AIO Multi Antivirus Rescue USB Flash Drive by Britec

malwarebytes rescue disk This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you AIO Multi Antivirus Rescue USB Flash Drive by Britec. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“You guys fed a couple of video requests on creating your own all in one one bootable antivirus usb. Flash drive. So we re going to do here is we gonna be using ex boot for this one. And i ve got a 16 gig usb flash drive here okay.

That s what i m gonna be using and i ve got my iso images now you can download these freely off the internet they re free to download and we ve got vba rescue also norton rescue kaspersky rescue that s a web. Some bitdefender and whatnot there s a few others there okay so they re ones we re going to be using and make sure you download the latest versions because they re level the latest definitions in them okay so if you ve got old ones delete those and download the new ones. Okay okay as i said we re going to be using ex boot for this. But there is many different tools that you can use so we re gonna be using this so i m gonna fire this up and pull this to one side and open up our actual folder.

Now all you need to do here is drag and drop. These into this box. Here..


Now you can do them all together. I m gonna do them one at a time here cuz. I just wanted to show you so we just need to drag it in there like so this green box will pop up. Now you need to just pull down the little tab.

There. And you can see antivir rescue system so that s the one we want to glue and we re gonna add that to the list and then again we just drop the next one in and another one bitdefender and as you can see it s recognizing these. So this is dr. Webb s so we need to do here is come down to dr.

Web live cd at this file. And so on kaspersky and norton okay. So okay..


Now if it s not listed. There. It s not a problem. All we need to do is go up to the top here using a grub for dos iso image emulator and we re gonna add that in and what we can do here is type in antivirus so that s in the same category like so and what we need to do next is drop the vba rescue in and that should be good enough to go and that s it there and we can add that file coming up we ve now finished with this i m just gonna drag this back over okay.

So what we want to do here. Now is go to create your usb flash drive down the bottom. Here. What its gonna do is asked you to select your usb flash drive and there you can see it s k.

And i want to do syslinux. Recommended click ok. And this will now start to make the usb bootable and then copy all those isos across so we ll pause the video at this stage..


Okay. So let s just create in the help menu and as you can see here usb create successfully and all we need to do now is check this. So. I m gonna say yes okay so here.

We have our finished rescue. A usb drive with all our antivirus rescue cds. In it and as you can see we ve got the menu here we can boot to the hard drive or we can boot. Our rescue cds and we re going to go into antivirus here.

And you can see a full list of our antivirus programs that we can boot to and any one of these will boot up and you can remove malware and infections and stuff like that from the system okay so if i just click on one of these you ll see what will happen it will just fire up we ll just click on bitdefender here and there you can see that s ready to boots are there okay and that s how you do it s pretty straightforward and you can create your own all in one antivirus rescue. Usb. Flash drive so let s close this off..


And have a look at the actual usb drive itself. And as you can see here. It s created all our files and folders in here for us and actually create the menu system and all i did really was change the image in there. And added a few images to it pretty straightforward really.

But yeah. That s about it for this video. So i hope you enjoyed it my name is brian from bright tech computer code at uk. If you enjoy these videos.

Then subscribe guys and also rate and favorite all my videos if you enjoy them nobody make you more useful videos in the future. Now if you got any video requests then send me a message and i ll do my best to make those videos for you and they ll be about it for this one so thanks again ” ..

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