Anker Powercore+ 26800 PD USB Power Bank – Honest Review

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“Lauren here from honest reviews. And today. We re going to be looking at the the anchor power core. Plus.

26800 pd power bank. Okay. So what we have here a high capacity power bank from anchor. This one as you can guess from the name is twenty six thousand eight hundred milliamp hours.

Which is quite high the maximum limit you can take on an airplane for one of these batteries is 27000. Milliamp hours. So this is just right up at that limit so this is basically the biggest that you can travel with which is nice because when you re buying one of these big batteries. This is what you want to take on a trip.

You want to be able to charge all your devices. Especially if you re away from power for a while so that is kind of where this one is trying to sit in the portable high capacity range right now this one is 120 999. Us on amazoncom make sure to check the description below for all the links and a lot more details about this this one is expensive and there are similar ones out there with like the same capacity same stats that are a lot cheaper..


Why does this one cost so much it s because of this right here. So this one doesn t just come with the power bank. It also comes with this wall adapter. So this wall adapter is a usbc power delivery wall adapter.

So this is going to let you recharge your power bank at the fastest recharge rate possible. Which is nice except that you re ending up spending a lot of extra money to get this together you cannot buy this by your sub. I itself right now it has to be with this combo and if you have say a macbook from apple you get one of these things anyway. So you might already have one also if you have a nintendo switch you might have one so you might not need this.

And it ends up making this combo kind of expensive and even if you did need one you can buy them from anchor for cheaper. So that is a really really big caveat about this one in particular is that you re not getting just. The power bank. You re also paying for this.

So you got to make sure you re paying attention to that when you re looking at this one and decide if it s the right one for you now. I will say that this one has usbc power delivery in terms of charging and recharging. Which is faster than usb see..


And that s really nice you can charge your devices with this and recharge this even faster than if it just had usb seat. Which is really cool this one is made out of an aluminum casing and the build quality is really nice everything is really nicely put together its. Hefty this one is 1. Pound.

475. Ounces. So it is a heavy one it definitely feels like a substantial you ve got the button on the front here to tell you how much charge is in the power bank. Let s take a look at the port s here we have 2 usb a ports and then this is the usb cpd port.

There so very simple very nicely designed i always liked the design and build quality of the anchor product. This one comes with that power wall adapter. It also comes with a couple cables that i ll show you here we have the usb c2 usbc cable. Which is really important it s nice that it comes with that and then it also comes with the standard micro usb to usb.

8 cable. So just the two cables with this one it also comes with this nice mesh bag. Which usually i m like who needs it but with this one because it is made from aluminum..


You don t want to just throw it into your bag with like an aluminum laptop. I d say so you actually might want to use that so that they don t scratch each other up so that s handy when we are looking at these power bags. We like to test the actual capacity of them versus the rated capacity. Because they never actually are that full capacity when they get in your hands.

This one was 86 of the stated capacity. Which is quite good anker is known for using the best quality batteries on the market. So you are getting quite a bit of what you pay for. Finally this is well rated.

Right now it is a 43 star rating on amazoncom. With over 700 use. So overall. It is a good product anchor has an 18 month warranty with this so if it does stop working within those 18 months make sure you get in touch with them overall.

It s a nice. It s a nice charger for sure. But i just think for the price being forced to buy this with it it just maybe doesn t make the most sense..


There are other chargers in this same capacity with similar features for a lot less. We just did a comparison of four different ones. Including this one. So you can see how it stacks up with some others in this range.

So make sure to check that comparison out if you re looking for something. In the high capacity power bank market. Because there might be a better option for you than this one but overall. This is a pretty typical power bank from anchor good build quality good actual capacity nice accessories good cables just a lot of money for this one make sure to give us a thumbs up.

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