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“About two months ago. Guitar hero. 5. Came out it was an improvement over last last year s world tour.

In almost every way. And it introduced a great new play mode. That set a new standard for casual rhythm gaming. Now band hero has arrived and it s pretty much the exact same game which means that it s pretty darn great the major difference is the tracklist band heroes 65 licensed songs are slanted towards a top 40 teens and tweens type demographic.

The tracklist is significantly shorter than guitar hero 5s and the lyrics in band here are censored more often in order to keep in line with its everyone. 10 and over esrb rating. This makes it better suited for the target demographic and more family friendly. But it also means there s less variety still there are a lot of great tracks in here and like guitar hero.

5. Band hero is a very entertaining and very well put together product even if you re not a big taylor. Swift fan you can still have a rockin good. Time with band hero.


The new party play mode that made guitar hero. 5. Such a party friendly game is in full effect in band hero when you start up the game it begins playing a song and with the push of a few buttons you can join in without missing. A beat should you want to switch any of the options or skip.

The song you can do so using the unobtrusive menu. While your part continues to play automatically. There s no failing in party play and even if you re at the bottom of the red zone. The screen won t flash.

And you won t hear any awkward clanks. Unless you re actively playing the wrong. Notes you can jump in and out. As you like rotating in other players or just.

Taking a break. The result is a casual play environment. That s accessible welcoming and delightfully low key. If you want something a little more structured quick play is where tat here you can pick and choose your songs construct a setlist and play with up to four players in a band consisting of whatever instruments you please you and your band can only fill out if one or more of you is playing on hard or expert difficulty in doing poorly.


But here s where another new feature comes in handy previously you could only save failed band mates by activating star power you can still use that method. But now when a band mate fails a crowd meter pops up if the band plays well enough the failed players automatically revived this makes you less beholden to the star power meter and means you don t have to save your star power. If a bandmate isn t doing so well. Though.

It s still a good idea quick play is also a good mode to try to earn a spot on the extensive leaderboards. Which are divided into all sorts of subcategories to allow score seekers of all levels to participate of course. There s also career mode. Which takes you through a number of different venues as you play songs and earn stars you can also complete bonus challenges that enable you to earn more stars and unlock bonus content.

These challenges focus on individual and band performances. Alike and add a fun dimension to the game that you can either attempt or ignore. Some are relatively easy while others get pretty tough and don t be fooled by band heroes family friendly vibe. You can still find some legitimately challenging songs in here.

But they definitely aren t as prevalent as in guitar hero. 5 career mode also allows you to unlock the likenesses of real rock. Stars. Like taylor.


Swift and adam levine. You unlock them by completing a song of theirs. And then you can use them in your band as many times as you like want to create your avatar and have a backup band comprised of three taylor swift s go for it all the classic guitar hero avatars have gotten makeovers for band hero. And you can create your own avatar using the fairly robust toolset you can make some pretty strange.

Looking bands. But xbox 360. Owners get to make truly weird groups. Thanks to the inclusion of xbox 360 avatars those things look pretty silly.

But it can t be fun to put them in your band and their rudimentary lip syncing is actually pretty good like guitar hero. 5. Band hero looks sharp and characters move more fluidly than they ever have there s still some rough spots. But the rock show camera angles and lively animations keep your attentions elsewhere another mode.

That s worth some attention is the gh studio where vastly improved tools make it much easier to compose songs using your guitar peripheral. The main studio menu is always reachable with the start button. So you don t get lost. As you explore the various branching options you can find out what things like quantize mean by simply holding down the fret button.


You would use to select. It it still requires patience and skill to make a decent song. But the barrier of entry has been significantly lowered and if you re not up for the challenge of composition jump into the gh jams mode set yourself. A background loop and jam to your heart s content.

It s actually pretty fun to noodle out some actual music and a few cooperative friends makes it even better you can still download user created songs and of course grab dlc from the online store players can import their tunes from world tour and guitar hero. 5. But you can only grab some of them and you have to pay for the privilege. Paying for stuff.

You already own is pretty bogus and you can t even play imported songs with your unlocked band hero celebrities despite the disappointing song import options band hero is an entertaining game with lots of ways to enjoy the music providing that is that you enjoy the music. Fortunately. The limited tracklist is still pretty broad and many of the tracks will fall into either the guilty pleasure or nostalgia category band hero is a great game for parents concerned about the lyrics their kids here though for folks who already own guitar hero. 5.

It s really just a full priced track pack. Still there s a lot of fun plastic rock to be had here and band hero is fully capable of generating some seriously good times. ” ..


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