Allpowers X-Dragon 14W Foldable Solar Charger Review. Tested!

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“Everybody it s the walker. So what are we doing today today. We are gonna gonna redo a review of the all powers x dragon that s x dragon fold solar panel charger in that cool name x dragon it s even got like a little dragon with a jeez look at that that s d okay now but little over a year ago. I actually got three pound three solar panels from this company.

But these two which have already been reviewed and this is the 12 watt. And it s the 16 watt. And this one which one which is the 14 watt this one here is listed as their high efficiency model and i believe that the efficiency listed as 22 percent what does that mean i don t know that s what they have listed well. I notice it felt kind of light and i i put it on my digital scale and the digital scale said fifteen point nine ounces that s for the 14 watt model and these are all i believe.

5. Volt. Usb now they re. 12 watt regular model.

Which takes which has three panels was one pound. It s like one pound and two tenths of an ounce. So the weight was very close doing these two. But you get more wattage and with this one and this one uses two panels.

The panel s felt a little hallock had a greater degree of flexibility these panels both a little a little more rigid not not not like glass. But a little bit more rigid another thing to these panels these high efficiency panels. I ve seen them on several chargers on both ebay and on amazon i think these are standard just like i ve seen these panels. I m several other chargers as well so my review of the x dragon seeing a little dragon with a g is i love.

That my review of the x dragon is probably going to also apply to the other high efficiency panels that you see and there s several their makers. These panels are 7 watts. Each 14 watts. And they also have a three panel one which is around 20 or 21.

I think it s 21. So i don t know where we lost the blog. But yeah yeah that s the math that is the math. But nevertheless is listed as 20.

This is their 14 watts model. Okay now inside of it unsnaps like that actually i m velcro. It s got the same loops as their regular panels same ones folds out. But now on the inside.

See this is it my imagination or it look like a copy goal zero with this design. Hey you know that that s my my interpretation by looking at this design. Here. It is what it is i guess you know okay.

There s a little pocket. Which is zippered which i kind of like because the other model. It s just velcro. So i like the little zippered pocket with the mesh.

That s kind of cool big big zipper on that too so let s unzip it see what i got inside cuz. I always got if you give me a pocket..

I m gonna fill up with stuff you ve got a little a little set of beaners on a large of slightly larger beaner. They gave me like like three or four these little beaters. But i put them on a little bit bigger. One here s something that s kind of nice.

This is a little a little battery a power bank. This is from my charge. It s very very thin has a little thing we have to shake it you ll never see that but it s got it s uh. It s a three has four bars.

This is three bars. I use this to charge my cell phone and a a little one of those little um mobile speakers. So if i ve run. Some stuff down on this.

It s very thin and that s why i chose it to go with this charger. Because it could fit in like that like that and i can close everything up. And i don t have it doesn t bulge or anything. It s very light and plus for solar.

This is 3000 mah. I m not gonna fill this up easily in a day. I mean through normal use so it ll always have a bank. Though where i can always store energy.

But it doesn t adversely affect the packing see it doesn t really have any influence on how thick this is so this is a very thin style battery pack basically or power bank. It came with a little thicker cable. No all powers gave me a cable with this. But the cable that came with this charger was thicker.

So i chose to take this one with it because it s a thick cable in the field. I try to limit entropies effects on things and thicker cables tend to last longer here s what we ll do we re going to charge two things with this we re gonna charge the i pad the ipad is now at 17 probably i can be let s see that at 70. And this is a notorious slow charger and a notoriously big battery. And at least least of all my personal experience with it so we re in charge.

The ipad and we re gonna also at the same time try to get maybe try to get another bar on this thin thin thin. My charge 3000 milliamp hour. I think that s what it s milliamp hour mah battery pack. So we ll see if we can charge two devices at once okay.

I m gonna put this that sort of the angle of the sun. I think i ll set up a timer right let s see now what you guys see my password alright. There we go minecraft honey wars professional players. I think my nephew s been mom he s been on my ipod again alright install software updates later come on guys leave me alone no remind me later i don t want dan now once he punched the password again.

Oh i agree just leave me alone. It s oh you know apple pisses me off sometimes with this i ll do the upgrade later okay boys let s see here we have a clock and okay. I m gonna go with the stopwatch alright. So we have the stopwatch so we ll get this going first thing.

We ll plug in battery pack. Which is regular regular usb now..

I m gonna put this stuff in a box now if i was in the field. I would put it inside my packer and shade. I don t want my electronics cooking in the sun and the box is of course. The white smirnoff box citrus alright.

So put this here the ipod which is that 17 before we do that though i m gonna show you something really quick it has two usb ports right there and when it s when it has enough energy to charge. So you can get it the light up it will light up. Though the light lighting up is no indication. I don t know if you could see that or not.

But that but that light. They re lighting up is no indication of how much power you re getting and one other small note even though. This is listed as a high efficiency panel. It seems to me they re lower efficiency panels have a lower threshold of actually starting to charge this thing needs a good like a good amount of sun.

