Aux Cable On Factory GM Stereo Installation

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“This is a adapter to put an aux cable into a truck. I got this this from discount car. Stereo model. Number aux gm1 there are a lot of different you just want to look for a aux cable adapter for your stereo.

And then make sure you get the right kind. In this case. The cd unit is a slave unit. So in line with the cd player.

We re going to plug this and then it s got an aux cable that you can plug your music player into alright. So we need to get to the radio. We just pull this deal loose alright so it all pops loose. It s just kind of scary with shaking around.

We had to put the shifter down this white bulb here. Oh. If that s still plugged in alright protip..


Lifehack for beginners. You don t have to remove all the headlights. I don t unplug all my headlight stuff over there so we just unplug the cargo happens you re gonna hang over here then we can pull this radio out now next your radio on both sides you get these little tabs. Just you push this down to unlock.

It and then you pull the radio towards you like this alright and then so on the back you see the connectors. We just need to find the connector that s the same as the connector that we have in our kit. Here we go on the bottom pop it out put this in blind with it we re in the little hose down to the bottom of the truck here you it s kind of an adapter that you could use to actually mount it on the dash board. I don t know if i m gonna drill a hole or not we ll figure that out later right now we re just gonna drop it down into the passenger compartment alright.

So i take my depth or i click it in here click the other end of the adapter looks like what came with the truck with the clip side down. We re just gonna shank it into the radio here a little higher. There okay and then just tuck. All the wires in and it curves eficient matter and we got to find a way for this whole this this sold hose to get down to the bottom.

So we can have a radio hose that we can plug into. Oh yeah. That s one option..


If you want to put it in here. Like drill a clever little hole in here then then it won t be obscuring your dashboards. There. Some folks might want to put it on the panel here one one of these one of these pop outs dashboard alright.

Let s you ever test run before we put it all back together first. Dr. Fischer and turner on commercials. Okay so first time.

I put a cd in so he plugs it in now you plug that in plug it in plug it in put it in so when you plug it in it overwrites. The cd player. So we haven t lost our cd functionality. It knows if something s plugged in to over to stop playing the cd and start playing this.

Oh yeah. You re on it okay. We re on the aux rock and roll..


So. That s all you got to do alright. We run enough daylight. But you can see that it works.

The only trick is it only works if we have a cd in the cd player. If you checked the cd out of the cd player then it doesn t work. So if you want to just keep. A token cd.

In there. The whole time the 20 is the aux cable. Then you re gonna be fine. But if you don t then you got to look for another solution.

There s other ones that you can buy to have a physical click or switch on them. I just didn t want to have to deal with the physical click or switch. This one sounded good enough to be true so good luck out there i have it set up just like before so if you don t like the way that it currently is you can obviously change it to whatever you want..


But the other big change here is in the friends list. So when you open it up now the first thing you will see is happening now and these are your friends that are currently in a party or playing a game that you can join off the bat it shows three of them so right now it just happens cold eastwood s in a party. A true legacy is in the party and mooch isn t a party and it ll grab information from your favorites first before moving on to people on your regular. Friends list.

And it looks like it prioritizes parties first over actual games. So that s kind of what s new on the xbox dashboard update. This will be coming. I m not even sure when because it s currently in testing alright guys.

So that is a look at the new updates to the xbox guide. As well as the new section. Happening now let me know what you think about both of those in the comments below and as always if you enjoyed this video make sure you hit the like and subscribe button please share this out on social media as youtube does not do their job all the time if you always want to be notified immediately when i drop a new video make sure you hit the bell notification thank you guys so much for watching i greatly appreciate it and i ll see everybody in the next video. ” .


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