Alexa Trigger Find My Phone!

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“Everybody this is nova with tech running 24 7. In today s video. We want want to show you something really unique you can do using your hamazon heco. So demonstration purposes.

Today. We use an amazon echo. Dot. And the galaxy s7 edge that will do this you can use any android device or any ios device.

So the tips that we want to show you is how to use your echo to help you find your phone. Okay there so let s get started now you need to grab your laptop or. Hop over to your pc and go to a side call iftttcom. And that is if and then hit the letters key three times calm now you need to register.

It and register with the site and do that real quick..

I ll give you a little break down. What ifttt is i have tt is a free web based service that people can use to create chains of simple additional statements such as athletes and applet is triggered by changes that occur. Within web services such as gmail. Facebook.

Instagram or pinterest. In other words. This site will help you to get some additional functionality out of your device. Such as an echo or google.

Home chromecast etc. So go ahead and register with the site. Because you ll probably want to do several different things within. It once you get to hang a high it.

Works so we re here already at iftttcom..

And go ahead. And once you get here and click on the search button. After you click on the search button that ll kick you to this next menu. And you ll see a number of things on here such as google drive pinterest skype instagram phillip use amazon s alexa so we wanted to do some of the amazon alexa.

So go ahead and click on the amazon. Alexa tab. And it will take you to this next menu here and now what we re trying to do with ifttt and alexa is try to teach your lecture or get elected to help inspire my phone. If we lose it so with this site alexa you can a selected to fine our phone and it will call the phone itself and so now that we at the alexa section.

We re going to scroll down look at some of these different applets and we re looking for the one that says fine. Tell electrify my phone and that would be this one here click on it s there. And it says tell alexa to find my phone and the trigger to get a lick certify. Your phone is to say alexa trigger fire.

My phone to have her call to have a call you click on this part..

Here. We re just turn on hit turn on then it goes to again to where it says the trigger and you just hit save once you hit save says to the top. The applet is now on and it says this applet usually runs within a few seconds and to check it so click check click check now and so after clicking check now it says that it s functioning. So let s verify that real quick rebecca.

I set up and now we re going to test it to see if the applet does work alexa trigger find my phone. The legs attempting to find your phone on august. 11th. 2017 at 7.

27 am. Message. Shockingly you fire okay. So it works.

As you can see..

And so to me. That s a very handy function to have you know like if you misplace your phone at home somewhere and you can t find it then you can trigger your amazon device alexis to find your phone. So that says for our video for today hopefully we share something that you can use and something that will be very helpful you know in your daily activities be sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking on the green tick running 24 7. Icon and click on the like button be sure to share this.

Video. With your friends and family. And again this is melvin with tech running 24 7. Bringing you technology that s on the move thanks.

” ..

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