I m not like an overcast day or light bulb held nor towards it to actually start the process. Where this thing you can actually put this up to a light bulb and believe it or not it s little law led will start to glow. Why don t you see any laughs like thumb. He s that allah doesn t matter.

But the main thing is that this has a lower threshold actually start charging. However i noticed at those extremely low levels when this thing is going when it s over clasping cloudy. The amount of charge. It s producing is so insignificant.

It doesn t really matter so. Although this does seem to need more pop more sunlight to charge to start producing energy that little shady area it the energy produced. I don t even get 1 on my phone in an hour. When it s overcast like that so that s just a consideration.

If you hear these can charge and lower light. Yes they can. But the amount of energy coming off of it. It s not a lot okay.

So we will and that s just my personal observation by testing. It i didn t use any scientific devices. I just plugged into things all right so a plug speaking of that one plug there one plug right there i ll show you guys in a second and girls two plugs two plugs. Okay i m gonna tilt.

This sorta at the angle of the sun. Okay first thing. I guess we ll plug in the eye. The ipad.

There we are oh. We must start the timer right timer is um well miles awaits at least plug it in okay. There we go i love that sound. I ll always love that sound free energy.

Once again outside of a control of the man and as always i m not offending the man. I m just saying..

It s free energy outside of his control or her control. Do we really know if the man could be a woman. We don t know. But who is ever empowered who s ever in control not in control of this okay now we re gonna plug in the charger.

This probably will be let s say it. But it s indicating it s charging. Now one reason. Why i chose hopefully start to start let s start to start watches start.

We re starting time. We re starting the timer one reason. Why i chose this particular charger is it doesn t trigger a charging error should i block. The solar panel.

It will keep it will turn off but they don t turn back on again once the slight hits a solar panel some chargers. I mean some some batteries if they re getting usb charge. But there s an interruption in power it ll trigger an error force you to unplug and plug it back in when it has enough voltage to begin the process again but this is charge a solar charger compatible compatible that s the word solar charger compatible mean that if clouds come over and it dips below the threshold and this thing turns off as soon as the power comes back. I mean the clouds move away it starts to charge again you re charging.

Okay. So we ll put that also out of the sun move this all over more here. More there we are into the box. How are we doing hey we re an 18.

Okay here we go now we re in the box here we re at 18. We re charging we are charging and we ll come back to this in i got things i have to do i have to go out. I need to go shoe shopping. I need to go to the bank.

So there s a few things i have to do so wilson limit. It could be one hour. It could be two let s see how long it takes me to do my chores and we ll be back to this hey everybody i m back everything takes so much longer than you expect okay so two hours and 31 minutes a little more than i thought. But you know everything takes forever.

It just takes forever. Let s see what we got here um. And we have whoa 65 charged. Hey you know look at that 65 charged there we go here we are that s not bad.

That s not bad at all that s not bad at all i can t see that in the sun. But um 65. We laughing at what 17 all right that s not bad that s not bad okay now this thing here is still charging. But you know i have no idea with this because it s just this is just a um.

This is like kind of like a bar system so let s see here um. What are you add okay it looks like it s set at three bars. But i don t know what that means i don t know what that means because there s no actual percentage and this ipod. I mean ipad anyway i mix this up all the time with ipads got like a really big big battery.

Um. Oh..

Six. Sixty five percent or. At. 65 percent.

Now. I think um. Yeah. That i like that i think that s good 65 percent.

Hey. You know so i guess that will conclude the test of the unplug all these things here of the x dragon by all the powers it looked a little dragon. I like that okay that good test of the x dragon. It worked okay it worked okay we got roughly two hours and 31 minutes.

We were able to push the i pad up 65 percent from 17 percent hey. That s not bad. That s not bad yes. It s certainly um.

It s a lot bigger than the phone size thing. So that s not bad the battery pack. We may never know we may never know because it s still at the three bars. But i can that s who it kept the indicator showed that it was continually charging so we can bet you know we can bet that this thing sucked down a lot of juice suck you know i m gonna do i m gonna go back out now this this test is dumb.

I m gonna keep charging these things just for fun of it. But so i would call that a success high efficiency panel did a great job and then i guess we ll conclude this test that if you like what you re seeing don t forget to hit the subscribe button. Give me a thumbs up and y all have a great day. Oh.

One more thing. I forgot to add for i m done during the test. When i was out it kind of clouded over and looked like there was gonna be a thunderstorm or something like that so i always think half that time it was under a thick haze and clouds fact there s still a haze. But there s more sun right now so that pro tells you that one this this solar panel kept it going enough that there was no.

Charging error triggered. In the i pad or this so. It wasn t continually sunny during that test back too clouded over so much i was almost considering redoing the test. But i said you know something no because you don t really in the real world you don t always get like the sun.

We have right the second during the course of a charging event you may get clouds passing through or whatever. So. Both the ipad. And the my charge charger continued to charge during the entire test despite some overhead clouds and i guess that indeed will conclude i want to make sure i get all the information to you people out.

There that will indeed conclude our test. And thank you very much and if you like we just seen hit the subscribe button and give me a thumbs up and y all. ” ..


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