Apple TV 4K Video Fix is Here! Here s how it Works!

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“Everyone michelle alessandra here is so today. I m like i m today. I m m continuing on with my apple team look at the apple tv and all the why i like it and they hate it. But this is my second video.

The last video. I showed you how to use the apple tv 4k as you home server. And why you may want to use it instead of let s now let s talk about the apple tv. So one of my major issues with the apple tv has finally been benefits so one of the things if i had reviewed this thing in opportunity the last few weeks.

I would have slammed it so i m glad i waited for a month to kind of let things settle and let the system watch over me over me. Because one of my biggest issues with the apple tv was the lack of frame rate frame rate. Switching and what i mean by that is when you when you set that when you go into your settings mode. If you set your apple tv on there under a video and audio with you form that i have my tv set to 4k dolby vision.

Because i have an lg oled tv and it supports dovie vision tv and this isn t that this is an issue on a lot of 4k owners one encountering because dolby vision isn t really supported on a lot of tvs it s only supported on lg tvs tcr tvs vizio tvs and sony is releasing a patch for their 9 30 and 940 tv other than that doby vision. Really isn t that popular right now. But one of the reasons. Why i love the apple tv.

So much is the fact that it supported both dovie vision and hdr. The problem is apple is so stupid that they didn t include an automatic switching modes so whenever you re watching something you re not sure what format you re watching or how the processing is that actually working so if you re watching a 4k a movie that s 4k hdr. But you had this 4k dobe vision set setting is set then you re kind of screwy you re just going to be watching stuff in 4k dolby vision. Even though the content being delivered is in hdr and that s that s it screws up your content.

So if you go over here. They have all these different format formats you can choose from 60 you know 4k dolby vision 4k hdr and 1650 all the way down to 24 megahertz. But and again the problem with that is if something is filling in 24 megahertz. But it s trying to upscale to 60 frames for a second then that s going to screw up your victor video quality or if something is from thence its fee.

But you have it your tv sector. 24..

Again your video quality is going to be screwed up and why apple did that it s unbelievable and in this in this especially annoying because if you re in a movie. And you re watching a movie like say you ll say you re watching if you re in if you re in the movie in the movie section. Then you re watching crap and you and i keep hitting the wrong button sorry about that so if your movies and your watching a 4k movie and the movie is in dobby vision. So for example atomic piranha porter tommy prague in 4k dolby vision.

Now if i watch this then my tv will show up as 4k dolby vision. Now man the problem is that s all great. But once i m done then maybe i want to go watch independence day. And you go to watch independence day.

He let me go independence day in series sucks. So you got an independence day independence day it s in 4k hdr. Now what s gonna happen is i will i will play independence day but i want to get the 4k hdr i ll get 4k dolby vision mode even though the movies not encoded in that proper format so that means your picture is gonna be completely off and not mad at all what you re supposed to be seen and that s annoying. Why apple thought i was okay is beyond me so and under under 11 point though what would happen is you have to go out you would have to go out you know you have to go all the way you would have to go back to the menu scroll down to your settings.

Go over the video and audio format and then change it to hdr mode. But you still don t know what your frame rate. What frame rate. The movie was shot in so you re just guessing at this point.

Because you know my team you support system and rehearsal of scales to 24 to 60. I guess so then you would go 4k hdr. At 60 hertz or or 4k hdr. 50.

Or whatever. It is just a guessing game at that point. And that s really irritating well apple has finally heard i heard me i m gonna take full credit for this fits so. 4.

11 when i heard that 112. Finally solves this issue ios eleven point two i immediately went to the apple website and signed up for the beta program..

Because i had to get this so now what happens is you go to this match content area you click the match content. And there you have match dynamic range on so this means then it s going to automatically switch the modes so if you re watching something that hd art it s going to switch to hdr if you watch something in dolby vision. It s going to switch the adobe vision and then i have match framerate on so basically what this is going to do is this is actually going to automatically match the framerate to the content go figure. So you know if blade runner is showing in 30 megahertz.

So whatever frames per second and that s what it s going to play and your tv s gonna properly read that go figure apple go figure so this is actually in the brand new eleven point two tv os 11 point 2 beta. They came out a few days ago. I don t know when the finished release is gonna come out for the public probably another month or so. But i will tell you so far this where it s great so here if you go back over here.

And now i m going to show you a second a time of blonde and then i m gonna show you and then that s gonna be enough to get me bright or get me get a copyright flag but who cares so here i m gonna go click the tommy blonde and you see it s 4k doby vision you can see it up top and then click the play button oops crap let s go here don t want that play and i m not even gonna play the movie. I m just gonna play this fart and they on fire get blocked so you see up top you saw the tag on my tv. It said dobby vision and then if you go over here a picture mode is also in dull division. So you see so you see how cool that is so my picture mode is now in dolby.

Vision. So i could select from standard cinema home cinema game. Etc. Etc.

Etc. So now. That s that. So.

Let s go back over. Here. And i m going to show you this working even more. So let s watch a little bit let s pull up bambi so if i or cars.

3. Again thank you disney for sending these over i ll expect the review of cars in 4k hdr..

Uhd and in the next few days. So disney sent me a bunch of stuff. Too. I m a little behind on reviewing.

I actually already reviewed pinocchio and bambi. I believe so those releases are gorgeous anyway if you click cars and again this should switch to regular mode. So here if i click play. I m gonna play in believing that youtube is so broken that you know just playing this is gonna get me flat just that so so now.

I m gonna go up here. And now you re in the picture mode. Really nice things about this lg oled tv. You don t really have to crack calibrate.

It for every little thing and and earlier this week. They actually submitted a new firmware patch. They gave us this technicolor mode. This technicolor expert mode and what this is is the folks at technicolor actually uses oler t lg oled tvs for the color talib calibrations so what they did was they used the consumer level.

All their tv and they calibrate. It and it came up with this technicolor mode. So theoretically. This should be pretty much perfectly.

Calibrated. Or as close to alibi out of the box. Perfect calibration as you can possibly get so. How awesome is that that s pretty cool so anyway so over here so you can see it s in regular picture mode.

Because this is showing 1080p content. So let s scroll out of there and you can see it automatically switch so automatically automatic switching work you go back here and now let s go show you hdr work with independence day today is your independence and funny story..

I was at a party at san diego comic con and standing right next to me was bill pullman and i was kind of like looking at a lake and keeping him and yes. It was him so we got the talking it was really cool conversation and i won t tell you what we talked about. But it was a fun conversation and then bill paxton was actually at the same parties. I have both i had both bills at the same party.

How funny is that oh and i keep hitting the wrong button. So let me go back to it independence day. I really hate siri ok. So let me open this up in.

I m going to resume this what is a keep freaking independence day and i freakin hate. I really don t like them. I think. The remote has gotten really buggy with with the apple tv 4k.

I think it s really sluggish and buggy independence day so let s go here one more time. I m gonna open this in itunes. And this is the last thing i want to show you so you can actually see so you can see independence day ascend 4k hdr so come on this is traveling me nuts remove that so flaky so independence day now come on play so you should see the hdr attack resume. So you see the hdr tag just came up and now this and i m just gonna prove to you it worked.

So let s go up here. And you see hdr is huf up here in a corner. So so here. We go let me just go back up here scroll down come on come on i just want to show you this so i can get out of here so so again you have hdr picture mode.

And then you have vivid standard cinema home cinema game and again you have the technicolor hdr mode. So this is very very cool and very very awesome so yeah thanks for watching talk to you guys today. If you if you like this video. Please hit the like button and subscribe to the channel.

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