer and if you re watching this video the problem you re most likely having is you plug in your radio. It turns on it lights up.

But there s no sound so what you need to do it s very simple fix. Most of these older vehicles they have an amplifier underneath here and whenever you rewire everything with your harness up to your new radio. It doesn t give direct power to that amplifier so what you have to do and it s not down here on the radio and i ll come right back real quick. I m going to unhook all this so you guys can see exactly what s going on as you can see i ve unhooked the harness.

Because i wanted to show you guys what everything looks like these are the connections that are already in your vehicle. You don t want to mess with those that s what these harnesses are great for you buy them separately from your radio. You don t want to start splicing into the wires on your car directly to your radio harness that comes with your radio because if it doesn t work. Then you re gonna have a mess with your car.

That s what these harnesses you buy separately are fantastic for you just splice. The wires on this harness here that comes with your radio to the wires. That come with the extra harnesses you buy separately and as you can see this has a bunch of different ports on it you just use the ones that go to your vehicle. Which mine has two and two of these match up to it so that s fantastic.

But anyway. Let s make this short and simple to the point your issue is you have no sound. But you have power to your vehicle s so once you ve done everything you re supposed to do you take your harness. Which is this one that came with your radio start splicing them all up to the harness you bought separately pretty simple you know you got two wires all color coded ones with the lines through them for example not this orange.

One. But and i ll take the green..

One for example you ll have a green a set of green wires. One has a black wire through it that s a ground match it to the one with the black wire through it on the other end pretty simple and then sometimes you ll have wires. You don t use like this orange. One it s actually for the dimmer on a radio.

But in this radios case. It s a cheaper radio. It doesn t have a dimmer on it so you just simply won t use it i d put some tape over it electrical tape of course. So you don t have a short out whenever you put it in there okay guys.

I ve prolonged it long enough here. It is so what you do once you ve got all your stuff hooked up. It s always one wire to another wire. Except for the ground you might have your main ground wire.

That s black you occasionally have more than one ground wire. You can connect them all together as you can see i ve got three different grounds. I just got them all connected together. But whenever you you ve done all this in this particular radio.

The radio harness did not have a blue wire. It does have a blue wire. But that s not the one that we re having our issue with today. There s a blue wire.

That comes off your car. Which is put into this extra harness as you can see you ve got two blue wires..

Here one with the white line through it and one that s just plain blue. You would think well the white line means ground and blue is something else you know so we re speaker. Something well no each of those blue wires are something completely different. The one that is solid blue is for what s known as a power antenna that s not your issue with the sound.

So you can ignore that wire completely unless you have a power antenna or something. But i don t as you can see the white line blue wire. It actually says and very small print on it it s for an amplifier this vehicle mine 2001 earth 2001 96. Ford explorer has an amplifier and a lot of the newer vehicles don t have the issue.

You know it s all built in and you don t have this issue. But some of the older ones you it comes with this problem. Some of the newer ones too. But on the radio harness that came with my radio.

There is no connection to connect this amplifier wire into so whenever you get everything hooked up you plug it all in your radio turns out you have no power. So what you need to do simple fix i know drag this on long enough. But all you got to do is take that wire the blue one with the white line through it and you plug it in to your red wires. You have your two red wires already connected that s your power.

You have actually have two power lines on your radio harness a yellow and a red do not plug your blue wire into your yellow. One the yell is constant power. It s basically running power from your battery to the radio and it s always giving it power it will drain your battery. If you plug your amplifier into that wire.

So do not use the yellow power line. The red power line is the one you want to use so..

Whenever you re hooking all these up. And you see that you have a white blue wire. There it s almost always going to be an amplifier wire. If you notice that your radio wire and harness that came with your radio.

Does not have a connection to that all you got to do is connect it to the red wire your your two red wires. I just took all three of them together since there s so many harnesses on this you don t actually need all these harnesses another thing you could do which i thought about doing. But you know it doesn t matter you can just connect it all to one spot. But i was i strip to one of the red wires off one of the harnesses.

I don t need you know i was going to use it to power power that amplifier so you know it s just two wires. But it s not gonna make a difference so that s the fix guys. It s really really simple and i know i ve probably prolong this video way longer than i needed to but i wanted to explain it the best i could because i ve seen so many things on the internet. That are not helpful.

I ve spent 24 hours trying to figure this out and i actually found something on the internet that showed me this. But it was like this long drawn out video that didn t need to be so long and drawn out longer and drawn out than what mine is but anyway. That s all you gotta do guys i plugged it in everything works. Great if you re having issues still feel free to leave me a comment.

I ll try to help you the best. I can. But it s pretty straightforward. I know i did a lot of explaining about the harness and stuff.

That s not the main topic of what you guys are having issues with i m sure most you re like hey. I know how to hook up a radio..

You idiot just show me what i came here for well. If you came here for the reason. I have in the title. You re not getting sound and your radios turned on you just got to find this blue wire with the white line through it and connect it to your red power line and boom you got power to your amplifier and you ve got sound for your vehicle.

So i hope this helped you guys out if it did please leave a like subscribe to my channel. If you d like to like to be a part of my channel. I don t upload a whole bunch of stuff anymore. But i still do appreciate it and so thank you guys very much and i hope this helped.

I m really excited let s get it put in and let s get the jams going. And why not i ll show you guys did it work. Yeah. Everything s hooked up let s turn the key on keys on this radio is a cheapy.

I have to say. But i don t mind cheap as long as it works. I turn the power on to it there. It is there we go listen to that static.

Wow. That s loud man. I m happy i ll get my antenna hooked up we ll have some radio stations. And more importantly my auxiliary port for my phone and i guess it s got a usb and it even has bluetooth capabilities.

So what the heck ” ..

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