AUSDOM ANC10 Bluetooth 5.0 Foldable Active Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones Review

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“Austin anc tends their practical affordable bluetooth headphones. They are indeed active noise cancelling or or so they say so but with the budget price of 37 pounds that s 46 in us dollars are they actually any good well let s go ahead and let s find out hello guys welcome back so outside the box. It s all very nice looking it s quite simplistic. But to the side he states that these headphones after 20 hours playback time they have bluetooth 50.

Built. In and they have a wired and wireless connection. Oh yes and the aventine foldable inside the pocket of the anc turns to the top let s just move them to the side for now. But.

Underneath we have a micro usb charge. Cable this is a simple wired 35 millimeter cable. Which has no inline mic included. There is a multi language user manual and 12 bucks for the headphones and you know what it don t have to be bad to be honest.


I do like this shiny mesh material to the sides of the driver units with the awesome logo that is central. It just makes it stand out the side arms are fully extendable the headband has tough forwards and backwards smooth swivel adjustments and they re foldable and compact again i love the design and pattern to the top of the headband below. We have some decent cushion padding and that s the same with the aim of to which i ve attached to these 40 millimeter uppity drivers these earmuffs can be unclipped and easily replaced if need be and the whole package well he seems well built it doesn t feel like it s gonna fall. Apart.

Anytime. Soon. Televise. Inside.

There was that power pairing play pause. Call ants. Important. There s a volume opened down.


Which also acts as the previous and next track. Selection there s also a 35 millimeter. Support for that included cable. A microphone.

The active noise. Cancellation. Button. And the anc led indicator.

Which is situated central shifting often left hand side. There is a micro usb charge port. An led indicator and this song cro much detailed which these headphones a nice fully charged in the fusion 60. Mah battery takes just under three hours for his first charge and two hours after that perving is quick and easy using bluetooth 50.


Simply select awesome anc 10 on your device. And you will be able to use these headphones on a pc laptop and on your tv as long as your tv has a bluetooth audio output the comfort of these often anc tends a quite comfortable sitting of my ears. They are very secure with lots of adjustments with no discomfort no sweat after long use they are certain they re not gonna fall off. My head with ease sound quality was surprisingly good ok base wasn t too over the top.

It wasn t quite bad really high levels are good. I m glad that the big levels are not too overpowering and what that stereo sound is quite feature audio is crisp and not to over bad music experiments with most charmers of music really with the active noise cancellation on noise is silenced somewhat from the outside world not completely. But obviously with the anc on you i ve expected a drop in self honesty battery. Useful is fantastic to be honest right now.

In another. 23 hours use out of a full charge with 80 volume use on with that we keep distance the frequency is great reaching 80 beats before that signal guitar overall. You do get some fairly priced good sounding well built solid looking headphones. They are nice appointed to wear easy to use when doing those hands free calls.


Important weren t really accessible. And i guess. It was to break these as my usual ratings out of 10. I m gonna give these anc.

Ten headphones age of 10 newer guys i ll leave a link for these headphones any video description down below. So go check that link out right now and go get yours pack. It in oh. You re there if this review helped.

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