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“Back guys to a new video now today. I m going to be talking about about the latest console art day that did go live for ark survival. Evolved. I there s been lots of problems with it people are striving to start the game and stuff.

So i thought i ll make one big video to let you guys know everything you need to know and maybe try and give you a fix or something and help you guys out because i know this is a massive problem right now also make sure to let me know in the comment section down below. What it s like for you at the moment. Whether you can play the game. With what other problems you re having cuz.

I know currently work i are trying to fix stuff with new updates. And you know everything for what went wrong with version 7 6. 9. Now if you guys do enjoy this video.

And it does help you out major us to drop a like and subscribe. If you are new to the channel. Thank you for all the support recently and i hope you did enjoy the brand new intro on the channel. I m trying to make you know the video is a little bit more you know professional and stuff.

We ve just had a brand new channel revamp as well as this really awesome. So i hope you guys do like the new change to the channel. But anyway. Let s get in with the video also if you don t mind turn on notifications if you never want to miss any news.

Whether that be ark or any other game. It s the little bell next to the subscribe button. But let s get straight in with the video. I know lots of you guys want to see so we are currently on the xbox patch notes.

Which is a version 769 which went live to fix quite a few problems. But that completely went opposite for a lot of people which meant they couldn t even start the game of arc. Now. I know so many people that have this problem and also a server problem.

That s going on right now. Now know a lot lots of it it s in the works at the moment to get this sorted. But this is a little post that jack said so we re currently looking into reports regarding the game not launching for some players on xbox since downloading the latest update was commonly reported is that when you attempt to launch the game. It pops out of an error message followed by asking you to download the latest three gigabyte update.


And then failing to do so. So this would be like launching the game receiving the error message accepting the notification to download the update failing to download the update then relaunching the game again error appears launching the game. And it asks you to download the update now i know many of you guys have been able to get onto the game. But i still had a few people with the problem so i m hoping this video does help you guys out they did say that microsoft had noticed they had some problems with xbox live at the moment.

I m not too sure what s going on with that at the moment. But you can check on the xbox live status or anything like that just type that in on google. And you can find out if there s any problem with them. But i don t really think that it s all to do with that so jen who obviously works with wild card has given you a few little ideas of having any issues so if you re having issues.

Playing art since yesterday s xbox update. Number. One ensure both survival. Evolved and aberration patches are fully downloaded if both are not downloaded do you won t be able to join your server properly check if there are any updates to be done in your games and app section.

This is likely the cause because most issues because most issues. Where aberration has not been downloaded causing a mismatch within the game number two verifying your xbox console is up to date in your settings. And if it and if it needs an update make sure to do it so go to your settings. And then check for updates and if there s a console update make sure to do that hard reset the xbox fight unplugging.

The console for several minutes and then reboot it so i m plugging it from the back then leave it for about five minutes and then try plugging it in again seeing if that worked and if not solved by any of the above reinstall. The game now i wouldn t recommend reinstalling the game straight away because i know for a fact. No one s gonna want to do that the game is like 50 something gigabytes. And it s really i think is like 57.

And that is too much considering if people may not have the best of internet speeds and that could take them like days. So i would recommend not doing that instantly waiting a little bit longer. But if you are someone who really just wants to see if the game you know it s gonna fix itself reinstalling the game may fix it because it s the whole new game installed instead of the one you had at the moment. So if you re still struggling you can link to doing that but try and wait off a bit try any of these things as well here to see if it does work.

Because you don t really want to be resetting anything that may you may not be uninstalling the whole game. If there could be another way to fix it so not really great consider. I was actually quite excited about this update. Cuz lots came out and that fixed a lot of issues.

But it s not great considering whether on the lead up to getting aberrations stuff. And it s delaying the process of asking all the new stuff within the game. And that s quite frustrating that things like this are still happening with the game. Because it s now a full game.


And i don t really hear that many problems with other games that are competing with arc at the moment that have an update and then crash the game now i want to give a big shower again to for tonight the people about epic death epic games that couldn t even speak there for actually how well they ve done because they were a completely free game. And they ve had no problems. I know they ve had like glitches and stuff. But really they ve had a few server problems.

But you know nothing like where they release an update in the game just doesn t launch so definitely this needs to be improved and wild card side of things you know hopefully there does have something combat completely comes out soon that just stops this from happening completely. I know in an update does get released it changes the whole shape of the game and stuff. But they need to make sure that when they actually release the art base is perfect. So this doesn t happen anymore now.

I know also people have been problems with servers. So there was a tweet out here by art themselves the actual twitter page. So a number of servers will be taken offline. And yeah.

This happened yesterday monday. The 15th and they are down for seven hours and we ve got the page here if you want to see these are all the times right here for the time forever you know for the servers are down. And if you are confused about what s your time you can just type in like est 9. Pm.

To 4 am and then put to whatever you wherever you are and you ll find out what your time zone is there so survivors will be bringing down a number of servers for a brief maintenance. These service will be moved to new machines. And receiving a hardware upgrade. Which will result in better performance.

We estimate the maintenance to take approximately seven hours and they will be taken offline in batches and brought back online in stages. So i ll be going through all the servers. That are going to be affected by this i think like this was a bit of a problem because they didn t realize that when they released the update. They hadn t servus were like older than the update.

If you guys understand what i mean so they had to bring them to brand new machines. Which are receiving a hardware upgrade. They should really be checking this stuff. Before they release an update.

Maybe they didn t know about it. But i still think like ark servers in general official servers need to be upgraded by about 10. You know in order like well. That s probably not enough probably like 90.


And because there still is problems with official servers two years later down the line. You know on console with the constant lag. The problems they have been fixed. There s been you know lots of changes because they used to be unplayable.

But they still usually are quite unplayable on some servers. So you can t be expecting this when you have a full game. It s a full game now to be able to play and they really do need to fix this so scrolling down right now or starting off with the pc. You can pause the video to see if any of these servers are the ones you play on because they are currently right now they could possibly be back up now because this was last night.

But if they re not you now know the reason so these are all the servers as i said you can pause the video. If you need to at any time because there s a lot of pc servers. These are all the pc servers currently lots and try no one zagnut radome and which is pretty interesting there loads and loads and loads and loads of pc ones. Here.

I m trying to scroll down as slowly as possible just in case. Any of you guys are playing on these servers. Now we have ps4 how much again you can pause at any time all of these ps4 servers are being taken down for maintenance. And hopefully.

They should be back up by by now bar. Quite a few ragnarok ones here as well as you guys can see so. If you re wondering if you had any problems or anything why you couldn t play any service. This is the reason now finally xbox these are the ones if you re wondering what was being done down with the xbox servers.

If you re getting confused. This is everything to do with it and i m gonna try and scroll down as slowly as possible. But not take too long just so you guys can see and as i said about you know four times. I don t know why i repeat myself so much you can pause the video.

So comment down to the end of it there as you can see that is every single official server. That did get the main since so that is a lot of service can considering like you know for the problems. They had and stuff like all those service were on old engines than they needed to be which is pretty crazy and hopefully moving those service to the new engine could improve them in just in game. Normally because they even know and they re not having problems like this when you can t even load the servers you still have so much lag on official servers.

I know this has been improved massively. But it still happens and they sometimes can be unplayable and it s just frustrating in a way because you know you we just want to play ark. And we don t want any other problems and i feel like this game. I ve said it plenty of times in videos has so much potential and they throw it away a lot of the time due to their game being unplayable.


I know a bunch of people. Nowadays that loved ark in the past and now don t play it anymore. And they they re like i m not installing the game until it s fixed because i paid good money for this and you know and it just doesn t work so obviously the game works and single player works absolutely fine ever since i ve had the expose 1x as well i have had much less problems than i did on the old gen. But that is on single player and you want to be playing online with other people.

Which is more fun don t get me wrong and play anywheres now here. We ve got the rentable servers that doesn t make things great. Because you don t have to play an official s if you don t want to but then this still is the you know this still is official service. Which is what people want to play on like then build up on those ark visual servers and they re very very unplayable sometimes.

But anyway. That s my little sort of run out the way if you have any other problems obviously you can try and hopefully fix it using what i ve jen did tweet. I know a few people have had their thing fixed by this usually for me. I m plugging in the console.

And then plugging back in usually fixes it. But i couldn t tell you guys whether that would work of you cuz consoles work in different ways and everything so i don t really know. But as i said at the start of the video. If any of you guys could let me know in the comment section down below.

What it s like for you if you re able to play at the moment. If it s all good because i m trying to find out as much as i can and then i can report as much you know any information that i get straight to wild card on twitter from wherever you guys do say so i hope that does help you well if this video did help you out make sure to drop a like and subscribe. If you are new to the channel. Thank you for all the support you re about to see my brand new outro.

I m trying to do the best you know like professionalized channel. Now as possible i don t even know if that s a word. But i ve made it up if it isn t and just because i want my content to be better for you guys. I m planning to bring so much more better gameplay and even in my news videos as they re just talking to you guys.

I wouldn t like in between when i m on the web pages and stuff. I want to try it out in a bit gameplay or just make it just entertaining in some other way because i feel like i need to do that now my channels growing more and more and more and we re getting close to. 75000 subscribers and definitely for 100000. I want to be improving by even more.

But thank you for watching guys if you did enjoy drop a like as i said and i ll see you guys in my next video see you guys later ” ..

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